Basic Search Engine Optimization tutorial

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Basic this slide share overall what is seo? How analysis our website and basic search engine optimization process.

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  • 1.Search Engine Optimization ON Page Optimization OFF Page Optimization Social Media Optimization

2. ON Page Optimization URL Structure 100 Characters Hyphens to separate words Hyphens to separate words Lower case letters Use StopWords - a,b,c &,@,#,(,> 3. ON Page Optimization HeaderTags in SEO H1Tag Search Engine MoreWeight Should beTop of the Page Content Help what Page About Reader H2,H3, H4,H5,H6. User For Meta Keywords 4. ON Page Optimization AltTag (Image) Avoid Stuffing Keywords Alt attribute is for search engine crawler Use the Null Alt attribute for Spacer Images or Decorative Images 125 Characters 5. ON Page Optimization Site speedTest 4 Sec Maximum Reduced Speed our website FollowingTools 6. ON Page Optimization MetaTitle tag 50 60 Characters Relevancy, Browsing, Search Engine Results Pages Title DisplayTool 7. ON Page Optimization Meta Description tag 150-160 Characters User click-through from SERPs engines/metatag-analyzer.html Description displayTool 8. OFF Page Optimization Search Engine Submission Google, Bing,Yahoo, Ask, AOL EX Site : Search engines Robots automatically Crawling each page through web URL ,Title 9. OFF Page Optimization Directory Submission Getting more Traffic flow to your websites and Improve the search engine crawling Target specific keywords or key phrases using directory submissions Is to create back links to a website Submit Search Engine Friendliness web directories URL ,Title,Description,keywords 10. OFF Page Optimization Social Bookmarking URL ,Title,Description,keywords Its a great traffic-boosting search engine optimization strategy because its easy, effective and trendy I want to share some useful tip SEO link building campaign Before submission, try to create full profile with your image and company URL Tagging is very important to improve your submission crawling rate Submit High Page Rank Submission get MoreTraffic 11. OFF Page Optimization Article Article submission is the way to promote your website and link that produces real results URL ,Title, Unique Description Use full article Rewrites tools 12. OFF Page Optimization Blog Creation Blogger (Google) ,Blog (word press) Publish Regularly Use Long-Tail Keywords Encourage Comments DoYour Keyword Research Create URL this structure (G) (W) 13. Social Media Optimization Face book Friends,Likes,Share,Groups, Comments Normal Account Create Page Like Brand Name Share Comments ( No. Of Likes, Followers ) Friends Followers 14. Social Media Optimization Twitter No .ofTweets Followers Following Useful for URL StructureThisType Brand Name No .of ReTweets Participation Treading Concepts Followers 15. Social Media Optimization Google+ Normal Account Create Page Friends,+,Share,Groups, Comments ( Customers, Have you in Circles ) Have you in Circles +s Share Comments Brand Name 16. Social Media Optimization Pint rest Friends,Pins,Followers,boards Boards Useful for URL StructureThisType Pins Share Like Brand Name Create No. Of our products 17. Back LinkTool Google Page Rank CheckTool SiteTrafficTool Web site PagesVisibility Evolution of our product (Traffic) (Crawling) 18. SEO Basic Sites