Becoming Data Driven.. with Analytics!

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Presented by Mr Timo Josten, Co-founder of Sparkline, at ISS Seminar: Analytics for Enhanced Customer Experience on 9 May 2014.

Transcript of Becoming Data Driven.. with Analytics!

  • 1.Becoming Data Driven with Analytics! Timo Josten Managing Partner & Co-Founder Sparkline @strudelmeister [email protected]

2. "Organizations should be sure they are educated about big data opportunities in their industry to ensure they are not missing the boat. -Gartner, June 2013 understanding 'what is big data' is the top challenge for 15 percent of organizations 3. Digital Information Created 2013 Mobile subscribers 2013 6.8 B 2020 53 zettabytes Internet users worldwide 2013 2.7 B 2020 5 B 2020 10 B >2,700 exabytes 4. +$20 Billion through Mobile in 1013 Candy Crush has 66m daily actives eBook sales almost DOUBELD in 2012 PSY heads to almost 2 Billion views Consumer Transformation 5. The Connected Consumer 6. Multi Touch Consumer Behavior Source: April 2013 7. Connecting products to the Web will be the 21st century electrification. The Internet of Things 8. What to do? TWO basic ways to impact your online presence: Improve your Website Drive more traffic to your Website Improve your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 9. It used to be Simple 10. Between the dawn of civilization and 2003, we only created five exabytes of information Now were creating that amount every two days. -Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google 11. Big Data Is A Business Strategy Im not interested in data; Im interested in translating data into information for decision making. . . So you take data, you turn it into information, you apply it, and you make better decisions because you know more than anybody else. I think thats real power and that was our hidden advantage for years. Leonard Schaeffer, Retired CEO, Wellpoint 12. Interest in analytics is growing YoY 13. Most Companies We Speak to Today: Are you collecting data? Is someone dedicated to looking at that data on a daily basis? Are they recommending actions in response? Do they have a voice within your organisation? 14. ..when companies inject data and analytics deep into their operations, they can deliver productivity and profit gains that are 5 to 6 percent higher than those of the competition. -McKinsey Quarterly March 2013 Profitability & Growth Is Possible 15. Shoes of Prey 16. Interpreting Intelligence 17. 10% increase in sales 18. Insights In Action: Amari Hotels 45% Increase In Sales 0% Budget Increase 19. Paid Search Paid Display 20. Attribution Modeling Working closely with Sparkline Analytics we harnessed new attribution models with Google Analytics' Attribution Modeling Tool, enabling us to truly optimize our marketing mix and resulting in a significant increase in bookings. - Chetan Patel, Vice President, Strategic Marketing & E-Commerce, Onyx Hospitality Group Online Booking Increase by 45% Display Spend increase 7- 17% 21. Can someone help me? 22. Media Button 23. Button: 1. Sign Up 2. Learn More 3. Join Us Now 4. Sign Up Now Media: 1. Get Involved Image 2. Family Image 3. Change Image 4. Baracks Video 5. Springfield Video 6. Sams Video 24 combinations tested. 24. Experimentation Results 25. $500m raised online 26. No one tests the depth of a river with both feet. - African Proverb Data Driven Decision Maker 27. 28. Understand Your Customer! AUDIT: Take Full Data Ownership1 BUILD: Create a Data Strategy ANALYZE & TEST! 2 ITERATE Become a Data Driven Decision Maker 3 29. Create Simplicity, Empower Teams, Drive Results Measurement & Evaluation Performance Analysis & Insights Training & Support Testing & Understanding 30. Landing pages +me on Google+ @STRUDELMEISTER