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Transcript of Blogging for Your Business - · PDF file Blogging Statistics - 53% of marketers say blogging...

  • Blogging for Your Business

    Katerina Schroeder, Bethany Chronister, Randi Beldon,

    Monica Wise


  • History of Blogging - Relatively new platform for businesses - First blog: January 1994 on made by

    Justin Hall - “Personal Homepage”

    - Most popular blogging site at the beginning was “LiveJournal” but “Blogger” in 1999: Brought the platform to common usage

    - Politicians used them a lot for campaigning - 2001: “meta-blogging” and how-to’s became

    popular - Commenting - Mid 2000’s: blogging goes mainstream


  • Blogging Statistics - 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority - 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts - Blog articles with images get 94% more views - Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website - 94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to



  • Why is Blogging Useful? - Increase website traffic - Create opportunities for your publics to share - Connect customers to brand - Humanizing the company - Develop unique content for social media sites - Build stronger relationships


  • What Would You Even Blog About? - Advancements in your company, industry,

    etc… - Ways that your organization shows its

    values - Highlighting employees - Readers want to learn something new - Readers want to solve a problem

    - Share tips, tools, and tutorials


  • When to Blog and Formatting - Consistency

    - Weekly

    - Bi-Weekly

    - Organization and accessibility - Organize blogs into a few different

    categories so readers can quickly find

    what interests them

    - Include tags in blogs to attract more


    - Utilize headings to clearly define


    - Social Media platforms


  • Blogging Tips - Be relevant to your audience - Quality over quantity - Create a click-worthy title - Add visuals - Answer your customers’ questions - Analyze the data

  • Places to Blog -




  • Companies using Blogging Effectively - ModCloth Blog


    - Chase Bank -

    - Coca-Cola -


  • The Future of Blogging - Types of blogging that has evolved:

    - Vlogging

    - Podcasts

    - Emphasis on multimedia - Has begun to support other platforms like Tumblr - How it is accessed will likely evolve - The power of authenticity

  • Questions?

  • Contact Information:

    Monica Wise: [email protected]

    Randi Beldon: [email protected]

    Bethany Chronister: [email protected]

    Katerina Schroeder: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]