Bad Pitch Secrets & Lies at PRSA ICON

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My presentation at PRSA ICON 2012 focused on industry trends impacting media relations and how this constant state of change can be more of an opportunity than anything else.

Transcript of Bad Pitch Secrets & Lies at PRSA ICON

  • 1.Twitter SummaryChanges across content, skills and tech areconfusing PR. Adaptive modeling is key toworking smart(er). #PRSAICON #badpitch

2. Secrets & Lies The Bad Truth Change Content/Behaviors/Technology News Releases Media Relations Lifecycle Adaptive Modeling Call to Action Content/Behaviors/Technology 3. The Truth GONNa set itIm GONNA SET IT straight, this Watergate. -- Beastie Boys 4. The Truth 5. The Truth Most pitches arent bad Many arent even pitches Most offenders dont care Send us good pitches Pitch + link to ink Better lists, fewer contacts, better results Know where machines can help and hurt 6. Worst Pitches. EVER! Porn (Ew) In-DUH-stryGIRLFriend? Fleshdrive Brings Press ReleaseFive Best Places to Movies to the Distribution Find the Guy of Palm of Your Hand CompanyYour Dreams Embraces AP style Guidelines Dead IssueDebbie Does Data Sources: MTV, NYT, Who Died Today?BizWeek, markets Tropical Storm New Websitenationwide Debbie is Going to Makes Sure Youre F*(k East CoastsSinners? PBS, Extra Always in the Brains Out TV, Library of KnowGawker Congress, BIGagencies 7. Industry TrendsChange 8. Change: Content Media Convergence is our FriendMediaWhat & WhoActionStrength Weakness Complete Pushes to Less credible;Paid Promotions, ads message control strangers cluttered Creates richer Brands are Pulls inconnections, finding theirOwned Content marketing customers brand- way; takes controlled time News, blog content; Fuels front of No control; EngagesEarned drives engagement sales funnel;metrics with fans and sharing most crediblemisapplied 9. Change: Behaviors/Skills Trends Drive Need for Broader Understanding, Collaboration Search Marketing Graphic Design Video/Photography Developer Media Planner One Size Fits (No One At) All Broadcast vs. Engagement Platform Media vs. Blogger 10. Change: Behaviors/Skills Are Media & Bloggers the Same? As similar as they are different Smarter targeting needed for both Different approaches with each Confusion Citizen Journalists Disclosure Need for better targeting Media vs. Blogger Background 11. Change: Behavior & Skills Media Blogger CareerPassion Editorial & ads are All-In-One separate Deadline-driven Blog competes with life Short news cycleLonger news cycle Home products, fashion categories nowcollaborate on new product design/development 12. Change: Technology Technology fuels collaboration; content creation, distribution; engagement and scale Tech/ Collaboration helps bridge skills gap Content explosion yields curation opportunity; requires broader use of search Technology fuels frictionless sharing Scale technology is being misapplied Platforms for audience ID, creation/distribution, engagement, monitoring, measuring 13. Change? News Releases Trends have expanded use case. News Coverage with Media Disclosure with FCC Milestone with Site Visitors Direct to Consumer Search & Sharing with All Audiences 14. TakeawaysMedia Relations Lifecycle 15. Media Relations LifecyclePrepare/ ReactBuildPitch/ RelationshipFollow Up Interview/ Next Steps Follow UpStory Runs 16. Media Relations LifecycleNarrow KeywordUniverse; Prepare/ SearchInform React & SendEngagementBuild Pitch/ Relationship Follow UpInterview/ Next StepsFollow UpStory Runs 17. Blogger Outreach LifecycleParticipate/EngageBuild RelationshipPitch/ Follow Up Participate/Next Steps Engage/Follow UpContent 18. Blogger Outreach Lifecycle NarrowParticipate/Keyword Universe;EngageSearch Inform& Send EngagementBuild RelationshipPitch/ Follow Up Participate/Next Steps Engage/Follow UpContent 19. Adaptive Modeling Annual Planning Slow, Reactive, LinearResearchPlanExecute MeasureQ3Q4Q1Q2 20. Adaptive Modeling Adaptive Planning More Flexible, More Accountable Test & Learn ResearchExecute Iterate Execute Iterate Plan Data stream informs iteration 21. TakeawaysCall to Action 22. Action: Content Build primary focus, secondary understanding for paid, owned, earned Create a New Pitch Plan Scale effort based on story type timeline content format/technology build for iteration via analytics/search/social data 23. Action: Content Consider new content types and how creation, curation and distribution work with technology Geo-local content via Foursquare Lists Curated playlists via Spotify Visual content based on users social profile; e.g. Intels Museum of Me All optimized for audience, goals, consumption and redistribution 24. Action: Behaviors/Skills Focus more on human vs. machine during list development; data/CRM optimize process Reconsider blogger outreach based on a community model Read Social Media & Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional Deirdre Breakenridge 25. Action: Behaviors/SkillsWhat Were AreTumblr & Pinterest Popular social sites Curate, redistributecontent drive trafficGoogle & FacebookSearch/ social sites Major (earned) mediaOutletsEarned Media BroadcastParticipateGenerationSearch Engines Organic opportunity; Paid , organic and based on mathcontent; based onengagementThe Shiny NewBlind faith or Pragmatic test & learn skepticism opportunitiesOther Agencies CompetitionCollaborativeopportunities 26. Action: Technology Data is directional, NOT Definitive Break down silos for more powerful insightstreams Data reduces need for human, doesnteliminate it 27. Action: Technology Search EngineAudience IDSocial Monitoring InfluenceSiteAnalysis 28. Action: List Development Five-stage, 26-step process; more than half is human vs. machine Identifies bloggers with mix of Relevancy: on-topic, sentiment Reach: socially active, level of following Content: relevancy, frequency Engagement: number of comments, links Averages 50 percent or higher success 29. Action: Adaptive Modeling Audit defines progress and gaps in process, talent and technology 75% to launch Always in beta Embrace collaboration over competition Moves compensation to focus on value instead of time 30. Twitter SummaryChanges across content, skills and tech areconfusing PR. Adaptive modeling is key toworking smart(er). #PRSAICON #badpitch 31. You Are All Very Smart & Beautiful PeopleQuestions?