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Piping Design U is training Piping Designers using a new, Digital Mini-Credential called Open Badges This presentation covers the motivation for using badges how they were used and the lessons learned.

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  • 1. Badges at William G Beazley, PhD, PE Information Assets, Inc. Houston, TX 08 July 2014

2. Outline Why Badges? How PDU uses badges and why How I prepared/modified my course material How I prepared Moodle courses for badges Lessons learned Possible applications for badges in professional development 3. Why Badges? Digital Credentials Think Boy Scout Merit Badges Specific, Targeted Skills Portable (Backpacks) Relatively Self-Documenting, Self-Verifying Badges tells where to verify itself Contains: Skill Description Evidence Owned by the user Can be sent to employer Motivates Learning Harder to Forge Baked by Issuer Issued to Earner Displayed by Displayer Confirmed by Issuer (at least in Moodle) 4. Piping Designers About 100,000 worldwide Highly Paid Most Knowledge Acquired On The Job (OJT) Aging Workforce New Hiring is Incremental: Training is Deferred Credibility Through Experience 5. How PDU Uses Badges and Why Already had the videos and PPT Notes 173 total subtopics (following users preferences) PPT Subtopics not with separate objectives 15-45 Minutes, Often used for Lunch and Learn PIPINGDESIGNU.COM Subscription business model Some video trainers use course business model Badges Suited to Subscription Site Engagement is the key to long subscriptions Badges are self-rewarding credential Many subtopics favor mini-credentials Experience shows users pick topics of immediate interest 6. Business Model: Course vs Subscription Course Model Goal: Completion Design: Sequential Good For: Body of Knowledge Credential: Certifications, Degrees Subscription Model Goal: Subscriber Retention Design: Non-Sequential Good For: OJT, JIT Skills Credential: Mini-Credentials 7. 118 Badges Defined (29 May 2014) 8. How I Prepared My Course Material Target: Piper Boot Camp (Legacy Course) About 2000 plus slides in 20 big topics Transition slides, videos for 100+subtopics Topical objectives only Preparation Subdivided into 118 sub topics Objectives for each subtopics PDFs For each sub topic: Video Segments re-edited to fit subtopics Test bank, Quiz, Badge, Certificate 9. Badge Master Design 118 Topics Icons Too confusing Not familiar to pipers Graphic Art Workload Chosen Design Main Topic Below Sub Topic in Center Iconic Outline 10. Extra Data Added for CE Credit Identified in failed attempt to get pre- approval from Texas State Professional Engineers (TSPE) for badges Also wrote a specification for accepting badges for CE to meet licensing Added data to all badges per spec. CONTINUING EDUCATION DATA COURSE DURATION: 1 Contact Hour INSTRUCTOR: William G Beazley, PhD, PE LOCATION: TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Online course (Video, Notes, Quiz, Recommended Textbooks, Links) SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Piping Design U PDU BADGE EVIDENCE POLICY: 11. Moodle Courses and Badges One Master enrollment Course Subtopic courses take enrollment from master course Dont plan to sell by subtopics Sub-courses About 200 planned Automatically generated from template Badge for Every Subtopic Videos Streamed Notes, files in WebDAV Badges Had to upgrade to avoid emails showing in badge Public Badge List No public exposure of Badge Definitions Published evidence policy: 80% on quiz over all objectives 12. Site Status (08 July 2014) 70/118 test banks defined (enough to open) All badges defined All 118 slide sets written with PDFs (handouts) 98/118 videos ready (re-record rest) Courses in final QA Open right after Moodle upgrade on new server (1 week if AOK) Future Main Topic Badges, Super Badges Add animations, etc., if cost effective 13. Lessons Learned Badges work great for incremental learning OJT in downtime and at lunch JIT learners who learn or relearn just before execution Badges Help with Good Structure Force objectives and assessment Force pathways in larger BOKs Badges Will Get Pushback Easy is mistaken for trivial Cartoon Icons good for kids Adults like Logos, too, but have to represent value 14. Should I Use Badges? I have to train staff in spare time or at lunch. I have many chunks of knowledge and skills that require check-off. I have to train staff or users at their terminals. I want to retain staff by rewarding professional development in increments. I want more detail about skills than a resume can provide. I provide software or hardware that has multiple procedures, windows, displays, modules, etc., each with separate knowledge needed to operate. 15. Questions?