Base Seminar: Agile Selling with Jill Konrath

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On May 28th, Jill Konrath joined Base in an online seminar about her brand new book, Agile Selling. The above slides were used to pull out the important takeaways from the seminar. The full 30 minute seminar is now available on demand at

Transcript of Base Seminar: Agile Selling with Jill Konrath

  • P R E S E N T E D B Y B A S E C R M

    Agile Selling with Jill KonrathHow to become an overnight sales expert in todays ever-changing sales world

    !Date: May 28, 2014


    Jill KonrathAuthor of Agile Selling


    Speaker Consultant

    Thought Leader

  • Salespeople are busy people

    Craig Wortmann!

    Always on their list to learn:

    The product The industry The buyer New sales technology The economy


    A salesperson always needs to bring new ideas, new insights and new information to the table.

  • The Agile Seller

    Craig Wortmann! An agile seller is somebody who can quickly

    learn new tasks so they can be productive. !

    Learning agility is one of the key indicators of success in any career.

  • Important factors in the purchase decision

    Craig WortmannMost important factors according to salespeople:

    Pricing Brand Product


    Most important factors according to buyers:

    Interaction with the salesperson

  • Getting-better goals > performance-based goals

    Craig WortmannPerformance-based goals Discouraging Too much of a stretch


    Getting-better goals

    Achievable Move you towards your end goal

  • Understanding WHO you are selling vs WHAT you are selling

    Craig Wortmann The need to understand the buyer and

    situation is more important than the benefits or features of the product


    If you dont understand how a buyer is handling their problem you have nothing to compare your product to.

  • You are probably using LinkedIn the wrong way

    Craig Wortmann Dont build your profile for your future HR manager. (Unless you need a new job) !

    Write your profile so that your prospective customer will look at you as a valuable potential resource.


    Jill [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • Thanks for joining us [email protected]