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description is a free point and click online form builder that helps users collect and manage info with ease. Users can create online forms, surveys, contact forms, landing pages, launch pages, event registration forms, invitations and order forms with ease. The forms can be used online either with a custom web address from bizodo or they can be easily embed in an existing site. Once they collect the info they can easily create mailing lists, follow up tasks, assign leads and use other project and contact management tools to make the best of their info.bizodo is the easiest way online to create forms, share docs and contacts & manage projects all in ONE cloud based suite. With bizodo you can easily bring a part or your whole company online. Start with the easy to use form builder and in no time you will be taking advantage of the other tools to optimize your business. Our project management tools make sure you can more effectively keep on top of projects and staff. The cloud document manager allows you to easily store and share documents securely across your company and the web. The contact manager ensures that you will never have to go searching for a biz card or vcard ever again; store and share contacts seamlessly on the web. If you are using more than ONE software (or none) you need Odo. is trusted by companies throughout the world to manage their essential business practices. Companies use it from everything from simple online contact and order forms to complex medical form collection. Human resources companies love for its ability to take the frustrating process of collecting job applications and resumes and simplify to an easy to manage process online. Start ups love for its ability to create quick online launch pages (that happen to be beautiful). Designers love because they can take the usual process of creating forms and not only make forms in minutes, but also use the beautiful preformatted themes to style their forms. has been developed to optimize business. It is essential in today’s world that each business takes advantage of the latest technology to keep ahead of the curve. helps bring your company online with ease while helping you take better care of your employees and your clients. Every business needs Create a free online account in seconds and see what everyone is talking about.

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2. Welcome to
The ULTIMATE drag and drop form builder and sooooo much more!
3. What is bizodo?
Bizodo:[bizodoo], bizodomate.vb
(Linguistics) (tr) to help (businesses, grow, etc.)
Bizodo is an easy to use drag and drop form builder with document and project management tools
4. What does bizodo have under the hood?

  • Form Builder

5. Document Manager 6. Project Manager