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  1. 1. Buckeye Networking Group The BNG 2007 draft
  2. 2. Key Ingredients of the BNG
    • Promoting your business through your BNG profile page
    • Face to Face interaction with the BNG athletic fraternity and business community. (Branding yourself and your business)
    • The ability to host other clients, which allows you to develop a deeper relationship. However, the BNG could add value to your business contact.
    • The BNG will become the relationship portal for you and your company to connect dots of your business model.
    • As a result: A meeting is schedule which leads to a partnership of some sort. Meanwhile, business transitions start to occur which started from the relationship that ignited from BNG opportunity. Thus, leading to referrals from your new partners and resources within the BNG organization.
    • Lets work SMARTER NOT HARDER Together
  3. 3.
    • What value the BNG brings to the table?
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
    • Buckeye Networking Group
  4. 4. Established August 2005, Founder, Michael Buster Tillman former standout wide receiver and two time Big Ten Champion at the Ohio State University.Michael saw an opportunity to enhance the Ohio States athletes already strong relationships and create a top line networking organization to provide a resource/ forum for Ohio State athletes and Columbus area businesses, professionals and owners to network and exchange ideas.Building new business partnerships as they move into the business world both personally and professionally.Buckeye Networking Group offers these men and women a networking forum that helps them make a solid transition from star players on the gridiron to star players in the field of business and corporate life.
  5. 5. Buckeye Networking Group has created an attractive and unique high profile networking environment.It begins with creating and enhancing business relationships of athletes and business professionals in the community. We bring business owners, vendors and marketing/sales people together for a fun and informative outlet to talk about themselves and their business. Offering the vehicle for companies to feature their products and services to a top notch group of Columbus professionals to further expand market share and awareness to BNG members. What We Do:
  6. 6.
      • The Buckeye Networking Group offers
      • a high profile platform to meet quality people and gain new prospects!
    Excellent exposure opportunity with an organization that clearly offers a unique blend of athletes and business professionals unlike any other networking group in central Ohio.
  7. 7. Great People Great Venues Great Opportunities! The BNG is the only authentic athletic networking group in Columbus Ohio. Affording you a priceless opportunity to develop personal and professional relationships with former OSU and professional athletes.
  8. 8. Ohio State Athletes & Business Professionals create New Business opportunities! Providing a venue for great interaction and to act as a mentoring fraternity for graduating student athletes, as they make their transition into the business community .
  9. 9. Buckeye Networking Groups Media ExposureColumbus Dispatch November 2005,Front page of the Columbus Business Section, April 2006 Buckeye Sport Bulletin, every month in 2006 On air promotion on all Columbus Clear Channel Radio Stations WTVN 610 AM, WNCI FM, The Brew , WCOL FM,Radio Advertising Sept- Nov. 2006 WBNS 1460 The Fan radio advertising and promotional exposure, 2006 Columbus Weekender- November 2005 ONN, feature story about the beat Michigan Party, 2005 WBNS 10 TV, Don Tiberi, Wall to Wall Sports segment, 2005 WNCI.WLVQ, Wags and Elliott special guest on the morning show 2005
  10. 10.
    • Inside moves
    • Tracy Turner
    • FRED SQUILLANTE DISPATCH Michael "Buster" Tillman, left, talks with fellow
    • OSU alumni Matt Jacobs,center, and Dwayne Martin at GameWorks, the site of
    • a meeting of the Buckeye Networking Group. "O-H! shout patrons on one side
    • of the packed bar. "I-O!" respond the other half.
    • The TVs posted around the Arena Sports Bar and Grill at GameWorks at
    • Easton Town Center were broadcasting college basketball, but the crowd
    • wasnt there to cheer on the Buckeyes. They were there to network with them.
    • A group of former Ohio State University athletes have created a networking
    • group that meets monthly to promote business relations between former OSU
    • athletes and Columbus-area businesses.Formed in January 2005 by former
    • OSU receiver Michael "Buster" Tillman, the Buckeye NetworkingGroup
    • offers a forum where "athletes can go after their playing days to make business
    • connections," Tillman said.Many Buckeye athletes dream of making it big in
    • professional sports, "but the reality is, not all of us are going
    • to make that route," Tillman said. "Thats why I wanted to create this venue, to
    • bring the athletic and business communities together." Moving into the business
    • world can be "a hard transition for many athletes," Tillman said, "because
    • during the summer, when other students are out taking internships at places
    • like JPMorgan Chase, were out practicing." Many career counselors say
    • networking is one of the most effective tools for job seekers.
    FRED SQUILLANTE DISPATCH Michael "Buster" Tillman, left, talks with fellow OSU alumni Matt Jacobs, center, and Dwayne Martin at GameWorks, the site of a meeting of the Buckeye Networking Group OSU athletes, businesses build ties as networkersTuesday, April 11, 2006 THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH
  11. 11. Buckeye Networking Group Value Proposition Relationship building = Profit. Networking/ Advertising/ Entertainment/ Sales The BNG Personal Profile Page-A personal web site advertising platform developed to market yourself and your business that creates a high profile branding position to exclusive BNG member base. Unique Networking-Brand your business, build relationships and exposure at BNG Networking events venues Warm up a Cold Call-Host current and prospective clients at all BNG events to further develop business relationships and new contacts by face to face personal interactions that will create new alliances and increase sales. Association with Athletes- portal for bridging the gap in the business and athletic community.Creating a priceless opportunity to build relationships in the athletic Fraternity that only the BNG provides.
  12. 12.
    • Your Full Name
    • Your Professional Photograph
    • Your Company Name
    • Your business address
    • Your title at your company
    • Telephone phone including area code
    • Description of the services your company offers
    • Feel free toCUSTOMIZEyour page to meet your marketing personality
    • Thank-You for becoming a BNG member and Personal Page Holder!!!!
    • Visit our New website:
  13. 13. The BNG Charitable Focus: The BNG will be focused on starting the BNG scholarship foundation; however, the BNG is currently working with National Kidney Foundation, Mid- Ohio Food Bank among others.
  14. 14. Buckeye Networking GroupLooking Beyond and into the Future: The vision is continued growth to grow and offer an expanded charitable arm to the organization that offers a scholarships and volunteer/community involvement participation to the Columbus area community. To further expand and enhance our relationships with local media outlets serving the Columbus MSA .
  15. 15. The Next Stage.Our Growth Path
    • Increasing Membership numbers.
    • Increasing number of membership inquiries via emails on the BNG website.
    • Bigger venues to accommodateour growth.
    • New progressive website with automated features and user friendly navigation.
    • Columbus Dispatch news links with real-time news weather and buckeye sports coverage.
    • BNG Inside Edition another way for Members to give their expert advice on business related issues and news topics in their field of expertise.
  16. 16. This train is leaving the station! Are you on board?