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Horizons Chapter 6, BC History, Vancouver, Gastown, Oppenheimer, Gold Rush

Transcript of BC to 1896

  • 1. To join or not to join, that was the question BC & CONFEDERACY
  • 2. Governor Seymour a cat person
  • 3. A little background On August 6, 1866 the two colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia were joined together as British Columbia Governor Seymour (Seymour St?) was leader of the new colony The Government was a Legislative Council of 23 members, of which only 9 were elected. Not yet a responsible government
  • 4. Union of the Colonies Despite the fact that the two colonies were now united, they still have considerable problems: a declining population no further subsidies from England the government had run out of credit continued threat of annexation by the Americas A more permanent solution was needed.
  • 5. Confederation Debate John A Macdonald had a dream of Canada stretching from coast to coast, and many in BC supported his dream. There were 3 views towards Confederation: 1. Those strongly in favour, hoping Canada would send the railway across to the West Coast, and help pay for BCs outstanding debts 2. Those against who wanted BC to remain a loyal British colony. The rest of Canada was simply too far away 3. Those in favour of joining the US, which would be a bigger market for BCs natural resources
  • 6. Governor Seymour dies Buried with his favourite cat, Lil Bub Replaced by Anthony Musgrave, with specific instructions from the British Colonial Office Get BC to join Canada as quickly as possible. Annexationists were only able to get 125 signatures on a petition to join USA Musgrave worked with those against joining confederation, and had their reasons for resistance changed into proposals, which Canada agreed to. July 20, 1871 BC joins Canada
  • 7. Granville, Gastown, Vancouver (TerminalCity) Vancouver was originally the site of the Hastings Sawmill which opened in 1865 Home to many First Nations, who fished and hunted in the area Became known as Gastown, when Gassy Jack arrived at the mill, and decided to open a saloon (happily built and opened within 24 hours) Port Moody had been chosen as the terminus city for the CPR, but was not suitable because it was not a deep water port.
  • 8. Oppenheimer Park, Vancouver BC
  • 9. David Oppenheimer Helped ensure that Vancouver became the terminal city for the CPR Why would being the terminal city be important? Oppenheimer offered land in Vancouver to William Van Horne In 1885, The CPR had reached Vancouver
  • 10. CPR Station in Vancouver, 1901 Next to the docks Awaiting the Royal Train
  • 11. Chinese Workers 1881, CPR is faced with a labour shortage and hires 17000 + Chinese immigrants to work on the railway Treatment of the Workers? After the railway is finished, they could not afford to return to China. Settled in different cities, and faced discrimination and prejudice.
  • 12. Chinatown - today