Blogging 101: The Blogging Basics Seminar 1: Art, Authenticity & Risk Professor: Bridgett Davis...

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Blogging 101: The Blogging Basics Seminar 1: Art, Authenticity & Risk Professor: Bridgett Davis Instructional Technology Fellow: Amanda Favia

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Transcript of Blogging 101: The Blogging Basics Seminar 1: Art, Authenticity & Risk Professor: Bridgett Davis...

  • Blogging 101: The Blogging Basics

    Seminar 1: Art, Authenticity & Risk

    Professor: Bridgett DavisInstructional Technology Fellow: Amanda Favia

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  • Why Blog?Improve your Writing, Communication, & Critical Thinking Skills

    Share: Writing about your thoughts & ideasLearn: Reading your peers ideas Reflect: Responding to your peers

  • Elements of a Good Blog

    Blog with a purpose!

    Consider your audience (because you have one!)

    Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible & Story*


  • Elements of a Good BlogAvoid what you dislike. For example,

  • Elements of a Good BlogEmulate what you like. For example,

    African Diaspora Film



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    [1. Smith, John.A Very Important Text. New York: Routledge, 2010.]

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