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  • EDUCATIONAL MEDIA WORKSHOP OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA10757 Hortense St., Suite 108 reemvision1@earthlink.netNorth Hollywood, CA 91602

    OFFICE: (818) 841-1828 FAX: (818) 841-1095


    byScott Baron

    Series Proposalby

    Paul T. Abramsonand

    Kevin Reem

    Every day, men and women go out into their communities and put themselves at risk inorder to protect and safeguard their fellow citizens from violence, fire, disaster, andattack. Whether their task is battling a blaze, apprehending a dangerous felon, making adifficult rescue, or manning a checkpoint in far away lands, their lives are filled with dramaand potential danger. Ignoring the risk, these men and women do what they are paid todo, what they are sworn to do, and what their faith tells them to do. They protect thepublic safety, often at great risk and with great cost.

    2003 Educational Media Workshop of Southern California, Inc.


    On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,using hijacked commercial airliners as their weapons. Thousands of people were wounded orkilled. New York police officers and fire fighters as well as ordinary citizens answered the call foraid. Each day, men and women put their lives on the line to protect and to serve.

    There are 65,000 criminal assaults against police officers every year, resulting in more than23,000 injuries. Yet their stories are seldom told.

    BADGES OF COURAGE is a 60-minute series chronicling the lives and careers of the world'sunsung heroes - Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Soldiers, and heroic Civilians who have put theirown lives at risk to protect the innocent. The first line of defense that protects us from harm,keeps us safe, and safeguards our freedoms, are the public safety agencies (local potice, firedepartments, and paramedics) as well as ordinary citizens who take action in time of need. Thesecond line of defense is the men and women of our nation's armed forces. Badges of Couragefocuses on those individuals who selflessly answer the call for help and their courageous stories.The show will encompass international figures as well.

    The beauty of the concept is that these stories don't have to be created. They already exist,every day, somewhere across the country or around the world. They happen, and inherentlycontain drama, selflessness, courage, dedication, and sacrifice.


    Reverence for the men and women who have put themselves in harm's way in the line of duty.The intent is to bring true historical tales alive though the experiences of these heroes. Theseries shall present the persons as ordinary humans. This show is about something that lieswithin all of mankind - the ability to put the lives of others before one's own.


    Wrap arounds will be hosted by a noted celebrity I actor, shot on a practical set of a policeprecinct or team meeting room. Pictures of the current episode's heroes will adorn the walls andprovide a bridge to each sequence. A sidekick co-host will be "on location" setting up the storyand conducting interviews as well as adding narrative. As the story unfolds, a reenactment willbe staged to dramatize the account.

    The segments will be separated into four different categories:

    1) Police (all divisions)2) Fire Fighters3) Military (all divisions)4) Civilians (average citizens in dangerous crisis situations)

    Each segment ends at a crime scene, police station, military base, birthplace, or home of ourhero. The co-host will summarize the story, always closing with a positive aftermath.

    We will have the cooperation of the agencies themselves. This will provide a resource forphotos, interviews, settings, etc.

  • Scott Baron Oliver North Norman Schwarzkopf Bernard Parks Jimmy Carter Rosa Parks

    (LAPD, Author - They Also Served)


    The show - educational, enlightening, and entertaining - will appeal to anyone who has aninterest in history, current events, and society as a whole. The large numbers of potentialheroes is broad enough that we can present a wide ethnic diversity in our subjects. The samecan be said for women. Minorities and women comprise two large potential audience blocks,and both would welcome positive, empowering stories. Additionally, concepts like duty, honor,and sacrifice are concepts that resonate in a large part of the American audience, especiallynow, in light of the current world situation.


    Casting has not yet begun. The following is a list of potential hosts:

    Rick Schroder Jimmy Smits Connie Chung Ed O'Neil

    (NYPD Blue, Silver Spoons)(Star Wars Episode II, NYPD Blue, L.A. Law)(CBS Evening News, CNN - Connie Chung Tonight)(Dragnet, Married With Children)

    Noted Personalities:


    The date: February 28, 1997The city: North Hollywood, California

    0900 PST - LAPD receives a bank robbery alarm at the Bank of America branch on LaurelCanyon Boulevard in North Hollywood.

    0938 PST - Two heavily armed men wearing ski masks emerge from the bank.

    0951 PST - One gunman fires at officers and uses the getaway car as cover in the bank parkinglot. At the street he leaves the cover of the car. He continues to fire at police and televisionnews helicopters. He is shot in the head and killed.

    0952 PST - The second suspect leaves the bank parking lot in the getaway car and drives into aresidential neighborhood.

    0956 PST - The gunman stops at a pickup truck, in which a wise civilian has abandoned duringthe incident. The suspect begins to transfer weapons from the car to the truck and gets in.Brave police officers approach, he gets out, and there is a fierce firefight. The suspect is fatallywounded by officers.

    1100 PST - The LAPD announces that the two suspects have been killed. Police continue tosearch for any additional bank robbers.

    2300 PST - Search for any other suspects is called off.


    During a torrential downpour on January 3rd, 1999, fire fighters from New York Ladder Company158 waded chest deep through water to reach a basement door forced shut by a surging flood.By the time they pried open the door, the tenant was within minutes of drowning and the firefighters were immersed from the neck down in water. The fire fighters then took hold of thetenant, swam to the stairs, and led her to safety.


    Asheville, N.C. fire fighter Dana Trantham had kicked down plenty of doors during trainingexercises, but until Tuesday, February 26,2002, he had never had to kick open a door in anemergency. He found an unconscious woman lying on the floor, her housecoat tangled in thewheelchair beside her.

    "Smoke was all the way down to the floor, and you couldn't see a thing," said Trantham. Firefighter Steve Wickham was right behind Trantham, and together they carried the woman awayfrom her burning living room. While Trantham administered oxygen and cared for the victim untilparamedics arrived, Wickham, Lt. Daren Gillespie, and Capt. Gregg Webb rushed back into thehouse to put out the fire.

    The four men are members of the Asheville Fire Department and ride with Engine Number 6 inWest Asheville. Before getting the emergency call, the crew was on the road taking care of someadministrative matters, according to Webb, a veteran firefighter of 28 years. They got a call thata structure was on fire off Short Michigan Avenue, and because driver Gillespie had been to thesmall apartment complex previously when responding to other medical emergencies, they wereable to get there in just four minutes.

    By the time they arrived, however, flames were belching out of a side window, and smoke waspouring out of the house. Webb said that as soon as they saw the fire and knew what they weredealing with, their training kicked in.





    Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company C, 119th Infantry, 30th Division. Placeand date: Near Bellicourt, France, 29 September 1918. Entered service at Memphis, Tenn. Born:4 January 1892, Egypt, Tenn. G.O. No.: 59, W.D., 1919. Citation: When murderous machinegunfire at a range of 50 yards had made it impossible for his platoon to advance, and had causedthe platoon to take cover Sgt. Adkinson alone, with the greatest intrepidity, rushed across the 50yards of open ground directly into the face of the hostile machinegun, kicked the gun from theparapet into the enemy trench, and at the point of the bayonet, captured the three men manningthe gun. The gallantry and quick decision of this soldier enabled the platoon to resume itsadvance.


    his exposed location until his comrades had displaced to more secure positions. His actions ofunsurpassed valor during four hours of intense combat were a source of inspiration to his entirecompany, contributed significantly to the success of the overall assault on the enemy position,and were directly responsible for saving the lives of a number of his fellow soldiers. Sgt. Dolby'sheroism was in the highest tradition of the U.S. Army.



    Captain Justin Mahoney of the fishing vessel Sea Fox and his crewman Chris Papagelis werefishing in Nahant Bay when they recognized Billy Porter's vessel. They did not see Porter, aMarblehead, Mass., fisherman. As they neared Porter's vessel Heart of Stone, they noticedPorter was in the water and desperately clinging to the stern of his vessel. Porter had been in thesub-40 degree temperature water for nearly one hour. They quickly rescued him, took Porter andHeart of Stone to shore and placed him into the care of emergency