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2. The lighting on this shot creates an unnerving atmosphere ashalf of her face is in the dark, potentially hinting at a hiddensecret. The red lighting also creates a sense of danger or fearas we associate the colour red with such themes. 3. Lighting from beneath a person makes the person look sinister, which is evident in the picturesabove. The picture on the right has a much more sinister edge to it however, as the person issmiling which inevitably makes them look more sinister. The way the lighting catches the teethalso makes them look crooked and broken. Both images effectively create the impression of avillain through lighting alone. 4. This person is holding a torch light underneath their face which shadows part ofthe face, making the person look diabolical. She also looks sinister as she has aserious facial expression. Uplighting creates shadows round the eyes and under thecheek bones, which is why most people look sinister. 5. This person has a candle light underneath her face which makes herseem sinister. This picture is taken with the camera at an angle facingslightly upwards but below the eye line. She is also scrunching up herface which creates a tense atmosphere. 6. This shot is taken with the light situated in the back left. This makes the person lookmore flattering. The brighter light creates a highlight and slims down the face as we focuson less of it, almost like wearing a dress with black edges and a brighter central colour canmake you look slim. 7. The lighting is coming from theside and so mainly highlights herface. It also highlights her collarbone which emphasises herfemininity. There is alsohighlighting just under the eyes,which is flattering as it takes outthe natural shadows that can bethere. 8. The light is coming from above herand she is looking up which givesher an angelic look especiallybecause there is only one source oflighting and subsequently the restof her outfit and the backgroundmerge into each other as theyreboth black. This is unusual lightingand so gives the impression of afilm set and a stylised situation andthis is reinforced by the soft focuseffect around the edges. 9. Within this shot there are two lights,one from the side which is directlyin front of where her body is facingand another light in front of whereher face is facing.This gives a pretty look as her faceseems very bright but there are alsoshadows that shape her face nicely.There is no back lighting if therehad been, the back of her armwould have been slightlyhighlighted, which would haveavoided the slightly distorted effectof her upper arm.