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  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    AA Bk

    2013 CkbkFlip over for recipes from achael ay, Carla Hall,Buddy Valastro, Jessica einfeld, and more!


  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    Week in a Day

    Rachael Ray

    Beating the Lunch Box Blues

    JM Hirsch

    Bake It, Dont Fake It!

    Heather Bertinetti

    Family Celebrations with the CakBuddy Valastro

    The Cant Cook! Book

    Jessica Seinfeld

    Chloes Vegan Desserts

    Chloe Coscarelli

    Cooking with Love

    Carla Hall

    4 Ingredients

    Kim McCosker

    Callies Biscuits and Southern Tra

    Carrie Morey

    The RAWvolution Continues

    Matt and Janabai Amsden

    Eating for Two

    Annabel Karmel

    The FastDiet Cookbook

    Mimi Spencer, Dr Sarah Schneker,

    and Dr Michael Mosley

    AA Bk 2013 C

    Tbe CnTen

    De fienD,thing brings people together lie food: bucets of golden fried

    cen at a picnic, burgers sizzling on a BBQ, tarts and cooies

    a baby shower, or luscious three-layer cae at a birthday party.

    od is made to be shared, and over the next year, Atria Boos

    be publishing a stellar list of cooboos, full of recipes and

    as to help celebrate the most meaningful moments of your

    feasts, family meals, dinner parties, and more.

    thrilled to welcome several well-nown authors to Atrias

    eady stellar cooboo list in 2013: Cae Boss buddy Valastro,

    gan chef Chlo Coscarll, op Chef Carla Hall, and bestselling

    hor Jssca ld all have gorgeous new boos coming

    m Atria in the months ahead. now you wont be able to

    st the mouthwatering recipes found in boos by Charleston-

    sed Carr Mory of Callies Biscuits (a sensation in gourmet

    rets nationwide) and Matt ad Jaaa msd (owners of

    popular raw-food restaurants Euphoria Loves AWvolution inC and anta Monica). And weve teamed up with the brilliant

    chal ay to create achael ay Boos, launching the imprint

    h delightfully clever cooboos from Hathr brttt and

    . Hrsch.

    the following pages, youll get a pee at the snacs, treats,

    d memorable meals we have in store. Whether you are a novice

    he itchen or a culinary whiz, a carnivore or a vegan, looing

    drop a few pounds or to bae the ultimate decadent dessert,

    ve got the perfect boo for you. Beautifully pacaged and

    y to use, these cooboos are sure to become trusted friends

    your itchen.

    help you mae the most of Atrias cooboo snea pee, please

    e that on the bac of this brochure, weve shared some of our

    orite recipes from our team of authors for you to try in your

    n itchen. o re up the stove and enjoy a great meal on us!

    n apptit from all of us at Atria Boos!

    dith Curr

    sident and Publisher

    ia Publishing Group



    [email protected]

    Buffalo Wing Burgers

    Cooking with Love

    Carla Hall

    Coconut Sorbet with Cashew Brittle

    Chloes Vegan Desserts

    Chloe Coscarelli

    Apricot Vol Au Vonts

    4 Ingredients: Kids

    Kim McCosker

    Roasted Asparagus with Lemon

    The Cant Cook! Book

    Jessica Seinfeld

    Viet Cong Sea Bass

    The FastDiet Cookbook

    Mimi Spencer






    PhotobyTeriLynFisher /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    lso avalaCHe

    Th boo o

    On sale June 5,2012

    Trade Paper 9781451

    7 38 X 9 18,336 pages

    Ebook 978145165970

    My ar M

    On sale November 13

    Hardcover 97814516

    7 38 X 9 18,384 pages

    Ebook 978145165974

    CHe has a wildly successful career as a syndicated TV star, an iconic

    Food Network TV personality, bestselling cookbook author, founder

    and editorial director of her own lifestyle magazine, Every Day with

    Rachael Ray, and founder of the Yum-o! organization.

    W a Dayachael ay sal ctor 22, 2013Trade Paper 9781451659757 | 7 38 x 9 18,368 pages | $24.99 (Can.$28.99)

    Ebook 9781451659764 | $14.99 (Can.$14.99)

    You and your family can enjoy delicious meals all wee long

    with achael ays newest companion cooboo to her

    hit show on the Food Networ and the Cooing Channel.

    n Week in a Day, complete with lavish photographs

    throughout, achael shares ve seasons worth of recipes

    featured on the show, offering tips for preparing a whole

    wees worth of meals in a single day. Many of the recipes

    also include Q codes lining you to achaels recipes.

    Now, by cooing all your meals ahead of time, you wont

    have to spend your evenings in the itchen when you

    come home from a tough day. Week in a Dayhas allthe practical tips and delicious recipes to tae you from

    Monday through unday with minimal effort!


    Q codes throughout with additional recipes and videos

    to connect to achael

    Full-color photographs throughout

    hemes every wee to mae sure your taste buds never

    get bored


    National print and online advertising campaign

    National V, radio, and print publicity

    Eight-city author tour

    Cross promotion with Rachael Ray(daytime tal show)

    Cross promotion with the authors websites:,,, and achael ays


    Cross promotion with the authors social media /achaelay /achael_ayf


    AuthorphotobyAndrewEccles/AllfoodphotosbyFrancesJanisch /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

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    I believe that quality of life is less about whats in your bank account and

    adventurous spiritwhether its getting lost among the locals when you trav

    as trying a new recipe. I wanted to be able to showcase writers and authors wlive the good lifethat is the purpose of forming this imprint and the focus of m

    ba it,Dot fa it!Heather Bertinetti sal novmr 19, 2013Hardcover 9781476735542 | 7 X 8,208 pages | $20.00 (Can.$22.99)

    Ebook 9781476735566 | $9.99 (Can.$9.99)


    An introduction from achael ay

    Foolproof methods and techniques

    Advice on adjusting recipes to mae them your own

    ecipes that are made 100% from scratch

    16 page full-color insert lled with mouthwatering

    photos of desserts

    batg thuch box blus

    M. Hirschsal ptmr 3, 2013Paper 9781476726724 | 7 38 X 7 38,192 pages | $18.00 (Can.$21.00)

    k 9781476726731 | $11.99 (Can.$11.99)


    ntroduction by achael ay

    80 delicious ideas for thining outside

    he (lunch) box

    ser-friendly photos with tips and ideas, not

    ecipes, on what to pac and how to use leftovers

    0 recipes for fast and avorful dinners

    J.M. Hrsch is the national food editor

    for he Associated Press. He blogs

    about the trials and tribulations of his

    sons lunches at

    and tweets as @JM_Hirsch. His previous

    boos include High Flavor, Low Labor:

    Reinventing Weeknight Cooking and

    Venturesome Vegan Cooking. /JM_Hirsch

    Hathr brttt is an award-winningexecutive pastry chef at Manhattan

    restaurants Crown and he Lion. After

    graduating from the Culinary nstitute

    of America, Heather joined Gramercy

    avern and, just two years later, Per e.

    Heather was named inZagats 2011

    30 Under 30: New Yors Hottest


    /ChefHeatherBertinetti /ChefHMB








    4 /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    bDD VThe star of the hit TLC series

    and author of the New York Times bestsellers

    ke Boss and Baking with the Cake Boss, as well as Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss. He

    owner of Carlos Bake Shop in Hoboken, and the Cake Boss factory in Jersey City, which

    pplies stores around the country. Buddy lives with his wife and four children in New Jersey.

    famly Clratoswth th Ca bossBuddy Valastro sal novmr 5, 2013Hardcover 9781451674330 | 7 38 X 9 18,272 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Ebook 9781451674378 | $14.99 (Can.$14.99)

    Besides being a master baer and fantastic coo, Buddy

    Valastro is also a great host. He nows the ey to every

    successful family dinner, gathering, or party: a fabulous

    cae as the star attraction together with great food!

    Clear, step-by-step instructions and photos will guide you

    through recipes perfect for all generations and for every

    occasionbirthday parties, anniversary parties, summer

    barbeques, and feasts for the major holidays.

    As he does in every boo, Buddy brings his characteristicwarmth and air to Family Celebrations with the

    Cake Boss, sharing personal stories alongside cooing,

    baing, and decorating tips. His charisma as well as his

    delicious appetizers, dinners, and desserts mae this an

    indispensable cooboo for every holiday and special

    occasion. Whether youre cooing for six or sixty, these

    delicious dishes from the Cae Boss will mae your next

    family gathering an event to remember!


    Clear, step-by-step instructions guide you through recipes

    perfect for all generations and for every occasion

    100 great recipes with Buddys personal stories shared

    alongside cooing, baing, and decorating tips

    Full-color photographs throughout and step-by-step

    instructional shots


    National V, radio, print, and online publicity

    18-city bus tour

    Cross promotion with authors V show, Cake Boss,

    LC networ, and social media

    Feature title in The Atria Baking Sampler, a free eboo

    Cross promotion with The Essential Cake Boss

    Cross promotion with Cae Boss baeware /BuddyValastro /CaeBossBuddy

    lso avalalbDD V

    esstal Ca

    On sale October 1,2013

    Trade Paper 9781476748

    7 38 X 9 18,192 pages |

    Ebook 9781476748030

    A condensed,m ore affo

    Baking with the Cake Bo

    Ca bosstors ad cps

    On sale November 2,2010

    Hardcover 97814391835

    7 14 X 8 316,272 pages |

    Ebook 9781451609240 |

    bag wth th

    On sale November 1,2011

    Hardcover 978143918352

    7 38 X 9 18,352 pages | $

    Ebook 978145162891 3

    Coog itala

    On sale November 6,2012

    Hardcover 978145167430

    7 38 X 9 18,384 pages | $

    Ebook 978145167432 3









    r details on

    bakeware and decorating tools, visit



    PhotobyMarcusNilsson /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure



    he author of two New York Times bestselling

    okbooks and the President and Founder

    Baby Buggy, a non-prot organization

    dicated to providing clothing and equipment

    New Yorks families. She lives in New York

    y with her husband and three children.





    Th Cat Coo!booJessica einfeld sal ctor 8, 2013Spiral-Bound Paper Over Board 9781451662252 | 7 12 X 9,256 pages | $27.99 (Can.$32.00)

    Ebook 9781451666328 | $14.99 (Can.$15.99)

    Are you smart enough to dodge a telemareter yet clueless

    as to how to chop a clove of garlic? Are you clever enough

    to now how to forward an email but dont now the

    difference between boiling and baing? ngenious enough

    to operate nail clippers but not sure what a whis is? f you

    are basically competent, then Jessica einfelds new boo

    The Cant Cook! Bookis for you.

    From stories about her grandmother and her seven-year-

    old son, to comparisons of a blender and a blowdryer(if you can wor one, you can wor the other!), Jessicas

    amusing anecdotes put the nervous coo at ease.

    Elegantly designed and richly illustrated with gorgeous

    photographs and digital watermars lining to videos of

    Jessica cooing in her own home, The Cant Cook! Book

    is perfect for anyone who wants to wean themselves

    off tae-out meals and processed snacs and become

    empowered in the itchen.


    ver 100 simple and healthy recipes

    A spiral binding: it can lie at while you coo!

    wenty-six digital watermars

    throughout, lining to videos where

    Jessica einfeld shows her readers

    everything, from how to chop a clove

    of garlic to how to carve a chicen

    Guides to help even the most

    terried coos get started, including

    recommended itchen equipment,

    grocery essentials, and suggested

    itchen layouts

    Gatefolds throughout /Jesseinfeld /Jesseinfeld


    National television, radio, and print

    Cross promotion with the authors

    Cross promotion with the authors

    on Faceboo and witter /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

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    C H is co-host of ABCs daily lifestylThe Chew. Carla rst won the hearts of fans nationwide on Bra

    When she returned for Top Chef All-Stars, she went on to win

    with her warmth, enthusiasm, and delicious food. Carla attend

    de Cuisine in Maryland and is owner and executive chef of Alch

    Hall, an artisan cookie company based out of Washington, DC.

    Washington, DC, with her husband, Matthew Lyons, and steps

    Coog wth ovCarla Hall sal novmr 12, 2013Trade Paper 9781451662207 | 7 38 X 9 18,256 pages | $18.00 (Can.$21.00)

    Ebook 9781451662214 | $14.99 (Can.$17.99)

    Hardcover 9781451662191 | 7 38 X 9 18,336 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Now available in paperbac! n Cooking With Love, Carla

    serves up recipes that revolutionize comfort food by using

    fresh ingredients in her twists on tried-and-true classics.

    From the outhern staple Down-Home Deviled Eggs with

    moy Bacon to sily and light picy Carrot-Ginger oup

    to the ultimate Chicen Pot Pie with buttery crust on the

    bottom to her Grannys unforgettably luscious Five-Flavor

    Pound Cae, Carlas beautiful, avorful recipes are so deeply

    satisfying, theyll become family favorites in your itchen.

    Carla believes that the only way to mae truly comfortingfood is to coo it from the heart. And she does it by maing

    the most of seasonal, whole ingredients while eeping

    preparation easy and getting reliable, accurate results.


    50 full-color photos throughout

    ver 100 fantastic recipes

    Culinary basics and itchen tips as well as funny,

    poignant tales of Carlas own experiences


    Cross promotion with the authors V show, The Chew

    Cross promotion with the authors website, social media,

    and cooie company, Alchemy by Carla Hall

    Feature title in The Atria Baking Sampler, a free eboo /CarlaHall /CarlaHall

    flp th rochur

    or a rcp

    rom Chlo!

    CHe CCeiwon rst place in theFood Networks Cupcake Wars, making her the rst vegan to win on a Food

    Network competition. Chloe is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of

    Health and Culinary Arts NYC, the University of California, Berkeley, as well as

    Cornell Universitys Plant-Based Nutrition Program. She lives in Los Angeles.

    Chlos Vga Dssrtshloe Coscarelli

    sal fruary 19, 2013Paper 9781451636765 | 7 38 X 9 18,272 pages | $19.99 (Can.$22.99)

    k 9781451636772 | $14.56 (Can.$11.99)

    ef Chloes rst all-dessert cooboo, Chloes Vegan

    sserts, will satisfy your sweet tooth from morning to

    ht with more than 100 recipes for caes and cupcaes,

    cream and doughnuts and piesand you just will not

    eve these delicious dishes are vegan!

    ahead and lic that spoonthere are no worries when

    u bae vegan! With gorgeous color photography, clever

    s, and a comprehensive section on vegan baing basics

    get you started, Chloes Vegan Desserts will be your

    w vegan dessert bible.


    Gorgeous color photography

    A comprehensive section on vegan baing basics

    ull color throughout with French aps

    More than 100 delicious dessert recipes


    National television, print, radio, and online publicity

    Cross promotion with authors website and social media

    eature title in The Atria Baking Sampler, a free eboo /ChloeCoscarelli /ChloeCoscarelli

    A avaa f

    Chloe CosCArelli

    Chlos ktch

    On sale March 6,2012

    Trade Paper 9781451636741

    7 38 X 9 18,288 pages | $19.99 (Can.$22.99)

    Ebook 978145163675 8 | $14.56 (Can.$16.9 9)

    rgal eoos

    Chlos VgaChocolat Classcs

    (from Chlos ktch)

    On sale November 20,2012

    9781476717845 | 32 pages | $0.99 (Can.$1.99)

    Chlos Quc-d-easyVga Party foods(from Chlos ktch)

    On sale November 20,2012

    9781476717852 | 32 pages | $0.99 (Can.$1.99)




    FoodphotosbyGregPowersPhotography /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo0

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    4 igrdts kds sal ugust 27, 2013Trade Paper 97814516 77997 | 8 38 X 8 38,208 pages | $16.00 (Can.$18.99)

    Ebook 9781451678000 | $10.93 (Can.$10.93)

    kim McCoser has applied her simple, budget-minded

    approach to cooing for ids. hin paghetti Cupcaes,

    Partysicles, Dinosaur Eggs, Pizzadillas, and aco Popcorn.

    hin smiles, fun, and full tummies for even the fussiest

    eaters. hin fewer ingredients, fewer utensils, less

    cleanup, and more time spent with family. 4 Ingredients

    Kids is sure to become a go-to guide for busy parents, full

    of recipes ids will as for time and again.


    Gorgeous full-color photography

    More than eighty recipes

    Helpful sections on healthy eating habits, itchen safetyand hygiene, and loads of party ideas, all tested by kims

    three young sons.

    Delicious recipes that require only four ingredients

    and that are designed to excite ids and encourage

    participation /4ngredientsPage /4ngredients

    igrdts Pot, bowl

    m McCosersal fruary 12, 2013

    Paper 9781451678031 | 8 38 X 8 38,208 pages | $15.00 (Can.$17.00)

    k 9781451678048 | $10.93 (Can.$11.99)

    e Pot, One Bowlis a gloriously ingenious collection

    weet and savory dishes full of fresh, easy-to-nd

    redientsno more than four in each recipethat only

    uire one pot and one bowl. hat means less cleanup and

    re time enjoying life and delicious food with the friends

    d family you love. With One Pot, One Bowl, life just got

    ierand a whole lot more delicious.


    Gorgeous full-color photography

    More than eighty recipes

    kiM McCkee author of 4 Ingredients Christmas, 4 Ingredients One Pot, One

    l, and, with Rachael Bermingham, 4 Ingredients, and 4 Ingredientsen-Free. She lives in Queensland, Australia, with her family.

    lso avalal romkiM McCke

    4 igrdts Glut-fr

    On sale March 20,2012

    Trade Paper 9781451635713

    6 X 9,304 pages | $15.00 (Can.$17.00)

    Ebook 9781451635737 | $10.93 (Can.$16.99)

    4 igrdts HC/TP

    On sale April 24,2012

    Trade Paper 9781451635157

    6 X 9,288 pages | $15.00 (Can.$17.00)

    On sale March 29,2011

    Ebook 9781451635164 | $10.93 (Can.$16.99)Paper Over Board 9781451635140

    6 X 9,288 pages | $18.00 (Can.$19.99)

    bay bowl

    On sale October 16,2012

    Trade Paper 9781451678093

    6 X 9,160 pages | $15.00 (Can.$17.00)

    Ebook 9781451678109 | $10.93 (Can.$11.99)

    4 igrdts

    On sale October 23,2

    Trade Paper 9781451

    8 38 X 8 38,192 page

    Ebook 97814516780

    rgal eo

    30 Days o ChWth 4 igrd

    On sale June 25,201

    Ebook 97814767380

    64 pages | $2.99 (C

    30 Days o VWth 4 igrd

    On sale June 25,201


    64 pages | $2.99 (C

    30 Days o ChWth 4 igrd

    On sale June 25,201

    Ebook 97814767380

    65 pages | $2.99 (C



    2 /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

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    flp th rochur

    or a rcp

    rom Call!

    Th WvolutoCotusMatt and Janabai Amsden sal July 30, 2013Hardcover 9781451687002 | 7 38 X 9 18,288 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Ebook 9781451687026 | $14.99 (Can.$14.99)

    World renowned raw food chefs Matt and Janabai Amsden

    and their caf, Euphoria Loves AWvolution (EL), have

    been at the center of the health food community in L.A. for

    the last decade. n 2006, Matt published his rst cooboo,

    RAWvolution, and in 2011, they opened the AWvolution

    Cafe in New Yor Citys East Village. heir food is wildly

    popular among celebrities; rlando Bloom, Pamela

    Anderson, usan arandon, Alicia ilverstone, and Cher are

    among the many who swear by AWvolution.

    With benets including greater energy and focus, weight

    loss, increased vitamin intae, and improvement in overall

    health, The RAWvolution Continues is the perfect itchen

    companion for vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodies



    ver 150 delicious raw food recipes

    Beautiful 4-color photography throughout

    An introduction outlining Matt and Janabais philosophy

    An explanation of the raw food movement and its history

    ips on how to stoc your raw food pantry

    ecipes for breafasts, smoothies, soups, appetizers,

    entrees, desserts, and ids meals

    ample menus

    ips on how to travel and eat raw

    A comprehensive glossary of terms

    /EuphoriaLovesAWvolution /AWvolution

    Calls bscuts adouthr Tradtosarrie Morey

    sal ctor 15, 2013cover 9781476713212 | 7 38 X 9 18,288 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    k 9781476713236 | $14.99 (Can.$17.99)

    scribed as full of outhern goodness (Saveur), a sweet

    urn to gentility (Daily Candy), and as delicious as

    u can get without visiting your grandmother (Country

    ing), Carrie Moreys biscuits are the iconic outhern

    ple and a gateway food to all outhern cuisine. Her

    oboo shares not only her love of cooing, but stories

    out traditional and modern outhern foods and more

    n seventy-ve recipes for everything from her beloved

    cuits to maple por, roasted chicen, deviled eggs,

    eberry and peach cobbler, and chess pie.

    th Callies Biscuits and Southern Traditions, now you

    n mae Carries ay, tender, buttery, award-winning

    cuits and expertly re-create the taste of the past.


    More than 75 recipes

    Gorgeous full-color photography throughout

    ow Carrie developed her new taes on favorite

    eritage dishes

    Carries stories of growing up in Charleston, learning

    o coo from great outhern matriarchs, including her

    mother, a celebrated Charleston caterer

    ips on how Carrie grew her business

    Carries award-winning biscuit and baing secrets /CalliesBiscuitsPimentoCheese

    CalliesBiscuits /CalliesBiscuits

    Cie Me, daughter of Callie White, foundedCallies Charleston Biscuits in 2005 with the goal of making her mothers

    delicious biscuits accessible across the country. Touted by the Todayshow,

    Saveur, Food & Wine,Southern Living, The New York Times, and Oprah, her

    biscuits and pimento cheese collection are sold at high-end retail stores all

    over the country. Carrie lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband

    and daughters.




    MTT MDen is the author of RAWvolutionGourmet Living Cuisine and is one of the worlds premier raw f

    Jnbi MDen founded the EuphoL.A.s rst raw food lifestyle store, in 2004. They live with their

    Cochise and Guthrie, in Topanga, California.




    FoodphotosbyAndreaGmezRomero /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

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    for bas

    Top 100 bay Purs

    On sale March 20,2006

    Paper Over Board 9780743289573

    7 12 X 7 12,128 pages | $16.99 (Can.$19.9 9)

    Ebook 9781439183540 | $11.76 (Can.$16.99)

    Th Halthy bay Mal Plar

    On sale April 17,2012

    Paper Over Board 9781451665598

    7 12 X 7 12,208 pages | $18.00 (Can.$21.00)

    Top 100 fgr foods

    On sale February 9,2010

    Paper Over Board 9780743493710

    7 12 X 7 12,160 pages | $18.00 (Can.$22.0 0)

    Ebook 9781439164952 | $12.46 (Can.$16.99)


    On sale January 4,2011

    Trade Paper 9780743275248

    9 14 X 9 14,192 pages | $17.99 (Can.$21.0 0)

    Ebook 9781439183854 | $13.11 (Can.$16.99)

    for Toddlrs

    Th fussy eatrs cp boo

    On sale September 2,2008

    Paper Over Board 9781416578765

    7 1532 X 9 1116,224 pages | $23.00 (Can.$26. 99)

    Ebook 9781416578819 | $15.99 (Can.$18.99)

    for Chldr

    uch box

    On sale Decembe

    Paper Over Board

    7 12 X 7 12,128 pa

    Ebook 978141656

    Prcss Pa

    On sale October 2

    Hardcover 978143

    7 12 X 7 12,160 pa

    Ebook 978143919

    Top 100 Pa

    On Sale August 9,

    Hardcover 978145

    7 12 X 7 12,144 pa

    Ebook 978145160

    favort fa

    On sale March 6,2Trade Paper 9780

    9 14 X 9 14,192 pa

    Ebook 978143919

    rgal e


    On sale March 16

    Ebook 978141654

    $11.99 (Can.$11

    eatg or TwoAnnabel karmel sal ugust 6, 2013Hardcover 9781476729756 | 7 12 X 7 12,192 pages | $23.00 (Can.$27.00)

    Ebook 9781476729770 | $10.99 (Can.$10.99)

    When it comes to cravings, nutrition, and vitamin

    supplements, every mom-to-be needs to now how to

    maintain a safe, balanced diet for herself and her baby. For

    the rst time, child nutrition expert Annabel karmel brings

    her nowledge and experience to expectant mothers, guiding

    you through each stage of your pregnancy. From foods that

    promote conception and ideas for avoiding morning sicness,

    to the best eating habits to combat sleeplessness, anemia,

    and heartburn, Annabel leads you through your pregnancy

    and beyond, even suggesting meals to mae and freeze for

    when you have your new baby!

    With karmels specialized advice, Eating for Two will give

    you the nowledge and condence that you are eating the

    best possible diet for you and your developing baby.


    More than ninety fabulous recipes

    ver 100 beautiful full-color photographs throughout

    Practical tips and advice on what to eat and what to avoid

    for expectant mothers /AnnabelkarmelUA /Annabelkarmel

    nnbekMeis the bestselling author of twenty-ve books on

    nutrition and cooking for babies, children, and

    the whole family. A mother of three and the UKs

    leading expert on feeding children, Annabel has

    apeared on the Todayshow, the CBS Early Show,

    and The View.

    A avaa f AnnAbel KArmel


    AllfoodphotosbyDavidKing /AtriaBoos /AtriaBo

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    flp th rochur

    or a rcp rom

    The FastDiet Cookbook!

    A avaa f

    Dr. miChAel mosley

    & mimi spenCer

    Th fastDt

    by Dr.Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer

    On sale February 26,2013

    Hardcover 9781476734941

    5 12 X 8 38,224 pages | $24.00 (Can.$27.9 9)

    Ebook 9781476734965 | $11.99 (Can.$14.99)

    Th fastDtpash edto

    by Dr.Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer

    On sale July 2,2013

    Trade Paper 9781476747538

    5 12 X 8 38,240 pages | $16.99 (Can.$18.9 9)

    Ebook 9781476747705

    240 pages | $10.93 (Can.$10 .93)

    THe fTDieT became an instant international bestseller with a powerful,e-changing message: that its possible to lose weight, reduce your risk of diabetes, cardio-

    ascular disease, and cancer, all while eating what you normally eat ve days a week. You simply

    ut your caloric intake two days a week500 calories for women, 600 for men. But as author

    r. Michael Mosley said, Its not really fasting. Its just a break from your normal routine.

    h fastDt Coooomi pencer with Dr. arah chener

    oreword by Dr. Michael Mosleysal July 2, 2013

    cover 9781476749198 | 7 38 x 9 18,256 pages | $25.99 (Can.$29.99)

    Paper 9781476749860 | 7 38 x 9 18,256 pages | $19.99 (Can.$22.99)

    k 9781476749204 | $11.99 (Can.$11.99)

    s fabulous new cooboo offers recipes to enable you

    ncorporate the FastDiet into your daily life. anging

    m simple breafasts to leisurely suppers, the recipes

    all expertly balanced and calorie-counted by FastDiet

    author Mimi pencer (a devotee of the diet herself!) and

    ritionist Dr. arah chener. From soups to meat dishes

    delicious sh-based meals, the recipes are designed to

    you up and stave off hungereven though none are

    er 500 calories.

    s boo is an essential companion to The FastDiet.

    th The FastDiet Cookbookyou will never have to worry

    out planning your Fast Days again!


    ver 150 carefully crafted, nutritious, low-calorie

    ecipes to enable you to incorporate the FastDiet into

    our daily life

    Detailed menu plans and plenty of encouraging tips

    ncluding itchen-cupboard essentials, the latest

    utritional advice and a whole section of speedy meals

    or busy days

    An introduction

    o the FastDiet

    etailing its many


    aced health

    enets and the



    Hav a mal oFlip over for refrom Atria Boo2013 Cooboo

    PhotobyFrancesJanisch /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure




    ooing spray

    pound (4 stics) cold butter, cubed

    4 cup confectioners sugar

    14 cups all-purpose our

    12 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

    2 teaspoon osher salt

    tablespoon vanilla extract

    ranulated sugar, for sprinling

    Every year mae this recipe just as summertime hits. he

    buttery texture maes it a great accompaniment for creamy

    desserts, lie panna cotta or ice cream. Use this dough as abase for a tart or just as it is. his buttery cooie is delicious

    either way.


    1. Preheat the oven to 325F. Lightly coat a baing sheet

    with cooing spray.

    2. n a stand mixer tted with the paddle attachment,

    cream the butter and confectioners sugar until

    softened. Beat in the our, coconut, salt, and vanilla until


    3. oll out to a rectangle 12 inch thic and cut the dough

    into bars 2 12 inches long by 1 inch wide. ransfer the

    bars to the baing sheet. prinle granulated sugar on

    top and bae for 10 minutes. otate the pan front to

    bae and continue to bae light golden brown, about

    5 minutes longer. Cool the cooies on a cooling rac.

    CHef iT P!

    A really easy way to fancy-up shortbread is to use a

    shortbread mold. he shortbread you see in the photo was

    made in an 11 12inch round mold with a heart design. he

    mold is also scored for perfect portioning of the cooie. Just

    press the dough into the mold with your ngertips and bae

    until light golden brown. heres nothing lie a baing tool

    that does all the decorating wor for you!

    An excerpt from

    ba it, Dot fa it!Heather Bertinetti

    sal novmr 19, 2013Hardcover 9781476735542

    7 X 8,208 pages | $20.00 (Can.$22.99)

    Ebook 9781476735566 | $9.99 (Can.$9.99)

    Cocout hortrad


    cant 2 ounces instant couscous

    3 tablespoons boiling water

    1 teaspoon lemon juice

    1 teaspoon mirin

    2 scallions (green onions), sliced on a diagonal

    3 cherry tomatoes, quartered

    1 small zucchini, nely chopped

    2 tablespoons pine nuts

    1 teaspoon sesame seeds

    alt and pepper

    A handful of at-leaf parsley, chopped

    3 ounces ready-marinated tofu

    his is a complete and lling bowl of foodea

    and attractive, to boot. he couscous here br

    dimension, but if you mae it with bulgur whe

    couscous, your G and GL scores will fall*.


    1. Place the couscous in a bowl and add th

    Cover and set aside for 5 minutes. When

    through and add the remaining ingredien

    and fold gently.

    Calorie count: 355 Prep time:10 minutes

    Nutritional Bonus: his supper provides near

    womans recommended daily amount of iron.

    *here is good evidence that restricting your calorie intae

    your carbohydrate intae, for a couple of days a wee will

    sensitivity and cut levels of circulating insulin. he recipes i

    Cookbookare based on that approach, referencing the gly

    glycemic load (GL) of the ingredients. he G rating measu

    food on blood sugar relative to pure glucose (which score

    into account how much of carbohydrate is in a food. Water

    has a high G but a relatively low GL, as its mostly water.

    An excerpt from

    Th fastDt CooooMimi pencer withDr. arah chenerForeword by Dr. Michael Mosley

    sal July 2, 2013Hardcover 9781476749198

    7 38 x 9 18,256 pages | $25.99 (Can.$29.99)

    Trade Paper 9781476749860

    7 38 x 9 18,256 pages | $19.99 (Can.$22.99)

    Ebook 9781476749204 | $11.99 (Can.$11.99)

    Couscous Wth mo d Mr


    PhotobyLindaPugliese /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    RVES 6




    cups heavy cream

    tablespoons sugar

    2 cup Hersheys syrup

    tablespoon sifted cocoa powder

    tablespoon crme de cacao

    ts not often that the Valastros tae their hats off to

    another persons dessert, but Joe Par Casino was such a

    terric chef that we had to give it up even for the sweetstuff he served at his catering hall. his chocolate mousse

    was part of all the Venetian Hours, when a dessert buffet

    was served, at the Par Casino. When we were ids,

    my cousin Franie and used to run around eating as

    many servings as we could get our hands on. ts hard

    to believe its made with plain old Hersheys syrup, but it

    really is a heavenly mousse with the chocolate and cream

    in perfect balance.


    1. n a chilled bowl, whip the heavy cream and sugar with

    a hand mixer until stiff peasform. Use a rubber spatula

    to fold in the chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, and crme

    de cacao.

    2. Divide among 6 glass bowls and chill for 1 hour, or up to

    4 hours, to let the cream set. erve chilled.

    An excerpt from

    Coog itala

    wth th Ca bossBuddy Valastro

    sal novmr 6, 2012

    Hardcover 9781451674309

    7 38 X 9 18,384 pages | $30.00 (Can.$30. 00)

    Ebook 978145167432 3 | $14.99 (Can.$15.99)

    os Chocolat Mouss






    2 cups all-purpose our

    12 teaspoon baing powder

    14 teaspoon salt

    34 cup vegan margarine

    1 cup powdered sugar

    12 cup brown sugar

    4 tablespoons dar rum

    2 teaspoons pure peppermint extract

    2 tablespoons lime zest (about 2 or 3 limes)

    34 cup semisweet chocolate chips (dairy-free)

    TPPinG (optoal)

    12 cup granulated sugar

    Zest of 1 lime

    his recipe mash-up combines the best eleme

    and chocolate chip cooies in one! he lime ze

    green ecs to an otherwise seemingly averagthese at your next coctail party for a sweet su


    1. o mae the cooies: Preheat oven to 35

    large baing sheets with parchment pape

    2. n a medium bowl, whis together our,

    and salt.

    3. Using a stand or hand mixer, beat marga

    and uffy. Add powdered sugar, brown s

    mint extract, and beat until combined. M

    mixture 12 cup at a time, then add zest a

    chips. Mix until combined.

    4. o mae the topping: Combine sugar and

    small bowl.

    5. o bae the cooies: coop about 1 roun

    of dough at a time, and roll each scoop i

    Place on the prepared baing sheets, do

    leaving about 2 inches between each sco

    cooies, gently atten the dough with th

    hand. For softer cooies, leave the scoop

    about 12 minutes, or until the edges are l

    Let cool on the pan.

    An excerpt from

    Chlos Vga DssrtsChloe Coscarelli

    sal fruary 19, 2013Trade Paper 9781451636765

    7 38 X 9 18,272 pages | $19.99 (Can.$22.99)

    Ebook 9781451636772 | $14.56 (Can.$11.99)

    Mojto Chocolat Chp Coos

    PhotobyTeriLynFisher /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    RVES 4


    2 small butternut squash or 1 acorn squash,

    eeled and sliced into 14-inch thic rounds

    V (extra-virgin olive oil), for drizzling

    few grates of nutmeg

    osher salt and pepper

    tablespoons (12 stic) butter

    2 sage leaves

    pound ground veal

    2 pound ground beef chuc

    large clove garlic, grated or pasted

    handful of grated Parmigiano-eggiano cheese

    2 to 34 pound Fontina Val dAosta or other

    ontina cheese or aleggio cheese, sliced

    ood-quality honey

    sesame brioche rolls, split and lightly toasted


    1. Preheat the oven to 425F.

    2. Lightly coat the squash slices with EV. eason with

    the nutmeg, salt, and pepper and spread the rings out

    on a baing sheet. oast until tender and browned at

    the edges, 18 to 22 minutes.

    3. Meanwhile, heat the butter in a sillet over medium heat

    until it foams. ncrease the heat a touch and add the

    sage leaves. Coo until crisp. ransfer to paper towels

    to drain. Chop the sag e leaves and reserve the browned

    butter separately.

    4. n a large bowl, combine the veal and beef with the

    chopped crispy sage, garlic, and Parmigiano-eggiano;

    season with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. core

    the mixture into 4 equal pieces and form them into

    patties slightly thinner at the center than at the edges for

    even cooing and to ensure a at surface (burgers plump

    as they coo). Drizzle the patties with EV.

    5. Heat a griddle or large cast-iron sillet over medium-

    high heat. Coo the burgers, ipping once and basting

    with the reserved sage butter, 10 minutes for medium

    (adjust the cooing time for rarer or more well done


    6. op the burgers with Fontina during t he last minute or

    two of cooing, tenting the pan with aluminum foil, ifyou lie, to help melt the cheese.

    7. Drizzle the cooed squash with honey. Place the burgers

    on the roll bottoms and top with the squash. et the bun

    tops in place.

    An excerpt from

    Th boo o burgrachael ay

    sal Ju 5, 2012

    Trade Paper 9781451659696

    7 38 X 9 18,336 pages | $24.99 (Can.$28.9 9)

    Ebook 9781451659702 | $16.99 (Can.$14.99)

    ag-ctd burgrsth fota ad oastd quash








    1 large eggplant (about 1 12 lbs.)

    4 cloves garlic

    1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes

    6 sprigs thyme

    12 c. e.v. olive oil

    34 tsp. osher salt

    14 tsp. crushed red pepper

    14 tsp. freshly ground blac pepper

    T neeDeD

    2 12 - to 3-qt. baing dish

    cutting board

    chefs nife

    measuring cups and spoons

    large spoon

    itchen timer

    Cooing eggplant seems difcult and labor

    it? Well, here its not. You can also spread th

    crusty country bread or use as a pasta sauc

    Buy eggplant that is smooth-sinned, even

    without soft spots. tore in the refrigerator

    DN PNC: Cutting the eggplant into c



    1. Heat the oven (with the oven rac in th

    400F. Wash the eggplant. Cut off and

    Next, cut the eggplant into 1-inch-thic

    2 rounds at a time , then cut into 1-in

    the garlic and peel.

    2. Place the eggplant and garlic in a 2 12-

    dish. Wash the tomatoes and thyme an

    Drizzle with the oil and sprinle with the

    and blac pepper (about 12 turns on a p

    together with your hands until the eggp

    with oil (a little overcrowding

    in the dish is oay).

    3. oast until the eggplant is

    really soft and tender, 50 to

    60 minutes. (et your timer,

    and at 40 minutes, give thevegetables a quic stir.)

    An excerpt from

    Th Cat Coo! booJessica einfeld

    sal ctor 8, 2013Spiral-Bound Paper Over Board 9781451662252

    7 12 X 9,256 pages | $27.99 (Can.$32.00)

    Ebook 9781451666328 | $14.99 (Can.$15.99)

    oastd eggplat & Chrry Toma

    PhotobyJohnKernick /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure


    RVES 8


    pounds smoed turey wings

    teaspoon minced garlic

    teaspoon crushed red chile aes

    quarts water

    pounds collard greens, rinsed and dried

    pounds ale, rinsed and dried

    osher salt and freshly ground blac pepper

    No outhern meal i s complete without greens. raditionally,

    theyre simmered long and slow until melty and soft. love em

    that way, but actually prefer a little bite to themboth in theirmustardy avor and hearty leafy texture.

    Growing up in the outh, l earned that the greens were

    sometimes besides the point. he pot lierthe leftover

    cooing brothis what really matters, at least as much as the

    greens themselves. raditionally, salt por simmers alongside

    the greens to avor the lier. use smoed turey wings to get

    a broth thats just as tasty but has even more complex gamey,

    savory avors. Be sure to serve this with illet Cornbread for

    sopping. And save any leftover lier to mae soup.


    1. n a large pot, combine the turey, garlic, chile aes,

    and water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce

    the heat to simmer for 30 minutes.

    2. Meanwhile, prepare the greens: Woring in batches,

    hold the stems of the collards with one hand and the

    leaves with the other, folding up the leaves together lie

    the wings on a buttery. Pull the leaves down, leaving

    the stem clean. f the leaves are really large, cut them

    down the center. tac a few leaves, then roll them lie

    a cigar. lice the roll into thin shreds. epeat with the

    remaining collard leaves, then with the ale.

    3. Add the sliced greens to the pot and simmer until tender,

    about 20 minutes. eason to taste with salt and pepper.

    4. emove the wings and let cool until you can handle

    them. Pull the meat from the wings, discard the bones,

    and return the meat to the pot. erve hot.

    An excerpt from

    Coog wth ovCarla Hall

    sal novmr 12, 2013Trade Paper 9781451662207

    7 38 X 9 18,256 pages | $18.00 (Can.$21.00)

    Ebook 9781451662214 | $14.99 (Can.$17.99)

    Hardcover 9781451662191

    7 38 X 9 18,336 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Coutry Grs



    2 cups self-rising our, White Lily brand preferred,

    plus more for dusting

    4 tablespoons room-temperature butter,

    cut into small cubes

    14 cup room-temperature cream cheese

    34 cup whole buttermil

    1 tablespoon melted butter

    his is the recipe that started it all. itting in my

    mothers itchen and watching her prepare the

    pans of these highly sought-after, melt-in-your-

    mouth bites of goodness for her catering business

    gave me the lightning bolt of inspiration for Callies

    Charleston Biscuits. t too some convincing to

    persuade my mother that a biscuit business was a

    good idea. he was under the impression people

    still made their own biscuits! dont thin she ever

    dreamed that in a matter of a few short years, wed

    be maing 65,000 biscuits a month and d be

    featured on The Martha Stewart Show.


    1. Preheat oven to 500F.

    2. Measure our into a large bowl.

    3. ncorporate the butter and then the che

    our, using your ngers to cut the but

    into the our until the mixture resemble

    cheese. t will be chuny with some loos

    4. Mae a well in the center of the our mi

    5. Add the buttermil and using your hand

    into the buttermil. he dough will be w

    mixture messy.

    6. prinle our on top of the dough in the

    a rubber spatula around inside of the bo

    a separation between the dough and th

    bowl. hen sprinle a bit more our in t

    7. Flour a at surface or a exible baing m

    hen with force dump the dough from t

    middle of the surface.

    8. Flour the top of the dough and the rolli

    9. oll out the dough to a 12-inch thicness.

    necessarythe less you mess with the do

    10. Flour a 2-inch round metal biscuit cutter

    tart from the edge of the rolled-out do

    straight through the dough with the cutt

    long as the dough stays wet inside, you our as you need to handle the dough o

    11. Place biscuits in a cast iron sillet or ba

    their sides touching.

    12. Brush with melted butter.

    13. educe oven temperature to 425F and

    minutes, rotating the pan once while ba

    An excerpt from

    Calls bscuts ad

    outhr TradtosCarrie Morey

    sal ctor 15, 2013Hardcover 9781476713212

    7 38 X 9 18,288 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Ebook 9781476713236 | $14.99 (Can.$14.99)

    Calls Classc buttrml bscut


    PhotobyAngieMosier /AtriaBoos /AtriaBoo

  • 7/30/2019 Atria Cookbooks 2013 Brochure



    f P

    1 12 cups coconut water

    1 12 cups cucumber juice

    (requires 1 to 2 large cucumbers)

    14 cup watercress juice

    2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

    2 tablespoons ax oil

    2 tablespoons Dr. chulzes uperfood powder

    1 12 tablespoons olive oil

    1 12 tablespoons coconut aminos

    12-inch piece peeled fresh ginger

    2 cloves garlic, peeled

    1 teaspoon curry powder

    12 teaspoon sea salt

    Pinch cayenne

    Pinch turmeric


    Cucumber, peeled and chopped

    Cilantro, stemmed

    Avocado, cubed

    Nori, torn into strips

    his is the most popular dish at our caf. t

    Dr. chulzes uperfood powder, nori, avoca

    cilantro, and turmeric. t was originally an im

    from a staff member. ver the years it has

    now has become a communal creation that

    community enjoys.


    1. n a high speed blender, combine all of

    and blend until smooth.

    2. Add the chopped garnishes in the qua

    prefer and serve.

    An excerpt from

    Th Wvoluto

    CotusMatt and JanabaiAmsden

    sal July 30, 2013Hardcover 9781451687002

    7 38 X 9 18,288 pages | $30.00 (Can.$34.99)

    Ebook 9781451687026 | $14.99 (Can.$14.99)

    uprood oup


    uperfood oup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28An excerpt from The RAWvolution Continues by Matt and Janabai Amsden


    Country Greens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27An excerpt from Cooking with Love by Carla Hall

    Callies Classic Buttermil Biscuits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26An excerpt from Callies Biscuits and Southern Traditions by Carrie Morey


    age-cented Burgers with Fontina and oasted quash. . . . 2 5An excerpt from The Book of Burgerby achael ay

    oasted Eggplant & Cherry omatoes. . . . . . . . . . . . . .24An excerpt from The Cant Cook! Bookby Jessica einfeld


    Joes Chocolate Mousse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23An excerpt from Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss by Buddy Valastro

    Mojito Chocolate Chip Cooies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22An excerpt from Chloes Vegan Desserts by Chloe Coscarelli

    Coconut hortbread . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21An excerpt from Bake It, Dont Fake It!by Heather Bertinetti


    Couscous with Lemon and ofu. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20An excerpt from The FastDiet Cookbookby Mimi pencer with Dr. arah chener

    Foreword by Dr. Michael Mosley

    ght 2013 Atria Books

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    ooks is a trademark of Simon & Schuster, Inc.


    A Bk in THe kiTCHen

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