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About us

Black Tie gives you a complete solution for your Public Relations, Event, and Photography needs.

We guarantee to give your events our “Special Touch”, which will make you stand out amongst others.

Our aim is to deliver Sophisticated, Exquisite and Elegant Events.

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Our Team

The Black Tie team is made up of Creative and Innovative individuals who, with their own unique talents and ingenuity, share a wealth of industry experience.  Because of this, Black Tie always has a specialist on hand to address each client’s individual needs. 

Due to the fact that the industry is constantly changing, all of our specialists continuously study the latest trends in all aspects of our specialized fields.  

Thanks to our ongoing research in the Events, Public Relations & Photography fields, we are able to offer our clients the most recent and relevant ideas, suggestions and services.

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Our Services

Our team of trained Event Management, Public Relations, & Photography Solutions consultants will coordinate your entire program with the following signature services:

Event Management Solution: • Project Management• Event design, Planning and Coordination• Event promotions and Marketing• Conference Design, Planning and Coordination• Conference Promotions and Marketing• Pre-Conference or Event Registration

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Our Services

• Budget Development and Accounting• Seminar Design, Planning and Coordination• Seminar Promotions and Marketing• Site Inspection and Negotiations• Speaker Management• Sponsorship Management• Trade Show Management• On-Site Management and Registration• Conference or Event Evaluation• Team-Building Activities

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Our Services

Public Relations Solution:

• Black Tie Public Relations is a full-service PR firm which fully understands how to integrate traditional methods with emerging tools and technology. We work closely with our clients to advance their message, establish credibility and drive demand for their product or service across traditional and new social media platforms.

• We can help generate foot traffic to your special event, increase your visibility, drive sales, and manage crisis situations for the best possible outcome.

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Our ServicesOur expertise includes:• Publicity • Social Media/Emerging Media• Media Relations• Media Training• Image Management• Event Planning and Execution• Community Relations• Marketing Promotions (Through ATL, BTL & Other Tools)• Crisis Management• Copywriting• Advertising and Media Buying

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Our ServicesPhotography Solution:

• We believe in giving your Events our magic touch by not only dressing it up brilliantly, but also providing you with long lasting memories through photographs.

• Our team of professional photographers provide a pre-event consultation service free of charge, so that we know what you want for your event and give you 100% satisfaction.

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Our ServicesWe offer our clients a range of photography solutions:

• Events (Corporate/Private/Family)• Company Profile• Convocation • Portraits (Studio/Outdoors)• Commercial & Product• Wedding• Family• Fashion & Glamour• Life Style• Conceptual Photography• Interior• Fine Art Photography• Newborn Babies & Toddlers

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Our Clients

• Phenomena by Pomme (Official Event Coordinator & Photographer).

• Continental World Wide (Official Event Planner & Product Photographer).

• Urban Eye (Official Event Planner & Photographer).

• Advise Career Counseling (Event Planner & Management )

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Our Projects

• Tree Of Life at Lady Dufferin Hospital (Official Event Photographer)

• Product Photography- Phenomena by Pomme

• Peacock Lounge Launch at Port Grand (Event Photographer)

• iTech Cup - Tape Ball Cricket Tournament (Event Organizer)

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Contact Us

Black Tie Company

Mailing Address:Office no # 203, 2nd Floor, Amber Estate,Block 7/8, KCHS, Union Ltd, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi – 75350Office – 021-32045366Cell – 0332-2469149

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]


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