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My life as a paranoid schizophrenic

Barney Stinson: Narcissistic Personality disorder

What is narcissistic personality disorder?It is a mental disorder in which the sufferer has a strong feeling of self importance.Full of themselvesLack of awareness for others

How is it caused?There are no known direct causes of this disorderIt could be a combination of many things such as childhood trauma, stress, special treatment as a child, overprotective parents, or other strange events

How is it treated?Group TherapyIn Barneys case, his friend group has interventionsOne on one group therapy sessionsCertain medication

StatisticsThere are fewer than 200,000 cases in the United States each yearMost common for people between the ages of 19-40It can not be cured, but it can be treatedKnown as a chronic disorder, can last for years or a lifetime

More statistics

Other Famous people with this disorderSimon CowellAdolf HitlerElvis PresleyAlec BaldwinKanye West Donald Trump

Are people afflicted with this disorder dangerous?They are not dangerousThey will most likely have a selfish attitudeMore likely to annoy you with their attitude or actions than hurt you

Can people live normally with narcissistic personality disorder?Narcissistic personality disorder does not affect the ability to liveHowever some symptoms of this disorder can affect the number of friends or relationships you have

How does this disorder affect me, barney stinson?I cannot form close relationships with womenWhen I do get close to a woman it usually ends badlyMy friends tell me that I treat women poorly which I dont find trueApparently Im afraid of commitment

How do my friends interpret my actions?Lily says that The Playbook is ridiculous and it doesnt work. That is completely untrue. The Playbook gets results.I know Marshall and Ted support me 100% even though they tell me Im grossRobin sometimes respects in public and sometimes she tells me Im human trash

How I ruin young girls livesThe Playbook is one of my sacred texts.It allows me to cleverly get a girl to hook up with meIt is geniusThere are so many plays like: The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, The Scuba Diver, The Weekend at Barneys, and many more

The Playbook at work

How I affect my friends livesI make their lives a million times more awesome.I try to get them to suit up or play laser tag, but theyve been lame for so long Every once in awhile I get Marshall and Ted to accompany me to The Lusty LeopardOne time Ted and I licked the Liberty BellMost of the time these guys are selfish with their time and dont hang out with me

Adventures with my friends

Reasons Im a narcissist according to LilyI hook up with girls and I never call them againI have no feelings for womenI am the devilI have a playbookIm selfishI dont give to charity which is the most untrue sometimes I hookup with a 4 or 5 just to throw them a bone

Fun times

Why Im amazingI know magic (I went to the Magicians Institute of Teanick and got a perfect score on the Advanced Card Tricks).Im richI wear suitsI always smell amazingI know Lily might say this backs up her hypothesis of me being a narcissist, but I dont care. Im legend-wait for it-dary.

How the girls I hookup with think of meI dont really remember any of theyre names, but who caresI told one girl that I was actually Ted Mosby and then I slept with her and then I left and she got mad a made the website www.tedmosbyisajerk.comI went camping with one girl and I snuck out of the tent and stole her truck and left her there. When I saw her again I accidentally broke her and her fianc up. She was not a happy camperI left one crazy girl in an apartment I didnt own and she got arrested. When I saw her again she said she still loved me and it was all her fault

Part of Scrapbook of girls Ive slept with (Ive slept with like 300 women)

ConclusionPeople may not like me because of the symptoms of this disorder, but I dont careI think this disorder is what makes me awesomeI couldnt imagine my life being as boring as Marshall and Lilys or TedsIm proud of my disorder even though about all of the women of New York City hate me