Blogging How To (Blogging Presentation Week 2)

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Week #2: It’s Time to Blog ~ Finding Your Voice with Shannon Bowen-Kelsick @sbkelsick
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An overview and how to on Blogging. Created in 2014. Includes why blog (SEO etc.), branding, blog platform choices, what to write about, where to find content, how to write for blogs, SEO and analytic basics and how to make blogging easier. A visually appealing presentation that is sure to bring up many questions and group discussions.

Transcript of Blogging How To (Blogging Presentation Week 2)

2. What is a blog ? Web content Not necessarily [email protected] 3. Why Blog ? Easy to update your website with a blog Brand yourself and & business Express yourself ~ hone your passion SEO! Help people find you & your [email protected] Written by Mitch Joel in Bring back the Corporate Blog May 2014 4. Blog Platform [email protected] 5. What to write about: Your business services Your portfolio Your experiences, thoughts, questions Events (yours, ones you attend, ones youraudience is interested in) How to or help doc Curation of other great material Images, videos Resources like other blogs, books, speakers Interview [email protected] 6. What to write about [email protected] 7. What to write about [email protected] 8. What to write about [email protected] 9. What to write about [email protected] 10. What to write about How [email protected] 11. Get inspired, where to find content Magazines Blogs News Podcasts Google Alerts Events Books Customers!Group Exercise:1. Choose our group topic ofinterest2. Find an interesting blog postabout your topic3. Find a podcast about a topic,come up with a blog post idea4. Google the topic, find aninfographic5. Google Books about the topic,find a list of books you will readthen [email protected] 12. How to write When When you are inspired Carve out the time, schedule! All at once, pre-publish When you find new content Tools Journal Storyboard Evernote [email protected] 13. SEO basicssearch engine optimization Article titles matter Picture names matter Watch your analytics (WordPress or Google) Who is looking for you? Exercise: Answer this question: What is your customer typinginto a search engine that you want your website to appear? List5 [email protected] 14. WordPress Site Stats Example 15. Honing and Communicating YourPassion/Brand Allow your blog to change and morph as you hone yourpassions and your brand Try things! Write from the heart, with personality and [email protected] 16. How to make things easier Making blogging a habit, just do it for a while Just click publish Blogging Planners Carving time out to [email protected] 17. Blog On.with Shannon [email protected]