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  • 7/24/2019 Bic Questions


    Best-In-Class Questions

  • 7/24/2019 Bic Questions


    Instructions: These questions to be used when short listing and interviewing, they are aligned toHPs eadershi! "tandards

    Leadership Standards

    Business #cu$en

    Accelerating Change %& 'hich e(ternal )actors, beyond co$!etitors, couldi$!act success o) the organi*ation, and why+

    & 'hich internal )actors could i$!act success o) theorgani*ation, and why+

    & In a su!ervisory or grou! leader role, have you ever hadto disci!line or counsel an e$!loyee or grou! $e$ber+'hat was the nature o) the disci!line+ 'hat ste!s didyou ta.e+ How did that $a.e you )eel+ How did you!re!are yoursel)+

    Strategic Thinking & Planning %& 'hat are the di))erent issues that a eader shouldconsider when the organi*ation is evaluating whether too!en a new location+

    & #s a eader, describe a !ro/ect youve co$!leted that

    required creativity to acco$!lish to your and others0satis)action& 'hat was di))erent or unique about yourideas or !rocesses+

    & 1iscuss the decisions you have $ade that have led youto see. a /ob at this co$!any& How have your wor. andeducation e(!eriences a))ected your decisions+

    2& 3ecall a ti$e when you were involved or led abrainstor$ing session&

    a4 How rece!tive were you to the ideas o)others+

    b4 'as the brainstor$ing session success)uland did you acco$!lish your ob/ectives+

    Analyzing & Diagnosing %& How can di))erent decisions by a eader i$!actbusiness results 5e&g&, high turnover o) a !articulargrou!, low engage$ent, etc&4+

    & 'hat ste!s do you )ollow in studying an issue 6 !ro/ectbe)ore $ a decision on how to a!!roach that!ro/ect+ 1o you a!!ly this !rocess to all issues6!ro/ects, or does it vary )ro$ tas. to tas.+

    Risk Taking %& 7ive an e(a$!le o) a ti$e you introduced or a!!lied a

  • 7/24/2019 Bic Questions


    new conce!t or develo!$ent in a related )ield o) studyto a wor. !ro/ect+

    & 'hat were the $ain challenges, and how did youoverco$e those challenges+

    & 7ive $e an e(a$!le o) an assign$ent that involvedlearning a new technical s.ill or develo!$ent& 1id you

    atte$!t to learn it yoursel), or did you reach out to ateaching source+

    2& 1escribe a decision you $ade while in a leadershi!!osition that was un!o!ular and how you handledi$!le$enting it& How did your tea$ react+

    8& #s a eader, have you had to convince a tea$ to wor.on a !ro/ect they weren0t enthusiastic about+ How didyou do it+

    Financial Acumen %& Tell $e about a ti$e when it was necessary )or you toco$$unicate )inancial to an audience& How did youdevelo! your !resentation+

    Decisiveness %& 1escribe a crisis and how you $anaged it as a leader+& 1escribe a ti$e as a leader when you were )aced with a

    challenging situation that involved balancing co$!etinginterest in your !ersonal li)e with wor.!lace issues+

    Tea$ eadershi!

    Collaoration %& 1escribe a situation when you wor.ed on a tea$ andthe tea$ had a !articularly good outco$e&

    a4 'hat was the situation+b4 'hat role did you have on the tea$+c4 'hat challenges did you )ace with the

    !ersonalities and styles o) the other tea$

    $e$bers+& 1escribe a situation where you and a did not

    get along, but you had to build an alliance with that!erson to get your wor. acco$!lished&

    a4 How did the situation occur initially+b4 'hat things in !articular did you do to build

    ra!!ort+c4 'hat was the outco$e+d4 Have you ever been in a grou! with an

    un!roductive !erson+e4 How did you handle this situation+

    & Tell $e about a ti$e when you were able to getso$eone )ro$ outside your tea$6unit6grou! to

    coo!erate with you on an i$!ortant!ro/ect6tas.6assign$ent& 1escribe the ste!s you too. toachieve this&

    2& Tell $e about one o) the toughest tea$s6grou!s youhave had to wor. with:

    a4 'hat $ade it di))icult+b4 'hat did you do+

    8& Please describe the ti$e you were $ost e))ective incoordinating $ulti!le grou!s o) !eo!le or resources toacco$!lish an organi*ational goal:

  • 7/24/2019 Bic Questions


    a4 'hat were you trying to acco$!lish+b4 'hat $ethods did you use to coordinate all

    the details+c4 How did you gain everyone0s co$$it$ent+d4 'hat i$!act did your coordination have on

    the !ro/ect+

    e4 'hat was the outco$e+9& 1escribe your $ost recent e(a$!le o) wor.ingcollaboratively with a cross-)unctional tea$&

    a4 'hat was the situation and6or initiative+b4 'hat s!eci)ically did you do to establish a

    collaborative relationshi!+c4 'hat was your level o) involve$ent

    throughout the initiative+d4 'hat obstacles did you encounter and how

    did you overco$e the$+e4 'hat was the outco$e o) the initiative+

    & Tell $e about a ti$e when you had to cha$!ion asolution to get the !ricing, collaboration or businessresources you needed&

    Listening & Receptivity %& Tell $e about your last conversation with a custo$er&a4 'ho initiated the call and why+b4 'ould you do anything di))erently+ 'hy+

    & "o$e situations require us to e(!ress ideas6o!inions ina very tact)ul and care)ul way& Please tell $e about ati$e when you were success)ul with this !articular s.ill

    & Tell $e about a ti$e that you !resented in )ront o) agrou! o) !eo!le&

    a4 'hat went well+ 'hat didnt+2& 'hat would you consider as the $ost e))ective grou!

    si*e )or )or$al !resentations+ 7ive $e a ;real li)e