BECOMING HUD APPROVED. Overview  Program Administration  Program...

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Transcript of BECOMING HUD APPROVED. Overview  Program Administration  Program...


  • OverviewProgram AdministrationProgram Goals and ObjectivesBenefits of HUD ApprovalApproval CriteriaHousing Counseling ResourcesQualificationsApplication Process*

  • Housing Counseling Program Objectives *Provide basic housing counseling servicesOutreach to potential first-time homebuyersEnable clients to become more knowledgeable about housing programsAssist renters to locate and qualify for assisted rental unitsHelp eligible homeowners obtain affordable housing Help homeowners avoid foreclosure or evictions

  • Housing Counseling Program Goals*

    Reduce losses to Single Family (SF) insurance fundReduce mortgage defaults and foreclosuresReduce losses to Multifamily (MF) insurance fund caused by rent delinquencies and evictionsIncrease Homeownership participationStabilize and Revitalize CommunitiesPromote Economic GrowthAssist homeless, renters, and potential and distressed homeowners

  • Benefits of HUD Approval*Eligible to apply for HUD Housing Counseling Grants

    Eligible for Community Development Block Grants through local governments

    Have access to a larger audience through HUDs web site/toll-free number

    Receive technical assistance and training from HUD

  • Other Benefits *Form partnerships with local municipalities or state agencies to administer housing programs

    Form partnerships with other housing industry members

    Apply for grants from other financial institutions, nonprofits, or local governments

  • Acquire 501 (C) (3) Tax Exempt StatusAcquire a 501 (C) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service if you do not already have one.It establishes a protective layer between your church, mosque, temple, etc; and provides the legal responsibilities associated with provision of social services.A 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit organization is a Business. It is operated according to sound business principles.*

  • *Why Plan?Will you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here? said Alice.

    That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, said the cat.

    I dont much care where, said Alice.

    Then it doesn't matter which way you go, said the cat.

  • Design a Housing Counseling PlanDevelop a comprehensive housing counseling and education program plan which includes:Type of services ProvidedExperienceStaffFacilities Budget Target Area*

  • Identify Your ResourcesApproval depends on how you demonstrate that you have adequate resources needed to run a successful Housing Counseling Program.Partnerships/Community ResourcesFunding Resources


  • Focus on Your CommunityHUD requires that you serve the community in which you are located. You must identify:Your area populationSocial economic Factors (NEED in Community)Racial & Ethnic make-up of the populationAge and condition of the housing*

  • Get StartedEvaluate your present program structure.Identify your outcomesDescribe anticipated results to be achievedWhat has changed because you were fundedSecure needed documentation.Have clear understanding of the process.Prepare to submit.*


    Notice of Approval. If the application package meets all requirements, HUD has the ability to approve an agency for a period of up to three years.

    HUD will advise the agency of its approval in the form of an approval letter to the agency's main office.



    Local/Multi-state applications:

    Atlanta Homeownership CenterAttn: Gayle F. Knowlson, DirectorSingle Family, Program Support Division40 Marietta Street, 9th FloorAtlanta, GA 30303Phone: 404 331-5001, ext. 2345

  • Contact InformationCarolyn Hogans, Branch ChiefPhone: (404) 331-5001 ext. 2129Email: [email protected]

    Tracy Fields, Housing Program Specialist Phone:404-331-5001 x2126Email: [email protected]

    Vivien King, Housing Program Specialist Phone: 404-331-5001 x2096Email: [email protected]*

    ***Notes: Being on HUDs website provides exposure for agencies.

    *Through the partnerships formed with municipalities and state agencies, it could lead to more funding opportunities for your agency. **Types of services: Homebuyer Education; Pre-purchase Counseling; Mortgage delinquency; Money Debt Management; Renters Assistance; Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Explain the HECM Roster Rule Experience: Track record is required (One year experience as Housing Counseling Agency and 50% of staff must have 6 months experience in the job they will perform).Facilities: Must be open during normal business hoursKnowledge: The agency's housing counseling staff must possess a working knowledge of HUD's housing and single family mortgage insurance programs such as FHA, other state and local housing programs available in the community.