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  • Sources: 1 Gallup (2012). State of the American workplace. 2 APA (2015). Stress in America. 3 CAGE (2015). Happiness and productivity: Understanding the happy-productive worker.

    Stressed workers incur healthcare costs


    than for other employees2

    These people dont look too good. Whats stressing them out?

    Lets find out.

    Type in your

    burning topic

    Download Apped Pulse to find out whats causing

    stress. Start a topic to measure how your co-workers feel about

    projects, ideas, anything.


    People feel exhausted because the project schedules

    are too tight.

    Influence change with well-argued reasoning.

    Real-time data with ready-made reports enable quick decision-making and help organizations be agile.

    Employees are worn out. Lets take the issue forward

    before its too late.

    The management team sees the results and is convinced by the data. Burnout is no good for


    This company has a new superhero:

    YOU!Apped Pulse gives everyone the

    power to drive change.

    70% of workers are not engaged at work1

    Cost of disengagement is up to

    $550 billion per year in lost productivity1

    Business goalsEmployee happiness

    Lets people shine

    Set your


    Send to others to

    capture their feelings and comments.


    Happy employees are up to

    20% more productive3

    Highly engaged companies can have up to

    12% higher profitability than

    disengaged ones1

    Engaged employees

    Apped helps organizations utilize the potential of cloud and mobile technology. By creating business applications that integrate to business data out-of-the-box, business

    processes can be managed from the reach of ones mobile device. Appeds first app, Apped Pulse, is an employee engagement tool that allows organizations to capture feedback,

    ideas, mood, anything in real-time.