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BIBLE COMMENTARY (by Dodong Baguiz) The Two Knowledge of God A pleasant greeting to all subscribers and readers of Monitor Today (E-mail ad: monitor today yahoo com.) GingoogCity, Mindanao, Philippines. For the first time, you shall be able to read a very rare revelation of stories and historic events wrapped with mysteries. This is purposely through wisdom in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus Christ which is difficult to openly discuss or explain why and how this writer was able to have this kind of learning or wisdom. He is so thankful to God that he has gotten into this rare heavenly opportunity. Here, we shall be able to know the two knowledge of God which constitute as one of the causes why people go into dispute in their belief and faith in one God. These two knowledge are currently used by many people but they do not fully understand them and they use these in many different wrong ways. In the whole world today, there are about twelve billions of population, and they are distributed among the many different ideologies and beliefs which originated only from five basic forms of belief and these are Christianism, Budhism, Sintoism, Hindoism and Muhamedanism. Of

these five religions, Christianism is segmented into not less than twenty-two thousand groups with different systems of belief and different forms of worship to one God. Owing to this, debates grew and exist between each group and each claim that they are the true and genuine followers of God and unfortunately escalate to killings. The Philippines is a popularly known Christian country but the Filipinos are not united in their visions with certainty that there is only one God. They are not one in form despite within one sect and under only one Holy Bible. They conform to every traditional belief. Relatively, the Holy Bible has something to show wherein Jesus Christ (Mathew 25:32) said: ALL THE NATIONS WILL BE GATHERED BEFORE HIM and based on this, it is not surprising why Christians are not united. Aside from this, there are Christians who do not use the Holy Bible but they do believe in God. Their belief in God is based only in hidden knowledge yet wrapped with mysterious events which no one can deny the evidential truth which is part of history of Hidden Knowledge. If we take a glance at the religion (Christianism) we are in since our birth, we will come to know that same is split into two Knowledge of God. These are: ECCLESIASTICAL and ESOTERIC. These two kind of

knowledge are the Open and the Hidden which both came from God and have to be correlated in order for us to arrive at the peak of these knowledge. The ECCLESIASTICAL is an Open Knowledge which came from God, it being found in the Holy Bible and other reference books that teach material knowledge from priests; pastors; those that emanated from the doctrines spread by the Scribes and Pharisees; and the people who specialized in such learning and they are known as Theologians. The ESOTERIC is a Hidden Knowledge which likewise came from God. This is embodied in a specific book popularly known as Book of Nature which, according to the said book, was not done by human hands but purposely laid on the hands of those entrusted by God like those prophets whose names are written in the Holy Bible. Those who teach the Hidden Knowledge are called Maestro (Teacher) or Rabbi by their followers because in the early days only the prophets were the ones who had the capacity to teach the Hidden Knowledge. The experts who were called Theosophies or those experts in the cultism knowledge are considered by their followers or students as fanatics or cults, and those who study or in the study of

cultism are considered fanatic believers. It is so rare to find persons who study both knowledge at the same time. Those who study Ecclesiastical Knowledge are objects or targets of slander while those who study both knowledge do believe in the Ecclesiastical Knowledge of God. Supposedly, every reliable person and qualified to teach others has two kinds of knowledge of God. Jesus Christ himself had these two knowledge which angered the Scribes and Pharisees. Example: When Jesus Christ brought a dead back to life, he said: TALITA KUMI (Mark 5:41) and soon afterwards the 12year old girl was back to her life. Aside from this, there were other deeds of Jesus Christ through the Esoteric Knowledge. Example: The blind that saw, the mute that spoke, the deaf that heard, and many more mysterious happenings which angered the people, to the extent of crucifying Him. Up to the present time, slanderous and belittling reactions are continuously aimed at people who study Ecclesiastical Knowledge and also people who are in custody of the Esoteric Knowledge are treated or considered as worthless persons. It was explained previously that God has two kind of knowledge. These are the Hidden or Esoteric and the Open or Ecclesiastical which are

used today by many people but are not understood rightfully, or correctly or clearly. It is time that today we must go into the origin and purpose of these knowledge . . . how and where did the Open (Biblical) and Esoteric (Hidden) originate. If we try to meticulously compare their individual origins, we shall be able to know that each of their origins vary from each other. The Open started when God created man while the Esoteric (Hidden) started during the creation of the universe. In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, this is the beginning, Genesis 1:1-3: WHEN GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE, THE EARTH WAS FORMLESS AND DESOLATE. THE RAGING OCEAN THAT COVERED EVERYTHING WAS ENGULFED IN TOTAL DARKNESS, AND THE POWER OF GOD WAS MOVING OVER THE WATER. THEN GOD COMMANDED: LET THERE BE LIGHT AND LIGHT APPEARED. At this point, there is something that was not explained. It is clear that when God created heaven and earth, the earth already existed but it was formless and the wind was already blowing over the water. It is clear also that in the Open Knowledge (Bible) it is not explained in the story of creation as to when heaven and earth were created by God. As to how when the earth, wind and water created, the explanation is not found in the Holy Bible. However, under the Hidden or Esoteric Knowledge, this is what was said: God, before He created all

things on earth, He first prepared the four vital elements needed on earth. These are WIND, WATER, EARTH and FIRE. God had said this: ACNA TURVATE SODEM AC SODEM TEASET BUITARAP ACNE MIMJARUL LEGARA JAMUSA VINESA MATUMI EROP BUNSIRAP. Soon afterwards, there appeared the burst of fire and wind blow. And again God said: CREAVIT SECTIBUS CAELUM ET TERRAM, which means I will now begin to make the heaven and earth. God again said: MANAOT LUMBRATE ACTIVE DENS MEA VITA DEUS SANCTE MEUS. Afterwards, the earth, water, fire and wind grouped together. God again said, MALQUE ATIM MIRBEATIM MACMITIM, and soon the water regrouped into two and of different tastes. According to the Holy Bible, in the Book of Psalms 90:2, we read, BEFORE YOU CREATED THE HILLS OR BROUGHT THE WORLD INTO BEING, YOU WERE ETERNALLY GOD, AND WILL BE GOD FOREVER. This clearly means that God has no beginning and no determinate end. This is the basis why people in the particular religious system known as CULT call Him INFINITO DEUS (INFINITE GOD). In this regard, there is a question: Before the earths existence, where did the Lord God live and what was His living condition? If the Holy Bible is to answer these questions, there is no clear answer or

explanation. However, under the Esoteric (Hidden) Knowledge, in the Book of Nature, this is what is written: Before the earths existence, God already existed, and He lived in His Kingdom which is also His power, and this is known also in the Esoteric Knowledge as CIELODE CHRISTILLENO or Heaven of Heavens. Even if everything were not yet in-being except the one God and only God, the Heaven of Heavens is likened to space that nobody knows its beginning and its determinate end. The space is without content but full of light that has no beginning and no determinate end. On this, the Book of Nature has this: AAXXA AXXXA ACZA ZAAX ZAAZ ZAXAZ JIY OAFI JAAIYEI. This means Gods wisdom or knowledge is beyond mans comprehension or perception even by the mind. Gods condition and dwelling place before He created the universe was discussed in the past series through the hidden history wrapped in mysteries and not written in the Bible. Although the hidden facts are revealed or divulged herein, it is maybe because it is a fulfillment of what was said by Jesus Christ in Luke 12:2-3: WHATEVER IS COVERED UP WILL BE UNCOVERED AND EVERY SECRET WILL BE MADE KNOWN. SO THEN, WHATEVER YOU HAVE SAID IN THE DARK WILL BE HEARD IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, AND WHATEVER

YOU HAVE WHISPERED IN PRIVATE IN A CLOSED ROOM WILL BE SHOUTED FROM THE HOUSETOPS, and this is now the right time that the things purposely kept and preserved for so long a time will be revealed (only by Gods chosen one) in order to attain true and genuine faith in the Lord. The LIGHT that has no beginning and without end as mentioned in past series was the condition of God and He Himself was God. According to hidden history, God has 1,001 names already made known to people. His very first name or name number one is AINSOPH which means ONLY LIGHT IN THE HIGHEST PART OF UNLIMITED TIME AND SPACE which, according to the Esoteric history: happy are those who know this name because they will not suffer hardships or difficulties in their second life. At that time, God was alone. In His oneness, God felt lonely and was so sad. Owing to this, He inhaled so deep and uttered JUAAHAHUHAI. (This is the same word uttered by God when He gave Adan his breath). It was at this point when God started thinking of doing other things like sun, moon, stars, the earth and everything on it for His own amusement, recreation and entertainment. But before all these, however, God made 72 holy spiri