Attract Links & Influence Buyers - Matthew Jackson at Ecommece Expo 2013

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Selling online does not make a site link worthy. Ecommerce businesses need to engage in conversations naturally occurring around the web and provide content on site that answers questions and influencers customers. The average customer will use 11 resources before making a decision to purchase, ignoring content and targeted outreach eliminates your ability to influence your customers.

Transcript of Attract Links & Influence Buyers - Matthew Jackson at Ecommece Expo 2013

  • 1.Attract Links & Influence Buyers By Matthew Jackson, Head of SEO Strategy @M4Jackson

2. Apologies 3. What are we talking about? Ecommerce sites have a difficult task in the modern search landscape. Selling a product does not make you link-worthy How it has worked in the past How it works now What can we do to make you link-worthy? 4. Category Links Rankings Ecommerce SEO In 2002-2011 5. It worked#1 Google is was stupid Everybody was doing it But mainly, it was cheap! #2 #3 #4 6. This categorically does not work anymore 7. If this is your strategy, please STOP. 8. Unnatural Links Bad Strategy Penguin 2.0 9. But also because.. Disavow data Devaluation of other signals Network discovery Webmasters are more inclined to report 10. The current CITATIONS BUILD CONVERSATIONS NEWS Sentiment SOCIAL Authority Relevance Freshness is listening to DESIGN CONTENT BLOG Engagement Satisfaction Structure Quality 11. The Future (& present) of SEO 12. Googles thoughts Want to sell products? - Adwords - Google shopping - AKA: You pay us for it Want to rank organically? - Add value - Become a brand (the result people want) - AKA: Pay someone else for it 13. Put your site at the centre of Feeds the 14. This gives you two key benefits #1 Gets you in the conversation #2 Makes you worth talking about 15. You have to promote 16. Your new link strategy Create something to talk about Promote to a relevant audience Be a part of the conversation 17. Dont worry about Anchor text If the content is related to commercial products, the anchor text will generate itself Keyword relevance Create content to be proud of sharing, not content to boost rankings Target pages (unless its based on link worthiness) Build your brand, build overall site authority, rankings will come 18. Biggest challenge for ecommerce You need a new approach 19. Publishers are becoming retailers & vice versa 20. A few tips 21. Pay a popular writer#1 22. Paid media = Earned links#2 23. Work with the right people#3 24. Thank you! Please email any questions to or get in touch on Twitter: @Branded_3