Ayurveda For Wellness, Fitness, Cure and Way of life . " Ayurvedamitra Wellness Programme With...

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‘Stay Healthy With Ayurveda

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Transcript of Ayurveda For Wellness, Fitness, Cure and Way of life . " Ayurvedamitra Wellness Programme With...

Stay Healthy With Ayurveda

Stay Healthy With Ayurveda


Dr Sachin NandedkarAyurvedacharya , CSD, SVPA,MD ( AM )


What is health ? Its not only absense of diseases. Balance of Spirit, Mind and BodySwasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Prevention - Will Cure Health , Fitness , Wellness Ayurvedamitra

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What is Ayurveda ?Ayur : Life Vid : Knowledge Indian Medicine Its Life Style or Way of livingAyurvedamitra

Why to choose Ayurveda First ?Oldest proven Indian Science 5000 yr old100 % Natural No side effectSafe and Effective Non Invasive Individual Specific Easy to Follow It takes an Preventive Approach

New Age Ayurveda

Health Management Ayurvedic WayPrakruti - Know your Body ConstitutionDincharya : Daily Regime Rutucharya : Seasonal Regime Ratricharya : Night Life, Balanced diet , Therapeutic Diet Shodhana: Purification

Ayurveda Dietitics

Good Diet Six Tastes Proper Time: Lunch12 pm & Dinner:7:30pm Hunger Complete Meal : Chapati /Vegetables/Daal /Rice/Ghee/Salad/Butter Milk/Lemon Be Stress Free Water Intake

Dincharya * Rutucharya Dinchaya : Day Management - Wakeup , Motions , Exercise , Massage, Bath , Breakfast, Lunch ,Work and Travel , Drinks, Dinner , Sleep.Rutucharya - Update your Lifestyle & Diet


Regeneration Happens After Detox

Panchakarma Pancha FiveKarma Therapies

TypesSnehana Oil Massage Swedana SteamVamana EmesisVirechana Purgation Basti EnaemaMokshanam Leech TherapyDhara

Stress ManagementStress Physical Medicine Panchakarma Mental Spiritual MeditationProper diet life style Management

Belief to Reality Traditional - New AgeEmergencyDos and Don'ts - No changes RequiredDecotion many form availableNo Diet restriction Scientifically tested No drug Ban in last 5000yrsMany options for treatment, Acute and Chronic From Arthritis to Cancer ..

Awakening from sleep

Say No To: AlcoholNicotineChemical drugs Non Veg Diet

Thanks Welcome VISIT REFER @ Ayurvedamitra Clinic for Genuine & Individual/Specific Ayurvedic Remedies &Therapies for all your Health Problems.

Address : Ayurvedamitra Clinic, Appa Balawant, Chowk , Opp to Ranka Book Agency ,519 Shaniwar Peth, Kelkar Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411030

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