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  • 1. Beverage Cup Activity Collapse-A-Mug(CAM 5000)Created by: Assunta De Pau and Diane Kohlin

2. FEATURES Removable Handle Lid and built in straw Anti-skid bottom 4EVER Grip Automatic heat/cool switch Collapsible Customizable Size 3. Removable Handle Allows you to attach the handle if needed. If it is not needed it can be folded up and stored in the bottom of the mug. 4. Lid with Built in Straw Straw is built into the side of the lid for easy access when desired. 5. Anti-Skid Bottom Provides good support so that the contents cant spill. This bottom pulls off so that the handle can be stored. 6. 4EVER Grip Consumer is able to hold the cup for hours at a time Their hand will not get hot or cold from the drink 7. Automatic heat/cool switch Consumer can switch the switch to hot or cold The cup would automatically reheat or recool the beverage. 8. Collapsible Edges of lid and bottom are magnetic to keep the cup collapsed. 9. Customizable Size When expanding the cup it can be set to different sizes according to you. 10. PATENT PENDING