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Eliminate Brain Freeze!Five Fabulous Tips to Overcome the Fear of

Public Speaking

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Powerful, Confident Presentations are the Pathway to Profits and


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Your business and leadership ability is being judged when you speak

What are your conversations and presentations saying about you?

Confident, capable, expert leader…or something else ?

Because You are What You Say!

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Confident Conversations and Powerful Presentations

Are A Core Competency for

Business Leaders and Experts

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Banish Brain Freeze

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Brain Freeze is that something that takes over your body at the most inopportune time. It is a physiological body response due to perceived stress.

It doesn’t just happen on a stage. It can happen◦ In a conversation with the big boss,◦ In an important meeting, ◦ On stage in front of the whole company.

Brain Freeze… More than just Stage Fright

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A few butterflies are good. They prevent you from being flat

Excessive nerves, shallow breathing, red neck and jittery hands steal your credibility!

Brain Freeze…More than Butterflies

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Not band aids

Causes and Cures

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No tricks or gimmicks

Tricks and gimmick like picturing the audience in their underwear is a band aid not a cure.

You must identify the source of the fear and ‘perceived threat’ that is causing you to be afraid

Causes and Cures

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What is the Root Cause of your fear of speaking in front of a group that causes your mind to go blank and your jitters?

WHY the Fear

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What is so scary about speaking in front of an audience?

Good Question!

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Fear of looking bad- if you can’t answer tough questions

Fear of embarrassment – if your mind goes blank

Fear of not being liked (respected, thought highly of) if someone disagrees with you

Fear of having what you say judged or criticized

What is so scary – for many people it is an unconscious fear

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The Real StoryI’m Not….enough….

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Four fastcoaching tips that you can immediately put to work to reframe

your fear

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Tip 1. Audience The word audience

triggers your nerves

When you are listening to a speaker do you think of yourself as the audience? Most people don’t

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1. I’m not an audience. I’m just a guy asking a question!

2. Remind yourself you are speaking to a room full of individuals – not an audience.

Audience Reframe

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1. You cannot be expected to answer every conceivable question. It is how you handle the questions.

2. Confidently respond, possibly offering to get them the answer or talk to them off line if the question is inappropriate

Tip 2. Tough Questions

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Remind yourself you are the topic GURU but you are


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1. You are there to serve. 2. It is all about the audience – not all

about you the speaker.3. When you take the focus off of you

and turn it to the audience you have a lot less to be nervous about.

Tip 3: It’s not about YOU

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Tip 4. Write a New Story

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1. Your fears are coming from a story you are telling yourself in your head. Change your story.

2. Change the assumptions you are making about not being good at public speaking – make the opposite assumption

Tip 4. Write a New Story

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Now, Take Action

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You can’t learn to swim by reading a book. You have to jump in the pool.

The best way to become a more confident speaker is to speak.

Speaking is like swimming…

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Because if you are in business you are a


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Speaking is an audition for your next promotion!

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Sound like leaders Are perceived as experts Connect with the audience Inspire and motivate others to take action Have more influence, impact and are more

persuasive Increase their chances of landing a job or

getting a promotion

More confident and relaxed speakers…