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Becoming a networked organisation : Case presentation on the implementation of Yammer at GS1 Australia. KM Singapore 2012, 9th iKMS Conference. Exploring the Frontiers of KM, 6th September 2012.

Transcript of Becoming a networked organisation (2012)

  • 1. GS1 Australia 2012AustraliaBecoming a networkedorganisationKM Singapore 2012Nicky Hayward-Wright

2. GS1 Australia 2012Background2 3. GS1 Australia 2012The approach3People Purpose Pathway Planning Persistence Change Management Toolkit 2011 4. GS1 Australia 2012Understand your peopleSocial communicationand collaboration toolsKnowledge base 5. GS1 Australia 2012Socialmediareadiness5 Create Converse Critique Collect Join Spectate Inactive 6. GS1 Australia 2012Purpose6 7. GS1 Australia 2012PathwayLink with related strategies7Short, mid and long term goalsGovernanceRoll out planMonitoring and adapting 8. GS1 Australia 2012Goals8 9. GS1 Australia 2012Roles &Responsibilities9 10. GS1 Australia 2012Digital behaviour10 11. GS1 Australia 2012Information governance11 12. GS1 Australia 201212GroupManagement 13. GS1 Australia 2012What When Where13Type YammerYammergroupYammerdirectmailIntranet email AXF-2-F(Phone)General update Suggestion Idea Problem to solve Request for help Group updates Project updates Formalannouncement Formal document Confidential Specific action 14. GS1 Australia 2012PlanningManagement endorsement & engagementLicencingGovernanceUser engagement (existing and new)External network pilotCommunicationTrainingMonitoring & adapting14 15. GS1 Australia 2012Persistence15 16. GS1 Australia 201216Persistence 17. GS1 Australia 201217 18. GS1 Australia 201218CreditsReferencesSverdlov, G. (2012). Global social technographics update 2011: US and EU mature,emerging markets show lots of activity [blog] 4 January 2012. Retrieved from:, B. (2010). When will we work out loud? Soon! [blog] 29 November 2010.Retreived from: following images have been used with permission: Content + Conversation, Susan Gautsch, Pepperdine University, GraziadioSchool of Business and Management. How warmly are you engaged on Yammer , Susan Gautsch, PepperdineUniversity, Graziadio School of Business and Management. P5 , Michelle Lambert, Change Management Toolbox. Uncertainty Other images via Microsoft Clip Art or author prepared. 19. GS1 Australia 2012AustraliaContact DetailsNicky Hayward-WrightSenior Advisor, Knowledge ManagementGS1 AustraliaM: + 61 417 404 427E: nicky.hayward-wright@gs1au.org!/nickyhw