Baroque Art

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Transcript of Baroque Art

Baroque Art


Baroque Art

A combination of religious, political and intellectual developments and ideas

Strays from purely religious subjects New role of science

CaravaggioItalian Painter

Late Renaissance/ Early BaroqueRealism= Naturalism Sacred objects depicted in contemporary low life Dramatic lighting influence Baroque school of painting

Chiaroscuro= Tenebrismshift from light to dark with little in between

The Calling of St. Matthew

St. Thomas Believes

The Lute Player

RembrandtDutch Painter & Etcher Specializes in portraits of his contemporaries, self portraits & images from the Bible Taught many important Dutch painter

Rembrandt 3 Self-Portraits

Tenebrism/Chiaroscuro & Deep Background Shadows

Biblical Illustrations 1. The Archangel Leaving Tobias 2. The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen 3. Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Portraits of Friends & Contemporaries 1. Jan Six- Wealthy Friend of Rembrandt 2. Artemis 3. Portrait of an old man with a helmet

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Characteristics of Baroque Sculpture: -Movement, Twisting Bodies -Artists Freed the Figure from the marble -Emotion is Evident

1. Apollo & Daphne 2. David

Bernini -Italian Sculptor -Contemporary of MichaelangeloBerninis Damned Soul

1. St. Peters Throne in St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City 2. The Rape of Proserpina 3. Canopy over the altar of St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City