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Mel MudinHacker Space#barcampkl 2009

Transcript of Barcamp Kl 0409 Hacker Space Kl

  • 1.Hacker Space KLMake the world a better place by making things togetherMeling spoonfork Mudin

2. Community-oriented physical space where people can meet and work on their projects 3. Noisebridge Hacker Space 4. Its almost a ght club for nerds Nick Bilton, NYC Resistor, http:/ 5. Hacker spaces are like YMCAs for geeks andnerdsEric Michaud, Pumping Station One, 6. Hacker space is like Barcamp on a daily basis @arzumy, 7. Hacker space is like Kemahiran Hidup, only more gangsterly 8. Kemahiran Hidup by Kohler, 9. A place for learning, teaching and createing 10. Mitch Altman shows a visitor how to solder at the Noisebridge 11. Its denitely better than your next door mamak 12. Having fun at the Metalab,Vienna 13. Who is a hacker?Maker, Geek, Coder, Crafter, Nerd, Artists, and Hacker - all are welcome 14. why do this? We have a great and talented community of geeks, nerds, artists, coders, makers, crafters and hackers - people who can learn, teach and create things We all want to make things, but dont have the tools, or the people to work together with We all want to learn something new 15. what do we need? An accessible location Enough paying members Volunteers to get YOUR hacker space up and running 16. who do we need? Location scout lead - Brian Ritchie Furnishing Equipment Finance Membership, PR and marketing and promotions System and web admin 17. coming up group.php?gid=140335785051 Ofcial webpage, wiki Blogsite Mailing list IRC Twitter