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Avant Garde. Anashaly Rios Santiago. Definition. Avant-garde is French for " vanguard" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Avant Garde

Anashaly Rios SantiagoAvant GardeAvant-garde is French for "vanguard"Avant-garde is a term that is loosely used to describe the movement of progressive and experimental art, usually in reference to abstract styles regarding literature, film, culture, politics, and art. It is the expression of pushing boundaries, rebellion, and innovation. Avant-garde is also a part of postmodernism.



Pablo Picasso: "Les demoiselles d'Avignon"(Joan Miro Moonbird)ArtAvant-garde originated in the 19th to 20th century in France and Italy. Avant-garde has influenced many different art movements, including abstract expression, conceptual art, cubism, dada, and countless other varieties of artistic movements. A famous artist in the movement and history of Avant-garde is Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso that is known for co-founding the Cubist movement, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and worked in.

Frank Lloyd WrightNorman FosterCucumber Building Architecture

Avant-garde music is a term used to characterize music which is thought to be ahead of its time containing innovative elements or fusing different genres.. In the 1950s the term avant-garde music was mostly associated with serial music.


Anton Webern6Refers to written works, often novels or magazines - that place great emphasis on innovations regarding technique and style.


Samuel BeckettJames JoyceIn fashion, the avant-garde style is defined through its personality. Many designers have been asked to define this style and they all added a certain term to define it: sophisticated, mysterious, intimidating, intriguing, striking. The accessories have to be very modern, unusual, but elegant. All clothes should be matched with hats, belts or shoes in the most unusual shapes. Somehow, this style does not refer only to fashion. It means a mixture between fashion and art. The avant-garde fashion teaches women to have a certain attitude.Fashion


sourcesPierre Brassau