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  • bizhub 501

    BIZHUB DESIGN: taking productivity to a higher power.

  • Take a look at high productivity design: the bizhub 501.

    Design that transforms your workflow. Powers your printing. Speedsyour output. Controls your distribution. Expands your reach. Enhancesyour security. And grows your business.

    High productivity design gives you new ways of moving information. A central document resource with a whole new look and feel. A scaleable solution for in-house printing. A networkable workhorsewith integrated software.

    Take a good look. Because in todays world, your business needs bizhub.

    bizhub Only from Konica Minolta

    bizhub 501:business information in a bold new look

    bizhub 501 3

  • InfoLine status display. At a glance, it showsyou the flow of information in and out: messagetransmission and reception, device operatingstatus, maintenance alerts and more.

    Large 8.5" color LCD touch-screen. Controllingyour bizhub is a snap, even for first-time users.Youll have simple icons, intuitive menus, short-cut keys to customize commands even thepower to preview and enlarge thumbnailimages of documents before you print.

    Universal access. Tilting panel design makesbizhub access easy for wheelchair-boundemployees, in compliance with Section 508.Blue LEDs are also better for visibility and paperdraws slide open smoothly for easy loading.

    Powerful, high-volume productivity has never looked so good in your office, and on yourbottom line. Sleek styling, small footprint and 360 access save space and speed yourworkflow. And with 50 pages per minute print/copy output and a monthly duty cycle up to175,000 impressions youll have a scaleable solution for any-size business.

    bizhub 501:the networkable resource with superior design

    Document power at the hub of your workflow. Thisbizhub model looks too good to hide away and with cordshidden out of sight, they can set up in the center of youroffice for quick access from any angle.

  • Uniform bizhub Architecture. Major functionsare consolidated in integrated processing modules for smooth, consistent operation andsecurity reducing the need for operator training.

    Powerful Emperon printing. The EmperonPrint System provides PCL6 and PS3 emulation, and Windows 7 support with nativeXPS (XML Paper Specifications) interpreter to maximize the print/scan productivity of yourbizhub device powered by a 600 MHz CPU.(optional IC-207 Image Controller required for printing)

    The bEST approach to integration. With bizhubExtended Solution Technology (bEST), yourealso ready for third-party software integration:print management, cost control, networkingand more.

    Saving energy, reducing waste. bizhub modelsprovide Power Save and Toner Save modes,low-temperature fusing and other green technologies backed by the Konica Minoltapractice of assessing environmental impactover the lifecycle of every product.

    Clean Planet Recycling. Our latest green innovation is the industrys first cost-free program to receycle consumables for allKonica Minolta models. With postage paid UPS labels ready to print from our website,recycling consumables has never been easier.

    Online file management. Support for WebDAV (Web-basedDistributed Authoring and Versioning) makes it easier to managefiles and folders on your web server, identify authors and dates of web pages, lock documents and track file revisions.

    IPv6: the next-generation Internet protocol. IPv6 dramaticallyincreases IP addressing power and gives every networked bizhubdevice its own IP address to facilitate communication and improve security.

    High-productivity bizhub OP. Konica Minoltas proprietary bizhub OP (Open Platform) control system adheres, adapts andexpands to the needs of your growing IT infrastructure. To keep youconnected, bizhub OP is a real design advantage.

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  • XPSPCL6PS3Universal PrinterDriver










    Encrypted PDF

    Network Local

    Single Line Dual Line

    Internet Fax IP Address Fax PC Fax Fax Forwarding



    User Box









    Black& White

    TSI Routing

    Encrypted Network Password Printing





    Faster output speed, greater scanning flexibility, modular finishing options for in-houseproductivity bizhub gives you all the power you need to handle high-volume documenttraffic with superior workflow efficiency that moves information through your office faster.And the IC-207 Image Controller option provides print performance that makes you more productive.

    bizhub output:the high-volume solution your workflow demands

    High-speed scanning. The bizhub 501 lets you scan documents at up to 70 originals per minute more than apage every second. And PDF formatting reduces file size tomake documents faster to send and receive.

    Multiple destinations. You can Scan to Email,attaching documents as PDF, XPS or TIFF files.Scan to FTP, for quick access via any PC onyour network. Scan to SMB, sending files toshared folders on desktop PCs. Even performTWAIN scanning from PCs.

    Simultaneous distribution. With bizhub Send function, you can do more work in fewerkeystrokes scanning, Emailing and faxingwhile simultaneously storing a User Box copyor saving the file to SMB or FTP.

    Optional 120 GB HDD. Enhanced User Box functions let you save files on an optional 120 GB hard disk drive, assign User Boxes toindividuals, departments or workgroups, evenallocate User Boxes by theme, project or goal.

    WebDAV. Your bizhub also provides support for WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoringand Versioning) the advanced system thatmakes it easier to manage files and folders on your web server, identify authors and dates of web pages, lock documents and track file revisions.

    WS-Scan (Windows scanning). Push and Pull scanning using DPWS (WSD) Protocol.Supports XPS, JPEG, BITMAP, PNG and TIFFfile formats.

    Convenient USB transfer. A simple USBInterface option located on the front of yourbizhub lets you scan files to a USB thumb-driveand also print files from a USB thumb-drive including files in PDF, XPS, TIFF and encryptedPDF formats.

  • LU-203






    Pulverized Toner

    Flexible paper handling. You can load a maximum capacity of5,650-sheets (with options) for longer uninterrupted print/copyruns, load up to 110 lb. index stock from bypass and copy, scan orduplex originals up to 11" x 17" in size.

    High-volume fax. For all-in-one functionality, the FK-502 SuperG3 fax option provides direct faxing from your PC, IP Address faxcapability, TSI routing, 2,000-location address book, broadcastingand program dialing with an optional second phone line to double your input/output.

    Industry-leading support. Nothing backs you up like bizhub and with Konica Minoltas nationwide service network and onlinesupport capabilities, youll have a print powerhouse you can count on.

    Simitri Polymerized Toner. The exclusiveKonica Minolta toner formulation with finerparticles to sharpen edge detail, improvehalftone definition and make text more legible.

    Modular finishing. Powerful finishing options give you 60-page booklet-making, 50-sheet stapling, half-fold and 2/3-holepunch capabilities and if you dont needfinishing, a Job Separator (not shown) option can separate print, copy, fax andreport output jobs.

    bizhub 501 7

  • Doing business better is the whole idea behind bizhub and in todays networked era,that means more enhancements to maintain security. More ways to protect valuable information. More PageScope software to speed printing, manage addressing andauthentication data, control access and track usage for maximum cost-efficiency.

    bizhub integration:the simplicity, security and software you need

    HID Proximity-card operation. The optional AU-201H HID Authentication Unit lets you use familiar HID Proximitycards for fast, secure access to bizhub printing, copying and scanning.

    Ultra-secure biometric authentication. The optional AU-101 Biometric Authentication Unit recognizes usersbased on scanning finger vein patterns for secure MFPaccess and fast ID-and-print operation.

    IP Filtering. Registers the IP addresses of PCsthat are allowed access to your documents.

    SSL/TLS Encryption. Protects data duringexchange from bizhub to LDAP servers andPageScope software programs.

    S/MIME Encryption. Supports the SecureMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions encryptionstandard to protect Email exchanges.

    HDD Lock. Applies password-protection lockingto the hard disk drive of your bizhub, preventingit from being read even when removed.

    User Authentication. Custom-selectable forprinting, scanning, faxing and User Box functions with users identified based on theActive Directory Server, NTLM V1 or V2 Server,NDS Server, LDAP Server or built-in bizhubauthentication functions.

    Job Erase. Automatically overwrites your HDDup to three times, in compliance with U.S. militarystandards for the Army (DoD 5220.22-M, Navy(NAVSO P-5239-26) and Air Force (AFSSI5020).

    HDD sanitizing. Allows you to overwrite data in 8 different modes in compliance with U.S.military and international security standards including seven-times overwrite protection(AFSSI5020).

    Industry-leading security protection. At everystage of your information workflow, bizhub isdesigned to meet todays most stringent security precautions and regulations.

    Encrypted PDF files. Automatically create an encrypted PDF file during s