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We made a biography sketch (in Gen.Pysch subject) about a person and tackled some important views in our subject's life :)

Transcript of Biosketch Output 1

  • BiosketchOUTPUT 1
  • We had an interview with Ms. Diella G. Castro about her life from birth until on her age now. Ms. Castro is a good friend and a teammate in Team Pilipinas of our groupmate, Jasmin Barzaga. She is a 15 year-old girl who is currently studying in University of Sto. Tomas and taking up the course of nursing. She shared her life experiences with us which made her a matured and grown individual.
  • Timeline
  • BIRTH Born: December 24, 1998 She was born normally and was a healthy baby.
  • Infancy (Birth - 2) She was able to crawl, sit, stand, grab and suck things, learning some words (either talking or cooing), and walk with the guidance of parents.
  • Early Childhood (2-3 y/o) She spent more time in writing, was able to walk by herself, playing with toys, and loved to watch cartoons.
  • Pre-school (3-5 y/o) When she was in nursery, she syudied in a daycare center. She studied in Wisdom Christian school when she was in kinder. She even joined in different quiz bee competitions.
  • Gradeschool (6-11 y/o) She studied in Sabang Elementary School for a year, 3 years in Wisdom Christian School, and 2 years in Kin- yang Academy and in St. Paul College Pasig. She joined sports, the choir. She was a in the list of top students in their class. She already have crushes. She had her menstuation when she
  • Adolescence (12-current age) She studied highschool in St. Paul College Pasig. And now studying Nursing in University of Sto. Tomas. She joined the cheerleading squad and now a member of Team Pilipinas. She is bubbly, happy to be with and kind. She started having flings with boys but still
  • Submitted By: Jasmin Barzaga Jean Bayani Honey Cordova GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY PT 14