Automate Blue Button Initiative Push Workgroup Meeting

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Automate Blue Button Initiative Push Workgroup Meeting. April 8, 2013. Meeting Etiquette. From S&I Framework to Participants: Hi everyone: remember to keep your phone on mute . All Panelists. Remember: If you are not speaking, please keep your phone on mute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Automate Blue Button Initiative Push Workgroup Meeting

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Automate Blue Button Initiative Push Workgroup MeetingApril 8, 20131DRAFT: Not for distributionMeeting EtiquetteRemember: If you are not speaking, please keep your phone on muteDo not put your phone on hold. If you need to take a call, hang up and dial in again when finished with your other call Hold = Elevator Music = frustrated speakers and participantsThis meeting is being recordedAnother reason to keep your phone on mute when not speakingUse the Chat feature for questions, comments and items you would like the moderator or other participants to know.Send comments to All Panelists so they can be addressed publically in the chat, or discussed in the meeting (as appropriate).

From S&I Framework to Participants:Hi everyone: remember to keep your phone on mute All Panelists 2AgendaTopic Time Allotted Announcements, Meeting & Event RemindersDirect Connect-a-thon (May 9)Health Datapallooza IV (June 2)5 minutesFollow-up on Directory Workflow (Josh M. & Justin)20 minutesFollow-up on Triggers & Automation (Virinder B.)20 minutesNext Steps5 minutes 3DRAFT: Not for distribution3Announcements and Reminders4Meeting RemindersPush Workgroup has moved to a bi-weekly schedule.Next Push Workgroup Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 2:00 pm Eastern. Meeting information is on the Automate Blue Button Wiki Page:

Direct Connect a Thon May 9, 2013Thursday, May 9, 2013 @ 11:00 am Eastern20-30 minute presentation slots availableContact Greg Meyer ([email protected])Register

Dates: June 3 4, 2013Location: Omni Shoreham Hotel (Washington, DC)Health Datapalooza IV (HDP IV) is the fourth annual national conference born from government efforts to liberate health data. The conference is a forum that features the newest and most innovative and effective uses of health data by companies, startups, academics, government agencies and individuals.Sessions of InterestPowering Applications Using Consumer Data: Blue Button + For Developers. Unlocking Clinical & Claims Data by Giving Consumers Access: Blue Button + For Data HoldersBe a part of it (Deadline April 5) spots are also open (dataholders & developers)Registration ends May 24. $750 Standard$495 Govt/Academic/Non-profitMore information here: here:

Follow Ups from March 25th meetingDirectory WorkflowJosh & Justin to meet; identify and document concerns, working to understand the gap between the workflow and existing protocols.Present to the community during April 8 meeting.

Triggers and AutomationVirinder B. to outline sections for adding to the IG. Present to the Push Workgroup on April 8.

Events and Meeting Reminders8Opportunities to ConnectDirect Connect-a-Thon: May 9, 2013 @ 11:00 am Eastern Health Datapalooza: June 2 3, 2013

Meeting RemindersNext PUSH Workgroup Meeting is Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 2:00 pm Eastern.

For questions, please contact your support leadsInitiative Coordinator: Pierce Graham-Jones ([email protected])Presidential Innovation Fellow: Ryan Panchadsaram ([email protected])Project Manager: Jennifer Brush ([email protected])S&I Admin: Apurva Dharia ([email protected])DRAFT: Not for distribution8Next Steps for ABBI Pull WGAdoptionFocus on data holder adoption (vendors, providers, & payors)Focus on developers of 3rd Party applications that would like to design based on the ABBI IGACTION: Identify opportunities for us to get vendors / providers / payors on board with BB+

Dedicated Destination on BlueButtonPlus.Org for Tool Kit itemsConsolidated CDA Score Card *!*NIST Testing ToolsStyle Guide Libraries (from Design Challenge)Button / Icon design options (standards)Receivers: note any patterns in the data / setup that are negative / incorrect, please let us know so that we can help identify those now

IG ExpansionFacilitate usability and not require a user to have their Direct addressFlesh out the specifics of the Directory Service (based on Josh Ms work). DRAFT: Not for distribution9Appendix Previous Meeting SlidesImplementation Guidance(from March 11)

DRAFT: Not for distribution11Bill Clinton & Farzad M. had a BlueButton+ mention in their keynote speeches. \o/Quest Diagnostics announced that they are going to adopt BlueButton+ [both Point of Care and Gazelle (mobile app)]THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOUR HARD WORK!!!!Important for us to get the word out about why this work is important and this kind of mention will help. Fantastic demonstration results at the interoperability showcase (4 kiosks). A big thank you to all of the implementers / adopters / dataholders / vendors / organizations. BlueButton+ presentations were conducted on the Interoperability Showcase stage (huge turnout!); leadership (Pierce G-J) also participated in a panel on consumer engagement. 100+ people / traffic through the demonstrations ACTION: (ABBI Support Team) Watch HIMSS site for presentation links; cross-link to the wiki / send to the communityABBI Meet and Greet on Tuesday nightAdrian G. connected with the MITRE consent team about moving BB+ into HIE. ACTION: (ABBI Community) Let us know if you are doing follow-up blogs / etc. about HIMSS demo results and well cross post / tweetDemonstrations of C-CDA Generation / from the data side was very good. Some were generating ~80% on the C-CDA ScoreCard.HIMSS Summary and Recap(from March 11)DRAFT: Not for distribution12Discussion (from March 11)Challenge is scaling the solution; need to make it easy for a data holder to tell the user what the direct address is / how to get one. Proposed solutions (focused on usability): EducationIn-patient movementMS solution for boot-strapping a patients regular email address (implemented in the MS Direct stack); is an alternate option for patient who does not yet have a Direct address when in the clinical setting. Do you have direct address? No. Thats okay, just give us your regular email address. Scenario: A direct message is sent to a special address at HealthVault and contains the patients email and kicks off a patient connect process generates an email back to the patient about how to connect HealthVault with a Direct Address, etc. with instructions. Blog post that describes using the "new user" functionality for HealthVault via Direct: directory as global resource may not be the most elegant / scalable solution, given the distributed intent/nature of Direct. Discussion (Contd) (from March 11)DoD & VA will have an increased reliance on BlueButton record downloads (Announced in Feb 2013) [and subsequently using Direct as a means of transmission b/w]Question: Direct Ref implementations that are available have the code that was used at HIMSS. Yes. [Direct] Question: Should the IG contain example of how to connect w/BB+ Push, for example Thunderbird? For situation where HISP were not involved, e.g. an application developer wanting to become a destination for BB+(Push). Response: Sample of enabling STA functionality for a particular destination. 1) S-MIME: most recipients should be able to intake these (as long as the anchors are there); 2) Source perspective is totally different, mainly around the certificate discovery piece; however, the same concept applies. [ABBI: Directional piece of Direct needs to be addressed in the IG; Data senders are configured to send only they wont see it; issue is existing reference implementations cannot process that NDN and get a false negative]

Directory Service Follow Up(from March 25)Connect BB+ Push Account (Justin) re: discovery mechanism / directory workflowCentral Repository (is unspecified, would have to be hosted, etc.)Currently almost using existing protocols; with minor changes could use existing protocols (e.g. OAuth2)There are existing solutions that can be applied to this. Next StepJosh & Justin meet to identify and document concernsWork to understand the gap between the workflow and the existing protocolsApril 8 call we will begin with this item Privacy & Security Section Discussion (from March 25) Continuing to work with HHS to clarify questions related to policy. Additional Questions?(Pierce) There was some concern about using the Patient bundle. Anyone else experienced this? Comment (Adrian): Have letter from Office of Civil Rights about how HIPPA is to be interpreted when it comes to patients accessing their record; can we get a similar. Response: Patient can send it via unsecured email, as long as the consumer understands the risk. (Already in the P&S guidance). Self-signed certificates ok as long as the patient is known to the practice. Can be an agreement entirely between the physician and the patient (as long as it is not prohibited by technology). Comment (Josh): Agree. Patient can insist on unsecure email. Patient can also insist on Direct address (secure), but the technology may not support it. Comment (Adrian): Requesting a specific piece of guidance involving a direct email address for a patient. Vendors are looking to be able to charge for interfaces; when a patient requests that the data be sent elsewhere, it conflicts with the business model. Privacy & Security Section Dis