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TATTOO MAFIAJaipur | India

Tattoo Mafia does need no introduction. When it's come to tattoo art and its hygiene standards around the world. Tattoo Mafia caters a wide clientele and offers exquisite tattoo service adhering to the highest standards in safety that has always been the hallmarked of its operations.

Tattoo Mafia studio is the premier custom tattoo studio and art gallery establish in 2007 in Jaipur. It is owned and run by professional tattooist. We providing the highest quality tattoo and body piercing services.

Ankita and Akanksha are head artist and owner of Tattoo Mafia has over nine years of professional experience in tattooing and piercing. Over the year, the studio has trained several tattoo artist who are now running their own studio. I have always believed that art is not what you see but what you make others see....!About Us

Tattoo ServicesTattoo Mafia is one the most famous & creative Tattoo Studio in Jaipur. Tattoo Mafia have professional and experienced tattoo artist to providing unique and creative design for tattoo to customers, and also according to their requirements.

Our tattoo services given below: Permanent TattoosTemporary Tattoos, Body PiercingTattoos RemovalNail ArtNail ExtensionBridal Mehandi

Tattoo ArtistMeet the tattoo artist: We all are master of all style of tattooing from free hand work to partials new tattoo to cover-ups and new thing in between they love to laugh and joke while tattooing. They believe it makes you as client order and you can really enjoy the experience of getting tattooed. "If you are interested in getting free to contact them to discuss your ideas." feel free to experience yourself. Come to the studio and feel different.

Our Tattoo Artist:AnkitaAkankshaManishRaj

Our Portfolio

Tattoo TrainingLearning tattoo art is not just about learning how to ride/operate a tattoo machine. It is like any other art field where the basic necessity is the art skill in yourself. There are many so called self claimed tattoo artist. Who know how to use the tattoo machine and the tattoo process but couldn't draw even have fundamental knowledge of sketching or drawing. They are not real tattoo artist". and so you get to see many disastrous tattoo all the time.We are not concerned with the designs of the tattoo but also its quality to ensure this we keep best of equipments which can offer world class tattooing art in our hygiene standards no one can beat us as they match with the international standard. He started the process with the real packed needles once. We are done needless are either disposed or are given to you besides that we also take care of cleanliness things like ink caps gloves razors etc......

Tattoo After CareRemove the bandage after 2 hours. do not re-bandage.Wash with cold water.Apply a light amount of Tattoo ointment for five minutes & remove that.If a scab forms, do not pick or scratch!!!Keep your new tattoo from sun burning.Do not swim or soak until healed.Avoid contact with oils, cleansers. and other chemicals.Do not hear your friends hear your artist.

Contact UsAddress: Shop No. 205, 2nd Floor, Crystal Court, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302017.Phone: +91-8875777747Email: [email protected]: