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BEXIO IGNITE is a fast-track programme for transforming brand strategy and identity in organisation by means of the holistic BEXIO Model. By combining the power of the BEXIO framework, tools and workshops with this fast-track programme, the foundation for faster and smarter brand management is laid. Ignite your brand's future greatness today.

Transcript of BEXIO IGNITE

  • 1. Exploring internal factors, consumer segments, competitors and the general business environment togain insights into opportunities, brand drivers and success factors.Building the case for where and how to position the brand and how to get there. This includes craftingcompelling value propositions, workflows, team structure and capabilities required for delivering thebrand promise effectively. The brands identity is then expressed through logo design and a visuallanguage that will work across a number of applications and environments.Delivering a relevant, credible, differential and above all engaging brand experience by expressing thebrand strategy and identity coherently and consistently in all the touch-points between the brand and thestakeholders. Only by connecting emotionally with stakeholders will a brand be loved and admired.

2. Who? What? Why? Scenario simulation and Engage. Create value.Where? When? brand model design. Deliver Results. 3. Exceptionally fast and cost-effective transformation process. Explore opportunities for growth and improvements through brand simulations. Generate new ideas, perspectives and innovative concepts. Build a powerful end-to-end brand management model. Deliver coherent brand experiences that are relevant, differential and credible. Generate immediate results and drive long-term return on brand investments. 4. Start-up brands. Brands which need to re-invent themselves. Brands which need to re-position themselves. Brands which want to diversify into new markets. Brands which arise from mergers and acquisitions. Brands which want to diversify into new categories Organisations which want to optimise its brand portfolio. 5. Where to position the brand and how to get there? What operations are required to deliver the brand promise? What resources and competences do we need to deploy? What should the brand be called and look like? When and how to express the brand and engage stakeholders? How do we manage stakeholder perceptions and our brands reputation? How do we create value for stakeholders and shareholders? 6. Anders BrkkenBEXIO Creator & Brand Excellence PartnerE-mail: [email protected]: www.andersbraekken.comURL: