Bài tập thực hành tiếng anh lớp 76

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Transcript of Bài tập thực hành tiếng anh lớp 76

  1. 1. TEST FOR UNIT 1 I/ Cho dng ng ca ng t trong ngoc hon thnh cu. 1, Hello, my name (be) Hoan and this is my family. We (live) in a big city in the South of Vietnam. There (be) four people in my family: my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father (work) in a factory. My mother (teach) English in a secondary school. My sister (study) at the University of Economy. I (go) to a secondary school. We usually (have) lunch and dinner at home. On Sunday evening we sometimes (go) out for dinner. My sister (like) music. She often (go) to the concert at the weekend. My father (watch) TV every night and my mother (do) , too. 2, Lan (not have) many friends in her new school. 3, Hung (come) from Vinh but he (stay) with his relatives in Ho Chi Minh at the moment. 4, We (not drive) to work every day. We (go) by bus. 5, Who you (talk ) to on the phone now, Minh? 6, Where your new friend (live) , Nga? She (live) on Hang Bac street. 7, You (be) in class 7A? No, I (be) in class 7D. 8, Its a lovely day. The Sun (shine) and the birds (sing) 9, What she usually (do) in the evening? She usually (play) cards or (watch) TV. 10, They (have) a party tonight. They (have) sandwiches and (drink) champagne. II/ in t thch hp cho trc vo trng hon thnh cu. Any, far, new, years, from, by, live, in, with, motorbike Lan is our classmate. She comes Nha Trang. She is class 7A. She is thirteen old. Her parents in Nha Trang. Now, shes living her aunt and her uncle in HoChiMinh city. Her house is very from school so she usually goes to school bus. Sometimes, her aunt takes her to school by . She doesnt have friends so she feels very sad. III/ in gii t thch hp vo trng nu cn. 1, I often go to school bus. 2, Their grandparents live 34 Hang Da street. 3, Bob and I come the same town but my accent is different his. 4, At present, John is staying his brothers family the city center, very far his parents. 5, Thanh is a newcomer class 7D. She sits my cousin. 6, We often go to the concert weekends. 7, Are you free this Sunday 9 oclock? 8, I want to send my friend this package. 9, Daisy gives two stamped envelopes Mary. 10, The students are waiting their teachers over there. - 1 -
  2. 2. 11, The weather is usually hot summer. IV/ t cu theo mu cho trc. For example: your house / school / 3 kilometers / go / bike. S1: How far is it from your house to school? S2: Its three kilometers. S1: How do you go to school? S2: I go by bike. 1, Mrs. Ngas house / hospital / 10 kilometers / travel / motorbike. 2, your house / university / 400 meter s/ go / walk. 3, Lien and Lans house / uncles farm / 5 kilometers / cycle. 4, Mrs. Chi stown / Ho Chi Minh city / over 1,000 kilometers / there / plane. 5, Mr. Thanhs house / factory / 16 kilometer s/ car. V/ Chn p n thch hp nht in vo trng hon thnh on vn. Minh is our new classmate. He is now living his brother in Hanoi, but hes Bac Giang Town and his parents still there. Minhs brothers house is smaller his house in Bac Giang, and it is on Xuan Thuy Street. Our is in the center of Hanoi, so is about 8 kilometers from his new house school. Every day, Minh goes to school bike. Minh is unhappy because he doesnt many friends in Hanoi. He also his parents and his friends in Bac Giang. At In With From In At To From Live To live Living Lives Than To With As House School Factory Hospital He She It That Away To From Of On In By With Have To have Has To has Miss Misses Missing Is missing VI/ Xp xp cc t xo trn thnh cu hon chnh. 1, house / is / the market / far / to / from / how / it / Trangs? . 2, lives / street / grandparents / he / Hoang Quoc Viet / his / on / with. . 3, many / old / students / my / have / doesnt / class. - 2 -
  3. 3. . 4, Mrs. / the boy / to / who / Quyen / talking / is ? . 5, smaller / new / old / her / house / Hoas / one / school / is /than. . 6, goes / bus / Hoang / day / work / Mr. / every / to/ by. . 7, new / from / one / is / house / his / how / different / Minhs / old? . 8, because / parents / is/ she / Nguyet / misses / unhappy / her. . 9, friends/ town / lot / does / her / Nhung / of / in / a / have? . 10, lunch / oclock / going / its / and / the / twelve / were / to / room. . VII/ Cho dng ng ca t trong ngoc hon thnh cu. 1, Today Lien is because she misses her parents. 2, Trungs new house is than his old one. 3, They are to their teacher. 4, There are thirty-six in our school. 5, He doesnt have many in Hanoi. 6, She feels very because she doesnt have any in this new town. 7, Today is a It is clear and 8, Do you know the name of the new in our class? (happy) (big) (talk) (class) (relate) (happy) (friend) (beauty/sun) (study) VIII/ Vit li cc cu sau s dng t gi trong ngoc. 1, Do you want me to help you? (Shall) . 2, Shall we go to the zoo? (Lets) . 3, My father will have dinner. After that he will watch TV. (. first, then ) . 4, Is there a garden in your house? (have) . 5, My friend doesnt have any stamps. (no) . 6, Do you have to get up early every day? (must) . 7, Nam can speak English very well. (able) . 8, The sun is shinning today. (sunny) . IX/ in lot/lots/many/any/a/an vo trng thch hp. 1, There are trees behind my house. - 3 -
  4. 4. 2, Linh has a of friends in Ha Long city but she doesnt have friends in Hanoi. 3, Is there eraser on the table? No, there is only ruler and pens. 4, Are there flowers in your schools garden? 5, My new school has of classrooms. 6, How stores are there on your street? There are a X/ Chn p n ng nht hon thnh cu. 1, Please hurry up, you will be late for school. And So Or Because 2, Mary is a student and Peter is, Too Not Either So 3, All they have to do to listen to their teacher. Are Is Be Will 4, Shall I bring you a glass of water? No No, thanks Lets Lets not 5, you please take the chairs into the dinning room. Shall Will Can May 6, My mother shes very busy. Says Speaks Talks Tells 7, How many people in your family? Have got There are Are there Have 8, Buy a pair of glasses , please. Me With me To me For me 9, What is the name of the girl to Mrs. Lien? Talk Talks Talking Is talking 10, They live 34 Tran Hung Dao street. On In At Of 11, class is she in? She is in class 7A. What Where When How 12, How long does take to get to your house from school? He She It They 13, is her new school different from her old one? What How Where Which 14, What is the of the river? About 1,200 kilometers. Length Depth Width Height 15, Today the is very fresh so we buy some. Vegetable Vegetables Beans Peas XI/ Tm v sa li sai trong cc cu sau. 1, Dont talk, please. I learn English now. .. 2, How are you feeling now? Very good. ... 3, Hurry up. I dont want to lose the bus. ... 4, Mr. Green has a pain in the leg. .. 5, How much are a pair of succors? 6, The wall is wide 5 meters. .. - 4 -
  5. 5. 7, How high is Peter? .. 8, The doctor says I have to drink an aspirin. . XII/ t cu hi cho cc cu sau s dng t gi trong ngoc. 1, My family name is Nguyen. (what) . 2, My younger sister is eight years old. (how old) . 3, Their father goes to work by motorbike. (how) . 4, No, it isnt. My old school is much smaller than this one. (is) . 5, Its about 500 meters from the house to the nearest bus stop. (how far) . 6, My brother has a lot of English books. (who/what) . . 7, We shall go to the market tomorrow morning. (when/where) . . 8, The children are doing the exercises in the classroom. (what/where) . . 9, Mrs. Hoa teaches us English. (who/whom) . . 10, My mother is going to buy three kilos of sugar. (how much/how many) . . XIII/ in t thch hp vo trng hon thnh on vn. 65 Newton Drive London SW6 5th October Dear Lan, are you? I am fine. Im in London, the International School of English. I am in 7B with eight other students. are all from different countries: Spain, France, Japan, Argentina, Switzerland and Thailand. Our teachers is John Smith. He is very nice. Hes funny and hes a very god My new address at the top of the letter. I with an English family, the Browns. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have three Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve and Andrew is seven. They are friendly, but it isnt easy to understand them! Write to me soon. Love, Thanh Nhan XIV/ Kt hp cu hi ct A vi cu tr li ph hp ct B. - 5 -
  6. 6. Column A Column B 1, How do you go to school? 2, How far is it from here to your school? 3, How old are you? 4, How are you today? 5, How is your new house different from your old one? 6, What is your middle name? 7, Where do you live? 8, Who are you talking to? 9, Why are you so unhappy? 10, Which class are you in? A, Pretty good. B, Because I miss my family. C, Its Van. D, I walk. E, Mrs. Ngoc. F, 12A. G, About 12 kilometers. H, Its bigger. I, 78 Hoang Hoa Tham street. J, 13 years old. TEST FOR UNIT 2 I/ t cu hi dng Yes/No tng li sau tr li dng gi trong ngoc. 1, Lan / be / 14 / next week? (Yes) 2, She / invite / her friend / her birthday party? (Yes) 3, She / buy / food / drink / the party? (Yes) 4, She / go / anywhere / that day? (No) 5, She / take / her friends / the theater? (No) 6, They / stay / home / and / join / fun? (Yes) 7, The party / start / seven? (yes) 8, The party / finish / nine? (yes) 9, They / stay / until eleven? (No) 10, They / have / lot / fun? (Yes) II/ Xp xp cc t xo trn thnh cu hon chnh. 1, On / May / Lan / be / will / Sunday / 25th / thirteen. 2, call / six / will / after / oclock / again / her / I. 3, speak / can / I / Van / to / please? 4, You / free / morning / be / will / tomorrow? - 6 -
  7. 7. 5, Parents / Thu / with / in / lives / Hanoi / her 6, Doesnt / Hoa / friends / any / have. 7, Here / friends / to / because / new / of / my / is / worried / she / is / all / students. 8, your / is / number / What / telephone? 10, Live / from / very / I / far / school / my. III/ Cho dng ng ca ng t tong ngoc. 1, You (be) free next Sunday morning, Tan? No, My brother and I (visit) our grandparents