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Transcript of Awesome Animals

Awesome animals

Awesome animalsMy favourite animal is a lion

It has brown fur, claws, tail and a big mane

Do lions live in Ireland?

a) Yes, I think so.b) Im not sure.c) No, they dont.Work in pairs

Where does your favourite animal live?

Ask your partner

Then, think of different animals ask your partner Do. live in.?Where do these animals live?


Snow leopard

Smooth snake

BritainMy other favourite animal is a cat

Lions are bigger than cats.

Work in pairsCompare your favourite animalsbigger

dalmations are bigger than chihuhuas.


Chihuahuas are smaller than dalmations.


Giraffes are taller than dogs.

Dogs are shorter than giraffes.

Snakes are longer than snails.

Smallerbigger taller shorterlongerTreasure hunt!Find things in the classroom that are longer, bigger, smaller, shorter and taller than other things.HomeworkCompare 4 different animals

Are they bigger, smaller, taller, shorter or longer?