Blobbits Moldabel Meltable Creatures

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Blobbits are fun toys that melt on their own. Reusable, bouncy, glow in the dark your next favorite toy comes with a money back guarantee. You can get more information by going through the link :- Also you can call us at 1-800-372-6040 or mail us at [email protected]

Transcript of Blobbits Moldabel Meltable Creatures

  • GOT BLOBBITS? The Wonder Toy in Town WEBSITE:
  • If You Are Wondering Where is every kid hiding Whats keeping them so busy Why They Arent Complaining of Boredom Anymore WEBSITE:
  • Then Maybe .They got Blobbits! WEBSITE:
  • Whats That ?? Quite a funny name, seems interesting.. WEBSITE:
  • Feels Like Clay Squishy Stackable Moldable WEBSITE:
  • Looks like Jelly Bouncy Glows in the Dark WEBSITE:
  • Oh WOW!! It melts away on its own! Thats pretty awesome.. And, you can reuse and remold that thing. WEBSITE:
  • Joining the Kids Gang Back Again! Simply Love Blobbits Monsters. Fun and Creativity that Keep Kids Busy All Day Long. WEBSITE:
  • And Here is the Best Part With Your Order You Get 2 FREE BLOBBITS KITS @ ONLY $9.99 (Plus S&H) WEBSITE:
  • CONTACT US FOR MORE ON BLOBBITS Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-372- 6040 or TXT 213 926 5885 Website: E-mail : [email protected]