Benchmark Maturity of your SaaS Solution

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Transcript of Benchmark Maturity of your SaaS Solution

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How To Benchmark The Maturity Of Your SaaS Solution?

www.techcello.comSaaS ApproachesThere are several strategies available for ISVs to build/migrate their products to a SaaS model. However, each approach has its own pros and cons.

Two broad approaches,Single Tenant / Hosted ModelMulti-Tenant Model

While there are plenty of differences in the approach between these two models,Single tenant approach is mostly for products that are migrated from on-premise models to SaaS/cloud modelMulti-tenant approach has become the defacto standard for all newly built SaaS solutions

www.techcello.comWhat Constitutes a SaaS Solution?Covers architectural aspects like security, configurability, scalability, etc.Addresses the business functionality/use cases that is solved by the product.Encapsulates the features required for operating the SaaS solution. Ex: Subscription, Billing, etc.

www.techcello.comWhat To Benchmark?Product Requirements (has to) vary from product to product, and domain to domain.But, Non-Functional and Operational Requirements more or less remain the same.Your product can be benchmarked against the industry best practices defined in these areas.

www.techcello.comSMART CalculatorSaaS Maturity Assessment and Reporting Tool (SMART) helps you identify the maturity of your SaaS solution that you already have or plan to build. There are several ways to deliver a product in SaaS model, but how stable and sustainable is your solution? Given the very fact that SaaS is a volume game, scalability is the key for a successful SaaS business. SMART will help you find how scalable and matured is your product.Free SMART Calculator to measure the SaaS Maturity of your Product following slides explains the various aspects that are considered to arrive at the maturity of your SaaS product.

www.techcello.comBenchmarking Segments Architecture Segment Security Segment Security Segment Operations Segment Operations Segment Operations Segment Configuration Configuration

www.techcello.comSMART Report - Sample

www.techcello.comSMART Report - Sample

www.techcello.comSMART Report - Sample

www.techcello.comSMART Report - Sample

www.techcello.comAbout TechCelloTechcello is a cloud-ready, SaaS Application Development Framework Can be used to,Build new SaaS productsConvert single-tenant Apps to Multi-TenantMigrate on premise products to SaaS modelCello framework is delivered as a set of libraries and APIs that can be easily integrated to your product Applications built using Cello can be deployed in any cloudCello contains building blocks for developing, monetizing and servicing your SaaS offering.

www.techcello.comTechCello Flexible ArchitectureTechCello supports all models of database multi-tenancy, there by allowing ISVs to operate in a hybrid model.TechCellooffers an end to endSaaS Life Cycle Management Solutionthat can help in designing, developing and managing the operations of your SaaS product.Using TechCello you can simply focus on building your product functionalities, and TechCello can take care of the rest.TechCellois tested and proven SaaS Framework, built exclusively to meet the typical SaaS needs of your business and product.TechCello offers more than30+ modulescovering all the basic engineering blocks and operational modules.Apart from saving significant amount of cost, your precious time can be well spent on differentiating your product from competitors through unique product features.

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