Blogging for Personal Branding

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Blogging for Personal Branding speech given at Mums in Business on the 11th of September 2012.

Transcript of Blogging for Personal Branding

  • 1.Blogging for Personal Branding

2. What Is Personal Branding?Quick Recap... 3. It is your Unique and Distinct 4. It is the MARK thatdistinguishes you as aprofessional 5. Why Should I Care About My Personal Brand? 6. Ultimately we buy fromPEOPLE we like, trust and share our values 7. So, if you consciously andactively project and marketyourself 8. can rule the world! 9. OR maybe just dominate yourmarket! 10. You attract people who likeyou, trust you and subscribe to your values, passions 11. And really NEED theproducts and services youcan provide for them 12. But how do you promoteyourself and connect withyour target market at the same time? 13. 14. Blogging is one of theTop Tools for Marketingyour Personal 15. So Where DoesBlogging Fit In withPromoting yourPersonal Brand? 16. Online Social EmailAds - SEO Media List PPC Website and BlogLeads!Sell Products!Sell Services! 17. Your BLOG is one of themost powerful 18. Why doyou thinkthis is? 19. Blogging allows you to: Show Off Your Experience and Knowledge Boost your SEO Search Engine Optimisation Build a Community Engage Create multi-purpose content Use multiple blogging methods writing/video 20. Why cant I justrun a businessblog? 21. Let me tell you 22. Fresh Property Co 23. Half my Personal Brand -Emerging Market InvestmentPropertyHalf my Personal Brand Entrepreneur, Marketing, Educating 24. Results of NOTblogging for myTRUE personalbrand? 25. Lost 3 Years of Opportunityto Build My Personal Brand Had to Start from Scratchwhen GFC cause Fresh 26. Solution? 27. Blog for YourPersonalBrand 28. HOW? 29. Clarify your Personal Brand 30. Create a Blogging Plan 31. Including: a blog schedule 32. Including: list target markets main 33. Including: your BRAND words 34. Including: different blog types (52) How Tos Inspiring Posts News Research Posts Definitions What Others Are Saying Standard Lists What If List of Links Parodies Profile Posts FAQs Case Studies SAQs (Should Ask Questions) Problems/ Solutions Reviews Comparison Posts Interviews Stories Special Reports Controversial Posts And Many More... 35. FINAL TIPS Be Consistent 36. FINAL TIPS Integrate Social 37. Thank you I hoped you learned just one thing about personal branding and blogging 38. Discover the Brand YOU!GET CLEARGET FOCUSBECOME THE EXPERT!Personal Branding Intensive Masterclass Workshop20 September Burleigh Bears Leagues ClubLimited Places only $