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BELA/JLL Session February 2019

Transcript of BELA/JLL Session

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BELA/JLL SessionFebruary 2019

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Global firm and capabilities overview

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Country covered via JLL hubJLL Offices JLL’s Alliance partner offices

Americas10 countries

145 owned offices

EMEA30 countries

100 owned offices

Asia Pacific16 countries

91 owned offices (including

15 project offices)

Annual revenue$16.3 B

S.F. under management



Corporate offices296

Operations80+ countries

Presentation Notes
This map shows you how we are connecting our business centers under one network for seamless delivery across our portfolio. We can meet our clients wherever they are – local to global – distributing accounts based on language and specialization. We’re aligning our centers under one leadership for truly seamless delivery; but most importantly, we are using our existing footprint of service centers and JLL employees. Most of the locations you see on this map are IFM call centers, with Pittsburgh and Manila being the primary centers for English language services. (click)
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Started in 2013 to enhance our Ethics Everywhere programRecognises:• Geographic dispersion of our business• The diversity of our business:

– IFM– Project Management– Mobile Engineering– Property Management – and more

• Cultural Differences of our population• 80 countries• 100 + languages and dialects• How do we reach and train all of our people effectively.

Ethics Liaison Program

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• Our Ethics Liaisons are drawn from the Business• Frequently work at remote or client sites• Are expected to:

– Be familiar with our Code of Business Ethics and Vendor Code of Conduct– Be familiar with any applicable client code of conduct if working on a client site– Know who their Ethics Officers are, how to contact them and how to direct colleagues to our Ethics reporting

facilities if required– Understand and be able to articulate the Firm’s policies on Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery– Be prepared to share ethics resources including newsletters, training material and new policies with colleagues– Be a resource to assist JLL Ethics Officers investigating incidents or providing training on our Ethics Everywhere

program– Help clients understand JLL’s commitment to ethics and integrity.

Ethics Liaison Program

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We are working to expand JLL’s Ethics Liaison program and spread the ethics message to a wider audience, across client accounts and business groups globally. Participation in the program is steadily increasing, with a 33%+ growth realized in 2018.

Ethics Liaison Program

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4 Newsletters

Newsletters are distributed on a monthly basis, providing information and highlighting different ethics topics, which include a link to a video, a JLL case study and reference materials on the related ethics topic. Our newsletters are currently distributed to 223 recipients (up from 189 in 2017), comprised of Ethics Liaisons and business leadership. These are then distributed to a wider audience across the company.

5 Ethics Collateral

2018 distribution of ethics pocket cards, posters, post-its and screen wipes exceeded 7,000 pieces, not including items printed directly from our intranet site or sold on our webstore. Ethics posters encouraging ethical conduct and providing Helpline/Web reporting information are prominently displayed in JLL and LaSalle offices across the Americas, EMEA and APAC and where permitted at client sites where JLL employees are located.

3 Yammer Group

Our Ethics Liaison Yammer group is a site dedicated to supporting the firm’s Ethics Liaisons by serving as a resource for information and a forum for open discussion. Membership in our Yammer group increased to 176 members in 2018.

2 Communications

Communications are regularly distributed in a variety of channels to our Ethics Liaisons to share with their business teams. Messages may include links to articles, JLL policies and reference materials, white papers and/or our recommended best practices for addressing and responding to ethical issues.

1 Ethics Liaisons

Participation in our Ethics Liaison program is steadily increasing, with our Ethics Liaisons currently representing 68 client accounts and 26 business groups across the organization. We are working to expand the program globally across all regions, with a particular focus on Asia Pacific and EMEA.

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Ethics Liaison meetings are held on a quarterly basis. They include guest speakers from around the globe providing insights on a variety of topics and updates on ethics and compliance within JLL. Recent topics have included:• Ethics Trends• Ethics Liaison – Roles & Responsibilities Training• Fraud Awareness & Prevention• Strategies to Mitigate Risk• Global Legal Compliance • Anti-Money Laundering• Data Privacy and Cyber-Security • Anti-Bribery and Corruption• Case Study – Ethics Statistics- Asia Pacific• Recent Costs of Corporate Misbehavior• Enhancing Ethics and Civility in the Workplace


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CommunicationsEthics Collateral Distributions

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Post-it Note Pads

Ethics Cards

Newsletters Posters

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Our Ethics Everywhere posters have been translated into multiple languages. Our ethics posters are prominently displayed in corporate offices to promote ethics awareness and reporting. Through our Ethics Liaisons we also seek client permission to display them at client sites where JLL employees are located.


Ethics Collateral

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• Brazilian Portuguese• Canadian French• Chinese Simplified• Chinese Traditional• English• European French• German

• Indonesian• Japanese• Korean• Polish• Russian• Spanish• Thai

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Our Ethics Newsletters are published monthly, distributed to the Ethics Liaisons, and cascaded to colleagues globally. We measure and track our communications to ensure that we have a clear picture of how the Ethics Liaisons use the collaterals provided.

A key element of our newsletters is the incorporation case studies illustrating actual issues arising at JLL. These case studies enhance the message we are sending and are well received.



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January 2018 - Confidential InformationFebruary 2018 - BullyingMarch 2018 - Careful CommunicationApril 2018 - Modern SlaveryMay 2018 - Sexual HarassmentJune 2018 - Data Privacy & Security

July 2018 - PhishingAugust 2018 - Understanding & Preventing RetaliationSeptember 2018 - Social MediaOctober 2018 - Respecting OthersNovember 2018 - Third Party Risk ManagementDecember 2018 - Gifts & Entertainment

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We have compiled a variety of resources, which are posted on our Ethics Liaison team site, and available for immediate download by all JLL employees.

Resources include:• Newsletter archive;• White papers;• Program documents;• 2018 Ethics Liaison Training;• Meeting Materials; and• Our Library of Ethics Moments


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Ethics Everywhere Video Channels

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In Q2 2019 we will be working directly with the Corporate Solutions business globally to ensure that all global and regional IFM (Integrated Facilities Management) accounts identify and appoint Ethics Liaison during the transition period.

Once an account has an Ethics Liaison program in place, the account management is expected to ensure that a departing Liaison is quickly replaced.

This program has enabled us to meet the higher standards imposed on us by heavily regulated clients and by clients which have been subjected to scrutiny by the Department of Justice.

Partnership with Business

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Program Participation - 2018

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Regional Program Participation - 2018

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