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  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Sparkling Jewelry for(;

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    ~a~;II!It. -

    Addsparkle to

    i01J5 beaded ieuetrv pins an dpendantsEveryone will want to kJIOW

    where you boughl. that stunningpin, and when they fir1d out youmade it , friends and relatives willbe asking {hal familiar question"Will you make one for mer

    J hope you enjoycreating your own ~p"l:l/""'-L.ieueuv conecuon. [r-

    rOt a color wtalog featuring Over2(}D terrific 'How-To ' books, seed $3.00 10CAIALOGDesign Originals

    D ept. (-I, 2425 CL JI1n 51 , F I W orth , rx J6](17or visit wwwd-ortgtuets.ccmC : : O P ' Y P ! : H l l 1 1 S ~ J O r . l - y~ rn~y(Op)'o;,.r p r L I ( o ( 1 ) p 1 ' ft.!t~~rll~i~~lIi~ boek ter [lEmma' U!~ ~r 1m.IIk~ II~m~ ~(I~ell rorp ill m o oc l( . Y o Uo dO ,~ ~1 h & .. .. .a .TW 1 'l 'l! !~ lo :m l et ~el. I I' .e I )~ I'I~m~, When)'Oll ~rnplll)'h~l!;l.rJla.l:l~G II~m$ O't mah mere~ hil ll l~ l! l n ll, YO L J I jil \" t! .e ,: .:c ee de dt hl ~ I Ie M ll s$ 1( 11 1lN Ff.lR MilTIO N - .o .U lJ oo k rl~ h's ~re re :se rv e:l. 1 ' 4 1 ) ~niM5~ peuems. d~~ls. proj~~s cr ",' r1 I!En !r lOl I1lUl() llg Il l/l )'ue I'q )roo~~oo In ah)' j1Jolni. L H _; I~ II 0 r1 gin 31 $, $ 1J ;; an n oe -~ 1~ ~1 !I 1J .1 .I 61 llJ ~e N , m l'C lf llr A ~l llo Jo Ti , , :I iu la lr n a n) ' e nd ~ IIJI~,bLI~l,\'o:>ru~~atisr~ttl)J'}' rH~LL:;. MoanICllnIII a produ~1~~~ Ul!~e I'llme I~ a ittl)l " > \'o'j,b m ) ;r"_~n~;"" ~ !"jrill~~ml!J'IDb'9nl~C"l'I'lradelll.9_r~,

    by Delores Frantz.

    Simple and Snazzy'Sparkling and Dazzling!Jeuieiry You'll Adore!

    A dazzlin.g collection of jewelry pieces! Buttertiies. bees, flow-ers, snowflakes and more ... all with a sparkling new loof?.1 You 'itlove the unique cotor combinations, glitter and placement schemesThese: intricate designs are amazingly easy to make.

    Start-Io-fini;:;h steps, simple instructions and ittustratea guides.Supplies

    18 o r 20 heavy gauge wire. . . . . , 1 : ; ~ e O J ~~;~i)au_~ewire bugle beads deeomtiv beads

    crystal beads pin backs Toofsf Wil,I Wire jig pegs fo r jig wire cutters'-= ...JI jeweler 's pliers

    Basic InstructionsInsert pegs in a Jig following the diagram. Wraj) 18 Or-20 heavy gall~t':

    wire around the pegs. When the diagram requires a conttnuous wire to (Orm MIinside and outside frame, stack the second layer 01wir-e on top otthe firsflayet;

    Before removing "Wire frame from the jig, t-emporarily secure allpo!!]t$. where wires stack with 26 or 28 thin gauge wire, Carefully remove frame:from jig (11,(1 tightly wrap thtn wire around each joint to secure if permanently

    Wrap a piece of 26Or 28thin gauge wire around the edge ol the fl-"(lITIe'Thread a fe w beads on the other end otthe wire fJlJOpress beads ngamst thframe, inserting the short wire end inside the beads. Thread on the requirednumber of beads. Add or subtract beads to make beads ril the frame. Securebends by wrapping wire around the frame edge twice.

    To start the next row of beads. bring wire across the back ol Iremeand bend it up- over the edge of frame, Avoid IIfrappil'lgll'ire too tight or theframe will become misshapen

    Add beads to each side of a row 01 beads. to stablhae the row. Attachthin gauge wire to frame. Thread on a bead. Bring wire be-tween 2 beads andwrap it ar01.JII(j the ftrst wire, Attach wire to the opposite sid of frame.

    To tie off, bend wife over the lrame and wrap several ttmes or thread thewire end into beads to hide n. Wire a bar pjn OJ'glue a tack pin to the back oflreme. Pins can also become a necklace. Thread beads Of! beadtng wire, add aclasp and attach pin 10 necktece with a jump ring.

    2 00 4 D E:.S IG N O R IG IN A LS 1 > , / Suwnn" Mc.Neil l , 21 25 C uuen SI, F ort W orth , T("J:iJ5 1 61 07 , U .s.A ., 81 7-81 7--0007 ;. w ww d-cn gtn als.ccm1 mad Delights

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Basic Steps

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Outside Wings

    4 Bead Delights

    < D i Z z yDr~GDf!yThe dragonfly motif is

    always popular. made evenmOre destrabte in stunningpink crystalsACTUAL SIZE3 1 / ' 1 " acro ss the w ingsfI.'lATERIALS:P ln k B ead s (P earl see d, lO mm ro un dfer h ead, 1 2rn m r e ct ang le ( 01 'body , 10asso rted lo r tail, four ~'!I" 01'011fOrwings, thirty-nine amm blcone) G un melal w ire (1 8 o r 2 0 h eav y gaug ean d 2 6 o r 2 8 th ill g allge ) t :y~~Bar p inbackTIPS:Leave 6 " ta ils at th e beg in n ing and end

    cllreme.S ecure fram e at th e ce nte r w he re th ew ire s c ro ss.Af te r b ea din g t he w in gs , bring wiretails to ge th er an d th re ad o n th ebody an d h ead be ads

    Fold body down against the cen ter ofdragonUy.S ep ar ate th e w ire e nd s < HI dco li tofo rm a nte nn a,B end a loop in one end of a 6 " w ire .

    Thread on ta il beads.Inse rt th e o the r n d of wi re t hr o ug hme body bead, w rap betw een th eh eed an d body and bend to back .

    COfL lin ~J -E ! th e ln std e \V in gs

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    BI~u.:Jl and gold defineelegance. Grace your special'evening wear with this tooe-ly bee. It is sure to snatchthat "little black dress ",

    ACTUAL S IZ E2 -:3 -/4 "C rOSS tile w in gsMAIERI.~LSBeads (80 C rystal rochan le , I Blacklemm round, 6 Black Bmm fa ceted, 6Yellow 8mm btcone , 2 frosted W hile:}'4" re ctan gle) B rass wire (18 or 20heavy gauge and 26 or 28 th in gauge) :} '4 " B ar pin bac kTIPS,Fold 1 0 " piece of w ire in half 10 formbotto m o f bee body.Sh ap e bo dy OJ ) th e jig le av in g 6 ' tails

    OIl t he l .- .e ~ iT1ni ng gild end.Twist w ire tails to ge th er an d th readon the head beadCoil wire ends 10 form an ten na .Bead the body and wings.Wi re w ings 10 th e ba ck of body .


    o 000 0 0 0 0 000 000000 0 00000o 000 0000000 00000000 000000000000000000000 000 000000000 0000 000000000 00000o 0 Q 00 0000 000000000 000 0000 0000 000 0000000 000000 0 o. 000000 0 000.00000 000 000000000 00000000 00. 00000 000000 0000 0a 0 000000 a ao 0 0a 0000 000000 a 00Q 00000000 0o 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 000000000000000000000 00000000 0 a 0000000

    Bead Delights 5

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Add some fun 10your day with (his tancltut fish Ifgoldfish are mOn::! your style, change the colors!How about adding a Bluegill to your collection?ACTUAL SIZE; 31/2" from head to tailMATERIALS; L ime Green Beads (Seed beads, th irteen 6mrn btcone, 58 bugle , ten 6mm oval) Ebeads (Bleck , K elly Green , L imeGreen. Pale Gold. Yellow ) Brass w ire (18 or 20 heavy glluge ilJld 25 or 28 thin gauge) 3/'1" B ar p in back

    fillS an d Tail Continue the f~s-h Body

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Lei your patriotic spirit sporktewitb tttls beaded Amen-can Flag. Itmotees a great 'first project' tosworking wah beads and wire

    ACTUAL SIZE: 21/8" acrossM .tITR IALS Beads (36 B lue 4mm bicone , 69 R ed 4mmsquare, 5 5 Crys ta l Boeads) ~ Braes w ire (18 o r20 heavy gauge and 2G Or 28 thin gauge)

    Basic Instructions:L lneen pegs in Wild Wire Jlg following thedagram. W rap 18 or 20 heavy gauge wirearo un d tbe p ~gs_ w he n a diagram re quire s acom muous wire to form an inside and ou tsidef ra m e, sla ck th e se co n d la ye r 0 1 w ire o n to p o !th e first layer.2 , B elo re rem ov ing th e wire fr am e fr om j ig,remporartly secure all points where wiresstack with thin glI.ll~ wi re . C a r e fu ll y r emovefra m e t-o rn jig a nd tig htly wrap th in g au ge wirearound joint to permanently secure u ,3, W rOlp a I;i~ lece or Ib in g au ge w ire a rou ndth e e dge o f fram e. T hre ad a le w be nds OD th eother en d 0 1 wire and press beads aga inst thefram in se rtin g th e sh or t w ir e e nd in aide th ebeads. Th read on the requ ired num ber 01beads. Add or subtract beads tn make beadslit th e fram e, Secure beads oy wrapD irlg wirearound the flame edge twtce.4, H.l sta rt th e n ext 1 "(11 '/0 1b ea ds, b ril lg w ir em ': f0 3S t he back o f fra m e and bend il IIp overthe edge 01 fram e. Avoid wrappirlg wire to ot ight o r th e fram e will beco me nnssbapen .5 , Add becds to each side 01 "t~OW of beads tostablh ze th ercw AUad1 tn il1 g auge WL l'e o th elram e.Th reed 01) a bead Brin g wire between 2beads (Ina wrap it a rou nd th e H rst w ire. A ttac hwlre 1 0 t he o pp osn e sid e o f fram e .6, To Lie off. bend wire over lrame an d wrapseveral times or thread WIn ; endsuo beads toh ide. W ire bar pin or g lee rack pin to back off rame. f ' l ! l ~ can 0 3 1 : 5 . 0 becom e a necklaceThread beads on beading wire, add a c laspan< l a ttach pin 10 necklace w ith a jum p rin g

    l, Shape heavy wtrearound [he pegs on a jig .


    2. Wmp th in w ire aroundthe unbeaded wire fram eto secure th e sh ape.

    3.Hook wire over the edge01 f rame. Thread 2-3 beads,lnserung the short end ofwire in side beads to h ide

    4. Wrap wire ncrnss theback or frame to sta rt a

    8130(/ Dl3lighls

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    \Vire Pattern

    This tree gfistens in the sunlightof a new spring day 'Wearlng tnispin is sore (Q make (my day brlgMer.A CT UA L SIZ E, 3'1'" tall trueMATE~IALSI Green fro sted leaf beads A sso rted G re enbeeds, 20 gi3.U~BBrass wire i'4~ Bar pin backNOTE ,This design is Ireeform, not on a jigTIPSC ut se ve n 6 ~ pie ce s 01 wire .H old w ires together and tw ist for onelnchLeave I" untwisted at the end of wires. Wfaptru nk w ith h ea vy g au ge wlre.Spread and coll ends to form the roots.Spread branches, th read on beads end co il th e

    ends to secure all beads

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Capture the glittering colors of Autumn with this lovely Oaf? leaf pin .. beautiful all year long.ACTUAL SIZE: 33/4" long leafMATER lA LS : Be ao s ( 32 Top az 4mm fa cete d, 2 9Da rk Rub y 4 fE ln llaceted.a Topaz 6mm la cete d.z T cp aa Smm fa cete d, 5 T op az la rg eoval) C opper w tre (18 o r 20 hea v y g a u ge a rid 2 -Go r 2 8 th in ~ a u ge ) :y~"B 'I l p in back

    Frame for Leaf

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Even if you don'thave S/iOW where youfive, you can enjoy itsdazzling white withthis stunning beadedsnowflake.

    This pin would alsomake a gorgeous sullcatcher O( a sparklingholiday ornament.ACTUAL SIZE31/4" acrossMATERIALSC r ys ta l B e ed s ( ro cb at ne . nine-teenSmmbrcone, 1 8 [.beads)S ilv er ....ire (18 o r 20 heavygauge an d 26 o r 28 thin gauge)t : } ' 4 ' " Bar pin backTIPS,Wr ap w ir e a n d ro ch an le b ea dsa cr os s t he center 01 the

    snowflake fram e from onei ll oe rU lo n t o t he o th e r.B rin g w ir e t o t he c en te r.Thread : J . E be ad s a rid 3 b rc on ebeads on eac h sn owfla kearm.

    W rall rcchellle beads betweenlh elask le e nd o utsid efrnme.

    W ire I btco ne bead to th ecenter .

    1 0 Bead DelliJhlsIn side F ram e Cenunue the Ou tslde F ram e

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    TIns necklace shines wilh all the radianceyou would expect trom an Qf lgeJ.ACTUAL SIZE : 21/2" acrossMATERIALS :B ea ds (C ry st al seed , Light Blue seed, IOmm P ink for head, 4Ught B lue8m rn btcone, 12 Crystal8mm blcone, 15 Ligh t B lue4 mm blco ne , 37 C rystal Vl" bugle , 37 C rystal E -~ads) Silver wire (IS or 20 heavy gauge and 26 or 28 tn tn gauge) tNy lo n b ea din ,g th re ad . L o bs te r c law c la st:, s et ~ 2 S ilv er b ea dc n m p s s 7 1 1 1 r n Sliver J u m p r io gTIPS :"'11Ike wings and body separately wlth heavy gauge wire.Bring wlre ends Oil body to ge the r and th read o n head beadC o l l wrre 1 - 0 m a k e ha ll' and bead coils down LO secure head

    bead, Al t ach W illgS 10 body with thin g'luge wire10 m ake halo, shape heavy wire in to a circ le. Ihreed 011seed

    beads. A lla(h 10 w ings w ith th in gauge WiT ! !For necklace, use acnm p bead to attach a c lasp to beadingthre ad. Th read o n E beads an d bugle beads, A ttach th e

    second portion of c lasp to beading Thread with a beadclamp.A ttac h th e-a ng el to n eck lac e w ith a lump rin g.

    HaloCut 3~ 01 20 gi:lUgewire. Thread 2" ofcrystal s ee d b ea ds .F orm in to o rc le .twist e nd s t og et he r

    Angel Body

    An ge l W i ng sBeadDelights II,

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Accent any outfit with the luster of Gold in this Star pin. Make one 10 match every outfit, or dressup this stor in holiday colors and let it shine from your tree.ACTUAL SIZE : 23/4'. acrossMATER IALS: Amber Beads (Seed, fifly3mm blcone, five emm square, five 6mm faceted)' Brass wire (18 or 20 heavy gaug~ and 25 or28 th in gauge) :y~~Bar p t n uackTIPS: Bri;Jg5 wires with seed beads and 3m rn blcooes across center cl frame m eettcg at cen ter. Use faceted, square and brcone beadsto Iorm each ann

    Ou ts id e F rame12 Bead De/ig/lis

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    This project exudesclassical refinement.Wrought in Cold andWhite, {he centred dimen-siona! crystals providethe texture needed co bat-once the delicate exteriorof ttre piece.ACTUA L S IZ E:2 1 / ' 1 . " acrossMATERIALS :C ry sta l B ea ds (roc ha tlle, 15 E -beads, six lOm m btcone) B rasswire (1S or 20 heavy gauge and26 'Or 28 thin gauge) :Y , " Ba rpln backTIPS:Use one con tinuous w ire toform th e inside cross.Con tmue followirlg th e d ia gra mto m ake th e o u ts id e c ro s s.W ire the inner and cu ter c ross-es together at indentat ions.A t c en ter of c ross w ra p w ire

    between blcone beads andaro un d w ire to fo rm sidearms.Usin g roch ellle beads, beadbetween t he in n e r a nd o u te r

    C~OS6e$A dd c en te r b ea ds.

    00000000000000000. a 000000000000000000Q 0 0 a 0 0 0 000 0

    00000 0000000000000 0000000000 000000o 00000.00000 a 000000 000 000

    000 0 0000o . 0 . . 0 0 .0000000 00000000000 a 00000 000000 0000000000000 0 0 000o 0 0 a 0 a 000 0 a00000 a 0 Q 00 a 0

    00000 000000000 a 0 a 00 a 00000000 000000000 000 a 000 000000000000000000.0. 000000000000000000

    I ns id e F ram e C on tin ue th e O utsid e F ra m eBead Delight$

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Outside Bodyead Delights

    If red is your color;this is t n e project for youWear tills dolt CISa neck-lace or brooch, or displayyour artwork ill yourhome,ACTUAL SIZE : 41 / 2 " tal lMATERIALSBeads (Red bugle. 5 R ed 10111111blcone, 9; R oo 4mm bicone, 3 RedIt.f star, 2 h ie Peach lk" o val fo rhands, ~" Pale Peach round fo rh ead) B rass w tre (l.8 o r 2 0 h eav ygauge and 25 or 28 thm gauge) t 3Gold head p ins ' i 1 J " SunburstcharmTIPS,Make body 01'1 a jig. Leave 6 " tails

    at beg inn ing and end.Th read wtre ta ils th rough a bendtor th e h ea d.C -o il ea ch w ir e tallln d splralIom ak e h atr .Thread eye p ins th rough beads to

    fo rm the dang les. Form [oopson the top end. Use [oops toat tach da ng le s to th e body.

    C on tin ue A rm s an d Inside Body

  • 8/6/2019 Beading Bead Delights


    Basic Steps forRed Sun Goddess

    1. Bend wire tails aroundneck joint to secure.

    2. Twist wire together abov-eneck.

    3. Thread head bead ontowires.

    Tbl .s pretty flower pin could easily convert to a necklace by uuach-iug each leaf to a chain. Or, wire a flower stem to it, and crecre yourown beautiful flower bouquet.

    ACTUALSIZL3 1 / t o " acrossMATERIALS,B eads (G reen bu gle, R edseed, 10 R ed !Ontm blcone,1( 1 R etl B beads. 2 '1 G re en e .beads) Copper wire (18 Or20 heavy g a u g e and 26 or 28th in gauge) 4" Bar pin backTIPS,U sillg I C Q lllil1 L!a j w ire , m e ke

    1 0 petals.Shape jnto a c ir cle , S ec ur ewith thin gauge wlre,Mak e le av e s s ep ar ate ly a ndwire to b a < : k of flower.C oil w ire lo r the cen te r o ff lower,

    Jig Patterns lor Flowers and Leaves.Make 10 lcccs for Flower . Make 2 reeves