[Attract Women] How to Create a Dating Profile That Rocks

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You have only one chance to make a great first impression. Quickly and easily learn how to create a dating profile that rocks and compels women to contact you!

Transcript of [Attract Women] How to Create a Dating Profile That Rocks

  • How to Create a Dating Profile That Rocks This Presentation is Brought to You By MiriamBlog.com Sexy Pics & Ninja Dating Tips
  • 1. Start Out With a Bang Make your first paragraph count. Many sites show a little snippet of your profile in their search results. If you want the girls to click on your profile, you have to hook them right away. Also, you have to start strong if you want the girl to keep reading.
  • 2. Show Your Uniqueness You have to stand apart from the crowd. Instead of listing all your interests as if youre applying for a job, pick a couple of them and describe them. You want to create emotion and feeling. You want to pull her in.
  • 3. Proofread Your Profile It will just take you an extra 15 minutes. What you say is important, but how you say it tells a lot more about you. A profile with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect punctuation doesnt make a great impression. Careless writing makes her think you just dont care, lack intelligence and are quite lazy. Some women dont find stupid, lazy, apathetic men particularly attractive.
  • 4. Close Your Profile with a Call to Action You have to tell her what to do or she isnt likely going to do anything. Ask her to send you a message and give her a specific reason to contact you. Ask her a question about herself, ask her what she thinks of a picture you posted, or ask how she felt after reading your profile. The idea is to give her some direction so she doesnt have to think about what to write about.
  • End with a Promise And if youre willing to actually do it, end with a promise to write back to everyone who writes you. Example: It would be great if you sent me a message. We might really hit it off. But we wont know unless you contact me. Tell me something unique about yourself, something attractive about you besides your looks, or what you thought of my profile. I promise to write everyone who writes me.
  • Make it easy for her to respond to you Give her an excuse to respond to you. If shes interested, you dont want to lose her just because she doesnt know what to say. Make it easy for her.
  • Have a Minimum of 3 Photos One of them should be a pretty close headshot. Include a photo that show how engaged you are in an activity (not drinking or having sex) Also include a full body shot to show what you look like. You want to know how the other person looks like, so give her the same respect.
  • Always Remember... Remember that women are looking for any little excuse to click NEXT and pass by your profile forever, so its worth to invest the time to create a great profile.
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