Awesome climate

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Awesome climate. By Jake Bradley and Nick Prins. 1. Lightning: Taken in Perth, June 2 nd 2009. 2. Black Saturday bushfire: Taken in Melbourne, February 7 th 2009. 3. Dust storm: Taken in Melbourne, February 8 th 1983. 4. Floods: Taken in Queensland, Jan 29 th 2013. 5. Cyclone: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Awesome climate

Awesome climate

Awesome climateBy Jake Bradley and Nick Prins

Lightning:Taken in Perth, June 2nd 2009


Black Saturday bushfire:Taken in Melbourne, February 7th 20092

Dust storm:Taken in Melbourne, February 8th 19833

Floods:Taken in Queensland, Jan 29th 20134

Cyclone:Taken in Cains, Feb 5th 20115

Tornado:Taken in Darwin, Sep 17th 20096

Drought:Taken in Bonnie Doon, 2000-2010 7

Hail storm:Taken in Ballarat, Sep 9th 20118

Heat wave:Taken in Melbourne, Jan 9th 20139

Avalanche:Taken in the south island of New Zealand, June 200110

12345678910Map of where these locations are.Thankyou for watching!!!