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2. Basque Pilota Basque pilota isthe general nameof many sportsplayed especially in the basquecountry and allover the world. There are manydifferent sorts. 3. Esku pilota (hand ball) 4. A match 5. Herri kirolak : country sportsIn the Basque country they are many very old sports. People have to showtheir strength and their ability. They were jobs that with time have becomesports. 6. Herri kirolak video 7. Rugby :Rugby is a very important sport in the north Basquecountry. They are many different teams but the biggestare :BAIONAMIARRITZE 8. Trainerua : trawlerIt also started as a job, and the goal was to go as fast as possible to be the firstfisherman or to bring big boats to the port. 9. Surfing :On the Basque coast surfing is a very popular sport andit was one the first places in Europe where it appeared.