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Balaji Group

Type Private Limited

Founded 1976

Headquarters Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Key people Bhikhubhai, Chandubhai & Kanubhai Virani

Products Wafers , Namkeen

Revenue Rs. 1000 crore

Number of employees 1500


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Balaji, based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, manufactures and distributes potato chips and other grain-based bagged snacks in flavours such as Magic Masala.[1]

 Started as a micro business it has evolved into a Rs 4000 crore company (according to third party valuation) of quality products with an indigenous taste.

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History The story started in 1972, when Virani and

his brothers Bhikhubhai, Chandubhai, Kanubhai and Meghjibhai migrated from a small village in Jamnagar district to Rajkot. Popatbhai Virani, a farmer who sold ancestral agriculture land and gave Rs. 20,000 to his sons to venture into business.

Viranis invested money given by their father in farm equipments business, but could not succeed and lost the money.Chandubhai Virani and his brothers started wafer business from a canteen of a cinema hall in Rajkot in 1974. Till 1989, wafers used to be made at Virani's house and distributed in and around Rajkot city. 

By the overwhelming retail success they inspired to set a semi automatic plant. Instead of preparing wafers by the traditional frying method this semi automatic plant boosted the quality, taste and more sales also. The fame of taste reached to the whole Gujarat hence it was time to take over the whole Gujarat so the biggest automatic plant of Gujarat came into the picture.

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In the initial stage Balaji Group had set up their plant at Aji Vasad (Industrial Zone, Rajkot) with their new concept of making the potato chips. The main benefit they got is the readymade infrastructure availability due to which their cost is reduced to larger extent. They have operated over there around 20 to 22 years.

The key elements behind the phenomenal success of Balaji are the strong fundamental values of Virani brothers, which chiefly include “Trust, Passion and Steady Hard Work!”

Now Balaji Group has set up their new fully automatic plant near Metoda G.I.D.C. which is in the area of the village named Vajdi(vad) and also outside the town of Valsad. 

after setting up the factory in valsad,balaji was working on the project of making factory of balaji in rajkot and then the allowence was passed to balaji to construct balaji factory in rajkot between rajdhani and khirasra palaceand now we can see a huge factory over rajkot which supplys namkeens to the saurashtra part of gujarat and even some other parts of gujarat other than saurashtra.

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Warehouse / Production Capacit

Balaji's Valsad unit, which has a wafer manufacturing facility of 2,200 kg per hour, is one of the largest potato chips-making units in Asia. The company had sourced the entire plant from USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Japan and China.even rajkot's is having a huge warehouse of around 2000 kgs.

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Market Share “ Balaji’s share of the local

potato and vegetable chips market grew to 13.7% in 2012, from 9.5% in 2008, ”according to researcher Euromonitor, while PepsiCo’s share fell from 69.7% to 56.8%. Balaji also dominates in the western market with a share of 70%. In its home state Gujarat, it has a share of 90%.[1] this is one of the best competitor against all of the company'sworking on the namkeen fields.

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Products & Services Wafers Plain-Wafers Chat-Chaska-Wafers Kela-Mari-Wafers Masala-Wafers More-Wafers Simply-Salted-Wafers Kela-Masal-Wafers Tomato-Wafers Pizzy

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Namkeens Aloo-Sev Chana-Dal Chataka-Pataka-Masala Farali-Chevdo Gathiya Khatta-Mitha-Mix Mung-Dal Ratlamisev Shing-Bhujia Chataka-Pataka-Tomato Masala-Shing Tikha-Mitha-Mix Vatana Sev-Mumra

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Achievement Economic Time

recognized Balaji Group as 'Sultan of Wafers'[7]

international magazine i.e. Asia Pacific food online published a special article with 'Chip Off the Old Block' tag.[5]

Balaji Group is also a member of Snacks Food Association.

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Subsidiaries Iscon Balaji Foods It is a joint venture

between Balaji Wafers, Iscon Group and SP Chips

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