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Presentation by Silvia d'Apollonia at Educational Technology Fair at Dawson College (Montreal) - December 12th, 2008.

Transcript of Avatars

  • 1. Silvia dApollonia December 12, 2008

2. Avatar

  • A graphic identity you either select from a group of choices or create on your own to represent yourself to the other party in a chat, instant messaging or multiplayer gaming session.
  • An avatar is a caricature, not a realistic photo and can be a simple image or a bizarre fantasy figure. They provide
  • natural human interaction
  • voice communication
  • instant, communication using nuance of voice
  • a face to the students and to the teacher
  • They provide thehumanelement to online teaching.

3. First Contact

  • At the International Conference of the Learning Sciences
  • Sasha Barab from Indiana University, in response to shooting at Columbine High School, promoted socially responsive design
    • Both fun and educational,
    • Based on both learning theories and the entertainment industry,
    • Helps children construct identities in which they areactive agents, solving important personal, social, ethical, and environmental issues,
    • Creates a 3-D Simulated World in which personally created identities act.

4. Kids send Avatars to explore and act in 6 different Worlds 5. STUDENT COMMENTS 6. Positive Self Talk !!!

  • Dr. Na'ilah Nasir is an assistant professor at Stanford University's School of Education who draws on socio-cultural theory to explore the relation between learning, development, and culture.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. ~ Thomas Jefferson 7. Self Talk in two situations 8. Possible Uses of Avatars

  • Teacher-Directed
    • To introduce course
    • To summarize class
    • To describe assignment
    • To provide individualized feedback
    • To ensureassessability
  • Student-Directed
    • To introduce oneself
    • To practice language skill
    • To debate issue

9. Examples of Avitars in Education 10. My Intentions Next Semester

  • I will use an avatar to introduce some guiding questions foreach class .
  • Students will be placed in 6-member teams.
  • Each team member will create a personal identity which will be postedon team webpage. These can be changed at will and may show some interesting evolution
  • Team members will take turns, summarizing a topic, by sending a messenger to theteam compoundwith the summary.
  • Each team will createa Champion. Each team will participate in four debates, of their choice.

11. Examples

  • Learning a second language
  • Social Networks
  • Communicatingvocally via web or email

12. Constructing Identities

  • Voki
  • SitePal
  • Weblin
  • Gizmoz
  • IMVU
  • MojiKan

13. 14. References and Links

  • http://inkido.indiana.edu/research/onlinemanu/papers/QA_ETRD.pdf
  • http://www.boxoftricks.net/?p=104
  • Nasir, N. (under review). "Average and Percent on the Court: The Mathematics of African- American Middle and High School Basketball Players." Submitted toCognition and Instruction .
  • http://web.mit.edu/sturkle/www/