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  • 8/3/2019 Australias Properties Under 400K


    Australia's 40 hottest suburbs under 400k

    October 26, 2011, 12:38 pm By Vanessa de Groot Yahoo!7

    Now is the prime time to buy, but where should capital city investors looking to get in low behunting for property?

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    With experts claiming that now is the prime time to buy, but where should capital cityinvestors be hunting for property? To help you narrow down your search, Australian PropertyInvestor Magazine reveals 40 metro suburbs under 400k set to outperform.

    There are still many areas in Australia's capital cities that are undervalued and the currentmarket conditions are adding to the opportunity for investors to make long-term gains inthese areas, with prices having softened. (More From Yahoo!7 Finance:Australia's HottestSuburbs Under 500k)

    The 40 hot suburbs API has listed might be more affordable for property because they'vesuffered a stigma in the past, or perhaps just been overlooked because other suburbs weremore attractive, but that doesn't mean they don't have the potential to grow. Quite theopposite, in fact! We all know that many ugly duckling suburbs out there have turned intoreal estate swans, even if once upon a time it was hard to foresee.

    Before buying though, all investors must do their own independent research into an area todetermine if it's right for their investment goals. And be selective of where you buy in eacharea there are parts of some suburbs that are expected to perform better than others, socaution needs to be exercised in order to maximise the growth potential.

    South Australia's capital city Adelaide dominates this affordable metro hotspots list, with 15inclusions, while Perth, Hobart and Brisbane also have a good showing. All the capital citieswere represented by at least one suburb. (More From Yahoo!7 Finance:Buying vs Renting Which Will Make You Richer?)

    Please note, all data has been provided by RP Data. For houses the search radius was within11 kilometres of capital cities (narrowed to five kilometres for Darwin, Canberra andHobart), while for units the search radius was within five kilometres of each capital city. Thehousing type that each suburb was picked for is noted below.

  • 8/3/2019 Australias Properties Under 400K


    SNR = statistically not reliable. Demographic data is current as per the Australian Bureau ofStatistics 2006 Census. (More From Yahoo!7 Finance: Which Aus City Is A Playground ForThe Rich?)











    Potts Point, NSW

    Distance from Sydney GPO: 1 kilometre

    Property type: UnitMedian unit price: $390,000

    Weekly median advertised rent: $415

    Gross rental yield: 5.5%

    Population: 6878

    Proportion of rented properties in the suburb: 44.2%

    Proportion of units: 90.2%

    Situated on the Sydney Harbour waterfront, Potts Point is just east of the Sydney CBD.

    The suburb was included in the St George/RP Data National Property Hotspots Report 2011released earlier this year.

    Compared to surrounding suburbs Potts Point represents "extremely good value", accordingto the report, and it's one of the most affordable suburbs within five kilometres of Sydney'sCBD, if not the most affordable, with one of the strongest indicative gross rental yields.

    As well as being affordable, close to the city and close to a large variety of amenity, aboveaverage population growth in Potts Point suggests potential supply issues may place upward

    pressures on prices and the area may see further densification take place.

  • 8/3/2019 Australias Properties Under 400K


    While RP Data is confident in Potts Point's potential for growth, Patrick Bright of EPSProperty Search warns investors to look at what they're buying. He says Potts Point unitshave a low median price compared to the rest of Sydney because it has a lot of one-bed andstudio apartments; property types he believes are not good performers when it comes tocapital growth and aren't easy to finance.

    View Property For Sale In Potts Point


    Flemington, VIC

    Distance from Melbourne GPO: 5 kilometres

    Property type: Unit

    Median unit price: $385,000

    Weekly median advertised rent: $290

    Gross rental yield: 3.9%

    Population: 7376

    Proportion of rented properties in the suburb: 53.8%

    Proportion of units: 54.4%

    It's where the Melbourne Cup is held every year, but Flemington has other drivers that couldsee its residential property market race ahead. It used to be home to heavy industry, but inrecent years gentrification has transformed it into a sought-after spot.

    There's good public transport in Flemington, with buses, trams and trains, and there's alsoplenty of amenity with shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

    Michael Yardney, director of Metropole Property Investment Strategists, describesFlemington as a "good suburb close to the CBD". He says apartments in the suburb makegood investments, but warns that one must be selective. Some pockets have social issues andare crammed with public housing, particularly in the form of high-rises.

    "Choose an apartment in a block in one of the leafy streets and one surrounded by houseswhere there'll be lots of owner-occupiers rather than the patches of the suburb that are

    dominated by apartments."Carlton, VIC

    Distance from Melbourne GPO: 2 kilometres

    Property type: Unit

    Median unit price: $275,000

    Weekly median advertised rent: $390

    Gross rental yield: 7.4%

    Population: 12,050

    Proportion of rented properties in the suburb: 68.5%

  • 8/3/2019 Australias Properties Under 400K


    Proportion of units: 78.1%

    There's no doubting that Carlton offers culinary bliss with its famous Lygon Streetrestaurants, but when it comes to property there are two trains of thought and Carlton'sinclusion on this hotspots list will be somewhat controversial.

    Some property professionals warn against investing in the suburb for reasons including thatit's had low average capital growth in the past and there's a potential oversupply of smallapartments, many of which are one-bedroom and student accommodation.

    But despite these concerns, RP Data believes it's got good potential, naming Carlton as ahotspot for units in the St George/RP Data National Property Hotspots Report 2011 releasedearlier this year.

    The report recognises that over the past decade unit prices have experienced nominal growthof 2.9 per cent annually on average, but it notes that over the 12 months to November 2010

    units recorded superior price growth of 9.7 per cent and, according to the report, "Carlton isin a solid position to support future price growth".

    Apart from being close to the city, just north of the CBD, the hotspots report notes Carltonbenefits from significant amenities, including high quality public transport and shoppingfacilities.

    It says the rental market within Carlton is "extremely strong" and with affordable prices, itprovides yields upwards of seven per cent, which are quite attractive to investors.

    "The nearby universities will continue to support rental demand within the suburb, as will theproximity to the CBD," it reads, adding that the suburb has experienced average populationgrowth well above that of most areas of Melbourne.

    View Property For Sale In Carlton


    Rocklea, QLD

    Distance from Brisbane GPO: 9 kilometres

    Property type: HouseMedian house price: $317,500

    Weekly median advertised rent: $340

    Gross rental yield: 5.6%

    Population: 1500

    Proportion of rented properties in the suburb: 32.1%

    Proportion of houses: 92%

    There's no doubt many people will turn their nose up and raise their eyebrows upon hearing

    the mention of Rocklea in this list. But that's been the case for many 'ugly duckling' suburbsin the past that have then gone on to become sought-after property swans.

  • 8/3/2019 Australias Properties Under 400K


    Yes, Rocklea is largely industrial and was badly battered during the January floods inBrisbane, so it's a little stigmatised. But that doesn't mean investors should strike it off theirlist, or that it doesn't have potential for residential property price growth.

    Terry Ryder points out that Rocklea has one of the best long-term

    capital growth rates specifically the average annual rise in median house prices over the past10 years in the Brisbane metropolitan area.

    "The list of leading growth suburbs for Brisbane is dominated by three areas: Ipswich City,Logan City and the industrial southwest precinct of Brisbane City, including places likeRocklea, Acacia Ridge and Archerfield," he says.

    "These places have a lot of industrial property but the housing there is affordable and thereare train links to the city. It shows, again, that 'ugly real estate' attracts plenty of strongdemand if there are attractions like affordability and rail connections.

    "Rocklea has a capital growth average of 15 per cent per year over 10 years, which isexceptional."

    While Rocklea has potential for growth, investors looking to buy in the suburb must do theirresearch diligently, especially in light of the recent floods.

    View Property For Sale In Rocklea

    Greenslopes, QLD

    Distance from Brisbane GPO: 5 kilometres

    Property type: U