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Re- Launching Atria into the:


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Re- Launching Atria into the:

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Atria is the exclusive skin care line for Nutronix International, a company with the Philosophy that embraces a “Healthy Common Sense” approach.

Nutronix Encourages combining the Atria skin care line with its unsurpassed Nutritional Products, resulting in a

healthy body from the inside out.

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What’s in it for You?

To be part of a unique product focused 11 year old debt free company

The ability to incorporate product sales, recruitment and grow your business by leading with your PASSION…

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What’s the Gimmick?

There is no gimmick. It is the system approach to health; from the inside out backed by science!

Nutronix has successfully married Nutrition for the Body &Nutrition for the Skin.

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Revolutionize your life!

• Revolutionize how you feel on the inside and look on the outside.

**78% of why people accept what you have

to say is Visual.**

• RE-LAUNCHING Atria into the Revolution will make building our businesses that much more profitable!!

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It starts with You!

“78% of why people accept what you have to say is visual; how you look”

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Here’s some options how to Incorporate Atria making your pie bigger…

Option 1: Build a Strong Residual Income

by enrolling at the Gold or Platinum level in the Nutronix Revolution. WHY ??

These savings include a 50% discount in the Atria skincare, bodycare, haircare and Impact systems for men!

Find 2 and help them get their 2 by Introducing the Atria/Impact problem solving System to your prospect changing their livesOne skin at a time! When you look and feel the Part people will want to do what you do!

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Option 2: Make $$$ in Direct Sales as a Certified Atria Derma Tech. Sell any Atria product system make 50%!!

Sell $1000 – put $500 in your pocket…

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Take any one of the Atria systems that averages $150.00…

$150.00 X 1 client per week = $600 of retail sales. 50% in your pocket = $300/month

= $3600.00 a year in extra $$$.

$150.00 X 4 clients per week= $600 per week (4 weeks) = $2400.00/ month of retail sales. 50% in your pocket= $1200.00

= $14,400 a year in extra $$$.

***This is on top of the $$$ you will make adding members into your Matrix in the Revolution!!***

Think of all the people who use skincare, body, and haircare products.

Let’s do the Math…

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Option 3: Build the Matrix in the Revolution and be a Certified Atria Derma Tech at the same time!

First, start by looking and feeling the part by taking the correct system of Nutronix Nutritional’s feeling good on the inside and using the correct Atria problem solving system to look healthy on the outside.

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Become a Virtual Atria Center

Be a walking, talking tax deduction!

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1. Look the part. Where appropriate wear your Atria pin / lab coat.

2. Have knowledge of the product systems of Atria.

3. Take Action!

4. Reap the Rewards and look at your profit margin increase $$$.

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Secondly, rely on the Education and Training Department Nutronix has formed!

It is YOUR place to come for Support, Education and Training as distributors in Nutronix, your clients & prospects.

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Colleen Rosa Moon President Complete Cosmetics Inc. Corporate Trainer Atria Spokesperson Creator of Atria Products & Programs

Erika Rodriguez Corporate Trainer Spanish Specialist

Penny L. Trites Corporate

Trainer Founder Academy of Personal Development

Your Education and Training Department

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Your Atria Beauty HotlineFor all your skincare, beauty, fashion &

makeup ?’s

Toll Free: 1-800-528-1818

Email: [email protected]

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Colleen Rosa Moon*President Complete Cosmetics Inc.

*Creator of Atria Products & Programs

*Corporate Trainer

*Atria Spokesperson

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Colleen Moon is the creator and developer of Atria. She is a nationally recognized speaker and

expert in the field of product development, skin care technology and education. Colleen’s career spans

over 40 years in the beauty industry. She has trained with major cosmetic brand lines, a major pharmaceutical company and has appeared on national television and radio programs. Colleen

studied marketing, sales and communication at a major university. She has been responsible for the success of thousands of men and women entering

the beauty industry whether their choice was to own a skin care beauty business or work in the

business of beauty!

Colleen, along with Atria Executive Trainers, lead the Atria Certified Derma Tech training program to

insure all Derma Techs are highly qualified and prepared to assist their clients with their skin care


*Atria's Brightest


Colleen Rosa Moon

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Colleen Moon, President and CEO of Complete Cosmetics, Inc. (CCI) is beyond an

expert, beyond a specialist, Colleen Moon has worked directly with worldwide moguls like Elizabeth Arden and Richardson Vicks of the VICKS Vaporub empire.

Ms. Moon has designed custom cosmetic lines for movie stars, private corporations and worked with internationally known celebrity photographers. You certainly may

have seen her work in her creation of the grassroots Schools of Beauty for Merle Norman Studios which graced nearly every mall and shopping center in America.

Throughout her extensive career, Colleen has trained thousands upon thousands of business owners in the art of successful skin care entrepreneurship.

Colleen's reputation is touted and regaled by many visionaries in the skin care

industry. Among her most memorable were Leslie Blanchard, head colorist and Creative Director of Clairol as well as international make up artist, Glenn Roberts. Additionally, She has also showcased her custom skin care formulas exclusively on QVC, HSN, The Toronto Shopping Network, and various Australian infomercials

which were created specifically based on products she designed for them!

She is a self-made skin care legend. Her gimmick? NO gimmick.

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Business of Beauty

• Has been around since the 1930’s.

•A 168 Billion Dollar a year Industry!!

•There is an enormous opportunity because of the Universal Acceptance for Men and Women.

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This is not pie in the sky. You can incorporate all aspects of Nutronix as you build the Revolution.

It’s not about slicing the pie smallerIt’s about making your pie bigger!!

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Creating a great potential income as a virtual center!

You are not creating a new wheel, rather you are adding to it.

Members will make a substantial income with the commission structure in the Revolution Matrix in culmination with being a certified Derma Tech.

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What makes Atria Unique?• Custom Skincare Formulas designed by chemists & cell


• Focuses on Science

• A system geared specifically to solve what the client has identified as their main problem area.

• Highest concentration of ingredients by labs that are 50+ years in existence and OTC and FDA regulated.

• Custom am/pm prescription to each client incorporating some product systems they already have.

• Exposes the myths vs. facts

• Great way to make extra income

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At Atria, we believe in the power of natural ingredients and the common sense approach to skincare.

Atria products combine advanced technology with the power of science and nature that provide truly amazing results for both men and women.

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Atria Problem Solving Systems and which is right for you…

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Atria’s Problem Solving Systems

Mask Duo System forConjested skin

Mask Duo for DrySkin

Mask Duo for Sensitive Skin

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A "Must Have" for Sensitive Skin to soothe, desensitize & calm! Solution for:- Low tolerance of environmental stress and exposure - Skin that easily burns, itches and/or blushes - Sensitivity to certain cosmetic ingredients

Nurture System

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A "Must Have" for 30+ Skin! 

Solution for:

- Loss of firmness - Lack of radiance - Fine lines along the cheekbone and hollows of the cheeks

- Uneven skin tone  

Cell Recovery System

Cell Recovery System

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A "Must Have" to Exfoliate, Brighten & Firm! This professional system removes excess dead cells from the skin's surface. 

It softens and revitalizes dull, damaged and discolored skin while lifting hyperpigmentation (brown spots). 

In addition, it firms the skin's surface, refining and reducing the appearance of pores and lines. 

Skin Firming & Age Spot System

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A "Must Have" to Clean, Exfoliate, Reduce Puffiness & Fine Lines! 

Contains:Cleansing Eye Area Gel

Contour Eye Mask

Nurturing Eye Creme

Eye Care System

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A "Must Have" for Oily Skin to Dissolve, Exfoliate & Hydrate! Solution For:

- Mid-day shine - Enlarged pores - Rough skin texture

Active System

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Basic Systems of Atria

A "Must Have" for Dehydrated Skin to Moisturize & Soothe! Solutions For:-Dull, lack-luster texture -Fine surface lines in high stress areas -Occasional flaky patches -Uneven tone -Red, blotchy skin

Hydrating System

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A "Must Have" for Dry Skin with fine lines & dull texture! Solution For:

- Rough, taut, dull skin - Cracked skin on heels, elbows, feet and hands. - Chapped, dry lips

Moisture System

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Designed for Normal/ Combination Skin! 

The Atria Balancing System is deigned to keep the oily areas free of excess oil and clogged pores without drying out the rest of your face.

Balancing System:

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All Purpose Cleanser

All Purpose Cleanser is an all-in-one cleanser for the face and body. This cleanser is a gentle yet thorough cleanserwith an exclusive natural ingredient (Sucrose Coconate) that grips soil and leaves a delicate film of moisture to help soothe skin. The All Purpose Cleanser when used as a face cleanser is for men, women and children with combination to slightly oily skin. It can be used as a shower gel, shaving gel, shampoo and face cleanser for all skin types.

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Signature Products

Hydrating Mist

Wrinkle Defense Serum

Blemish Gel

Light and Lovely Whipped Foundation

Plumping Lip Cream

Nurture skin serum

Tinted Moisturizer

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Light and Lovely Whipped Foundation is an oil-free formula that awakens skin’s radiance and promotes a flawless, smooth satin-finish on all skin types. This unique make-up is a breakthrough crossover skin care formula. This foolproof formula combines botanical extracts and natural bioactive emollients to help increase the repair action of the skin, while giving your skin a second chance at perfection. It controls shine, provides a perfect color match with sun-shield protective qualities. It creates a matte-finish with no caking, drying or fading...flawless forever!



Protection for your skin

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Tinted Moisturizer is a translucent dayMoisturizing formula that evens all skin tones, reflects light and gives the skin a look of radiance. This light weight reflective skin primer can be worn alone or under Atria’s Light and Lovely Whipped Foundation.

Special sun shielding ingredients are Titanium Dioxideand Zinc Oxide. Use Tinted Moisturizer to camouflage Dark circles and soften the appearance of facial brownspots.

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PLUMPING LIP DEFENSE CRÈMEA satin-textured lip conditioner featuring Safflower Oil,

Shea Butter, Elastin and Soluble Collagen using Peptide technology.

 These firming, smoothing, softening and protective

ingredients promote long-lasting lip moisture, fewer lip lines and fuller smoother lips. Reduces lip color fade. Ingredients include Green Tea extract and Titanium

dioxide. Use with lipstick and at bedtime for an effective lip treatment.

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Atria Body Basics Body Crème Therapy is firming and a NATURAL PROTECTIVE


It contains many Unique and Expensive Ingredients which include:

-Shae Butter-Lavender Oil-High levels of Vitamin C

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Your Atria Beauty HotlineFor all your skincare, beauty, fashion &

makeup ?’s

Phone: 1-800-528-1818

Email: [email protected]

We look forward to working with

All of you!Colleen, Erika and Penny