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  • Australian Foods

  • LamingtonsVegemite ToastMeat PiePavlova

  • What exactly is Australian food?While people eat fried rice, Thai curries, Chinese food and pizza those foods dont belong to Australia. Australia is a multicultural country, with people from many countries. So there are also foods from different countries.

  • Fried Rice; brown rice with prawns, bacon, peas, potatoPizza; ham, cheese and pineappleCurry; rice, chicken, zucchini, capsicum, basil

  • Traditional Aboriginal FoodsBush TuckerBefore 1788, the Aboriginal people hunted animals and gathered plants and berries. Some traditional Aboriginal foods are;

    InsectsWitchetty grubs. The larva of a moth. The taste is similar to scrambled eggs.

    Honey Ants underneath a Mulga tree, Aboriginal women find honey ants. The nest can be a metre or two deep.

  • Bush Tucker Plants and Seeds

  • Bush Tucker Animals

  • The Colony - Pre Industrial Revolution 1840The First Fleet brought seeds and animals such as sheep, cows and pigs to Australia in 1788. However many plants died as the climate was different from England. The Aboriginal people showed them local animals and plants. Settlers ate native meats, sometimes baked in pies or pasties. Bread or damper was baked in the fire. Vegetables were native to Australia and brought from England.Tea was the most important thing.

  • 1840 - 1945

    In the mid-1800s, Irish people came to Australia, to escape both the Potato Famine and religious persecution. They brought recipes for Irish stew.Rabbits and coffee were taken to Australia, and new foods like sugar, granny smith apples, and Arnotts biscuits were made.

  • 1945

    After WWII many people moved to Australia. Australian people began to eat new foods like Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, and African.

  • NowNow in the 21st century Australian food is a mix of different cultures. Some examples are; Steak, vegetables and potatoesRoast dinnersSpag BolPizzaCurryFried RiceMeat PiesFish and chipsSteak, sausages, kebabs (really anything) on the BBQTakeaway meals; Fast food, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican, Indian, Greek and many more.

  • Uniquely AustralianVegemiteBarbecuesTim Tams (all Arnotts biscuits)Macadamia nutsWeet-bix a cerealLamingtonsBBQd snags, sausagesPavlovaFairy BreadHamburgers with beetroot and pineapple