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http://www.planetayurveda.com/asthma-remedies.htm : Asthma herbal remedies with Planet Ayurveda like Aller G Care capsule work very effectively as natural antihistamins to reduce symptoms of asthma like wheezing, breathlessness, cough etc.

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  • 1.WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma Ancient Herbal Remedies for Asthma and Allergy are used successfully in this herbal remedy called anti-asthma herbal formulation

2. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ABOUT ASTHMA Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood. 3. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ABOUT ASTHMA Asthma comes under Shwasa roga, according to Ayurveda. Vitiated Praan vayu ( air controlling respiration) combines with vitiated kapha dosha in the lungs and causes obstruction of pranvaha srotas (respiratory passage). This obstruction leads to various symptoms of asthma like shortness of breath, wheezing, constant cough, irritation of throat etc. 4. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ABOUT ASTHMA Asthma cannot be cured fully but it is possible to control the symptoms with ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment includes use of pure quality herbs that are collected after purity, quality and potency 5. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM What are the causes of asthma? Asthma is caused due to combinations of genetic and environmental factors. Exposure to numerous substances that trigger allergy and irritants can trigger signs and symptoms of asthma. 6. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM What are the causes of asthma? Asthma triggers vary from person to person and can include Allergic reactions to some food items. Preservatives added to some food items and beverages. Airborne allergens such as pollen, dust particles, animal dander etc. 7. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM What are the causes of asthma? Physical activities. Stress and some emotions. Gastro esophageal reflux disease where stomach acids back up in to your throat. 8. Asthma WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 9. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM What are Common signs and symptoms of asthma? Coughing: Coughing from asthma often is worse at night or early in the morning, making it hard to sleep. Wheezing : Wheezing is a whistling or squeaky sound that occurs when you breathe. 10. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM What are Common signs and symptoms of asthma? Chest tightness: This may feel like something is squeezing or sitting on your chest. Shortness of breath: Some people who have asthma say they can't catch their breath or they feel out of breath. It is like you can't get air out of your lungs. 11. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Who Is at Risk for Asthma? Among children, more boys have asthma than girls. Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood. 12. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Who Is at Risk for Asthma? But among adults, the disease affects men and women equally. In the United States, more than 25 million people are known to have asthma. About 7 million of these people are children. 13. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM How Is Asthma Diagnosed? Doctor will diagnose asthma based on your - Medical and family histories A physical exam Test results Medical and Family Histories- Your doctor may ask about your family history of asthma and allergies. He or she also may ask whether you have asthma symptoms and when and how often they occur. 14. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM How Is Asthma Diagnosed? Physical Exam- Your doctor will listen to your breathing and look for signs of asthma or allergies. These signs include wheezing, a runny nose or swollen nasal passages, and allergic skin conditions (such as eczema). 15. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM How Is Asthma Diagnosed? Diagnostic Tests- Lung Function Test Spirometry, to check how your lungs are working. Allergy testing to know which allergens affect you. Bronchoprovocation test, to measure sensitivity of your airways. Chest X-Ray 16. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Asthma Ayurvedic Treatment by Planet Ayurveda Best Ayurvedic treatment for asthma is available at Planet Ayurveda Planet Ayurveda, an herbal manufacturer company formulates wonderful herbal products for various ailments. It has herbal remedies prepared by using standardized extracts of pure herbs. No chemicals are added and these get pass only after quality- purity and potency check! 17. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ASTHMA CURE PACK Best ayurvedic treatment for asthma is available at Planet Ayurveda with following herbs mention below : - Praanrakshak Churna Tulsi Capsule Aller G Care Capsule 18. Planet Ayurvedas Praanrakshak churna is a wonderful herbal remedy for asthmatic people. Praan Rakshak churna is a blend of various effective herbs like Kanthkari, Shirish, Vasa , madhuyasti, bharangi etc which have been proved beneficial in managing various signs and symptoms of allergy including asthma and various respiratory issues. PRAANRAKSHAK CHURNA WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 19. These herbs are natural antihistamines that are helpful to reduce inflammation to ease the breathing and other symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, wheezing Praanrakshak Churna WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM DOSAGE - Patients are advised to take 1 2 teaspoonfuls of Praanrakshak Churna, three times in a day. 20. INGREDIENTS IN PRAANRAKSHAK CHURNA S.NO HERB USED ENGLISH NAME LATIN NAME QUANTTY 1 Shirish Mimosa Tree Albezzia Lebbock 60mg 2 Vaasa Malabar Nut Adhatoda vasica 60mg 3 Anantmool Sarasprilla Tylphora asthmatica 30mg 4 Dalchini Cinnamon Cinnamomum 20mg 5 Bharangi Clerodandrum Clerodandrum serratum 20mg 6 Madhuyashti Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra 10mg 21. Aller G Care Capsule is purely herbal product formulated by Planet Ayurveda which is blend of various herbs known for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains herbs like Neem, Ashwagandha, Shirish and Haridra. ALLER-G CARE CAPSULE WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 22. All these herbs are beneficial in treating all types of allergy especially pollen allergy. It is suggested in chronic eosinophilia, skin diseases and many respiratory diseases. Aller-G Care works as a wonderful natural anti allergic product. Regular use with prescribed dose is highly recommended for better results. ALLER-G CARE CAPSULE WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 23. The Holy Basil or Tulsi has got many medicinal properties and health benefits. Tulsi capsules by Planet Ayurveda is an effective formulation that has outstanding effects in many health conditions like diabetes, cancer, auto immune disorders, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, asthma, allergy etc. TULSI CAPSULE WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 24. This has been proved really effective in respiratory disorders and makes an effective remedy for bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough and cold. It enhances the immune system so that it can stand by allergens. TULSI CAPSULES WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Dosage - 1- 2 capsules twice daily, with plain water after meals 25. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM If you smoke, quit it. Your healthcare provider can recommend several methods that might be right for you. And stay away from second-hand smoke. Management of asthma with Diet and life style changes 26. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Making healthy choices everyday can help limit your asthma flare-ups. Managing your weight is also very important when you have asthma. Extra weight causes your heart and lungs to work harder, and can increase your symptoms. Management of asthma with Diet and life style changes 27. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM Follow yoga under an expert Habits like washing your hands often, getting proper sleep at night, and avoiding people with a cold or the flu can all help. Management of asthma with Diet and life style changes 28. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/planetayurvedatv Twitter Channel: www.twitter.com/planetayurveda2 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/planetayurvedaindia Pinterest : http://www.pinterest.com/planetayurveda/ 29. Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of ASTHMA CURE PACK WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 30. OUR EXPERTS Dr. Vikram Chauhan, BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA), CEO & Founder of Planet Ayurveda and Krishna Herbals Co. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, BAMS- Gold Medalist, MD (Alt. Med.) Dr. Vaidya Madan Gulati, BAMS- Gold Medalist), MD (AYURVEDA) Vaidya Anthony Rouse, Graduate in Ayurveda Company Address- #3604, Sector-23-D, Chandigarh (U.T), India Contact Us- 0091-172-5073604 0091-9915593604 WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 31. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM 32. Have a Health Problem? WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM