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Banish workplace anxiety from Stress in the workplace – Part 2 of 3

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It’s no secret that stress is a daily occurrence at work for many UK employees. According to, work-related stress caused a loss of 10.5 million working days in the UK in 2012, with each person suffering from stress taking 24 days off work.

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2. changeboard.comIts no secret that stress is a daily occurrence at work formany UK employees. According to,work-related stress caused a loss of 10.5 million workingdays in the UK in 2012, with each person suffering fromstress taking 24 days off work. 3. changeboard.comWhats stressing you out?In part 1 of our stress in the workplace series, we outlined the mostcommon stress profiles and asked our readers to share their workplaceworries and tips for managing anxiety.The denierThe ditherer The doer The decisionmaker 4. changeboard.comThe doerThe decision-makerStress profiles survey resultsThe dithererThe denier67.8%21.4%7.1% 3.5% 5. changeboard.comSurvey results stresscausesThese same respondents revealed their most common causes of stress are:Heavy workload53.6%Tight deadlinesBosses11.5%11.5%Coworkers19.2% 6. changeboard.comOn the hairiest days, we all wish that stress just didnt exist. But its important toremember that a healthy amount of stress is whats needed to be in top form atthe office.Positive stress, otherwise known as eustress, is what pushes you to try yourhardest, and is key to reaching your goals.Negative stress (distress), is when it all becomes too much to balance, and youend up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. 7. changeboard.comTop tips to banish negative stressPinpoint your triggersDid your blood pressure rise when your boss called you out in a team meeting? Didyou want to walk out when your manager dumped a stack of paperwork on yourdesk? If you can identify the exact cause of your anxiety, it will make it easier tocome up with a plan or talk to your boss about managing your workload. 8. changeboard.comTop tips to banish negative stressFocus on the solution instead of the problemGetting stuck in a pattern of thinking about your problems will only make it worse.Ask yourself: how would I rather be feeling right now? Once you have that answer,you can plan your way towards it. 9. changeboard.comTop tips to banish negative stressLearn to say noThough the majority of our readers identify their stress profiles as doers, overhalf of them said their biggest cause of stress is a heavy workload. See acorrelation? Taking everything on will only burn you out; instead, trying tomanage your own workload by saying no or delegating will allow you to keepyour anxiety levels in check. 10. changeboard.comTop tips to banish negative stressWhen youre not at work, dont think about it. Instead, spend time withfamily and friends, or find a hobby that you get deep satisfaction from. Itwill give your mind some resting time, so you can approach work with afresh perspective.Use your off switch 11. changeboard.comHow do you deal with stress?Practical advice from our readersAvoid extreme reactions. I handleeach task as it comes or selectivelydeal with matters in some priority. Ialso try to be positive about copingwith situations.Write a list and immediatelytackle 2 or 3 small, easythings on it. Tick them offthe list youll feel brilliant!RatherthanRather than looking at what you haventdone on the to do list, look at what youhave done and note down all that you havedone extra today that was not on the originallist youll be surprised and rewarded abouthow much you have actually done.- Emem Obot, business manager at Home Desire Ventures- Amanda Rao, HRD Northern Europe, TNS- Kim Stallard, personnel payroll & development manager,Wychavon District Council 12. changeboard.comwww.changeboard.comVisitchangeboard.comfor tips on how to plan your career & the latesthuman resources jobs.